Who needs a hummer


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  • I think this is a good start. Remember to make your slides visually appealing without making them cluttered. Given your topic, you may want to make a couple slides that focus on one image (with no words except the title). You want the audience focusing on your voice, not on reading your slides, so image slides are fine since you would be discussing the images as you go along with your speech. You could even hyperlink to a video if you wish. And don’t forget a conclusion slide.
  • Who needs a hummer

    1. 1. WHO NEEDS A HUMMER?By:Samson Cameron
    2. 2. Class Status Perception• Common belief :Cars improve class Status• Flaunts wealth.• Others will connect purchases to class• Necessary to be high-class
    3. 3. The Problem• This ideology isn’t accurate due to•Changes in Consumer Demands•Changes in Industrial Production•Changes in Economic Factors
    4. 4. Result of This IdeaThe poor are buying cars that they ….•Can’t afford to•Own•Maintain•Drive•Don’t need•Don’t do anything about their class
    5. 5. Result of This IdeaThe poor are buying cars that they ….•believe are making them look richer•But are making them more poor•They don’t look right in•Go against their values
    6. 6. Changes in Consumer DemandOld New
    7. 7. Changes in Consumer Demand (Poor)Old• Got you from oneplace to another• Have a reasonablepriceNew• Has to have• a good radio• GPS• Excellent Mileage• Seating for 6
    8. 8. Changes in Consumer Demand (Rich)Old• Has to be the Bestof the Best• No one else’s carcan be like their car• Shows my wealthNew• Has to have• Excellent Mileage• EnvironmentalSafe• Not hurt theirwallets
    9. 9. What Does This MeanThe Richer consumers aren’t purchasingany vehicles different than what the Poorerconsumers are buying.
    10. 10. Automotive ProductionOld New
    11. 11. Automotive ProductionOld• New car every 12Minutes with• BarebonesEssentials• No variationNew• New car every ½ aMinute with• Infused ComplexTechnologies• Plenty of variation
    12. 12. Automotive Production and This Ideology• lower class buying cars consider to behigher class• Rich buying the same cars but have moremoney in pockets afterwards• Leaving no differences between classbecause• Getting the same• Getting the same socially constructed levelof Car
    13. 13. Economic Changes• In the Past• Little to no mass public Transportation• More urbanized living• Always necessary to own cars
    14. 14. Economic Changes• Now• Mass public Transportation is everywhere• More City Living lifestyles• Not always necessary to own cars
    15. 15. What does this mean to this idea• You cant link being poor• Not owning a Car• Riding the bus• This is due to• Increase of cost to own in cities• The rich aren’t driving in cities
    16. 16. What does this all mean• Cars improve class Status isn’t true•Due to•Changes in Consumer Demands•Changes in Industrial Production•Changes in Economic Factors
    17. 17. And What?• No one should• Believe this ideology• Practice this ideology• Discriminate because of this Idea• Or trying to define class using this Idea