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Published in: Technology, Design
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  1. 1. Sam Lount
  2. 2. Self evaluationI like my web page a lot! I feel that the page runs smoothly with only small errors. I think it is important to havea constant house style throughout a web page, I believe I have accomplished this because all of my pages havethe same background, font and the buttons are all the same style. The only page that does not fit the housestyle is the “multimedia” page this is because it is an external link and is a way of showing my other pieces ofwork that fit with the purpose and audience for my webpage. I feel that all of my pages fit my specific purposeand audience. People who like snowboarding, often like watching the professionals do it, this is why I havemade a video page with some of my favourite snowboarding videos, I feel that having a YouTube hyperlinkallows people to search for their own favourite videos and it links to a new tab to avoid people losing interestfrom my page. All my links work as I intended and I think that I have really stuck to my purpose. I like how Ihave put the Dreamweaver password mode on the “log in” and “sign up” pages’ forms. It looks moreprofessional and secure, I also think it is just a nice little feature that makes my page look nicer for its’ viewers,it is a very simple way to make a web page look better with one click. Every bit of news on my web page isreadable for anybody, the text is in a simple font and a size that is suitable for anybody. I have put the text intoscroll boxes for people to see more text in a smaller space. I have blurred the edges of the pictures in theequipment and clothes sections because they had very pixelated edges ever since I used the magic wand toolthe get rid of the white image background. I have made a lot of simple pages that have not taken long to do butI think this makes the website a lot bigger and shows my coding skills and how I can link my buttons to manypages and it shows I can put in more effort to make more pages. I feel I have added a lot of different featureson my page and not just stayed in my comfort zone. I felt that this unit would have been a lot harder if Iwouldn’t have done unit 4, because in that unit we did a multimedia page in only flash and I think this allowedme to use the coding and more flash features. This taught me how to use the code and edit it, to stop gettingcomplier errors. I wish on my slide show I would have made the pictures stay on for more frames because whenthey fade into one another, they sometimes look a little jolty. My slideshows now are better than the ones thatI have previously done, so I think that I am learning more each time. My page allows people to do exactly whatI wanted them to be able to do but they wont be able to buy products yet which I would like and need to makean actual business. I certainly stuck to my house style and this is clear for the whole website.
  3. 3. StrengthsI think I am good at designing a page for myself and to make it aestheticallypleasing for my audience, I am good with the flash coding on buttons andbeing able to link the pages together but I was stuck on getting a page not tolink to another tab. I worked out you do that by typing ), "_self“); after whatthe name of your button is. I try not to leave something not working, I will tryhard to get the coding correct and the graphics looking professional. I blur mypictures edges to get them to look better instead of leaving them pixelatedand sharp. Most people would be lazy and not bother to perfect their work. Ihave made a lot of simple pages that have not taken long to do but I think thisreally makes the website. I think my main strength is that I don’t getdistracted, a lot of people just end up watching YouTube videos or listening tomusic and end up producing very poor quality work but I seem to work hardin the time I am given and even if I do listen to some music or listen to avideo, I can still get on with my work and produce a lot in a small period oftime. People rush their work near the end when they don’t have much timeleft, whereas I do mediocre work and then try to make things better and fixmy small graphic problems but in the end it all comes together.
  4. 4. My blurBefore After
  5. 5. WeaknessesThe only big problem I have is that when I click the dropdowns, they go down and then when I click them backup, they go up. This only happens once and then theystop working. I also have a problem when clicking advert.The whole clip plays and you cannot stop it once you haveclicked it. Apart from those problems the whole of therest of the page works without fault. I sometimes willproduce a feature on my page that doesn’t look perfectbut because I have finished it I won’t bother going backand redoing something simple. (although I did go backand re-blur some of my graphics and animations.)
  6. 6. The drop down problemDrop down when It now won’tnormal clicked drop downI could probably fix this and I might, but at the moment it seemsthat the things I try to do to fix it just gives it errors and breaksthe whole thing.
  7. 7. My constant housestyle and button layout
  8. 8. How I link with my audience!I feel that this fits my audience very well. I aimed it at anylevel snowboarders which I see because I have pictures ofdifferent levels of equipment and different pricedproducts. Also these people will want to see videos of thepro snowboarders and pictures of them too. I think thatthe problem is that I have only got male clothing and thiswill detract our female viewers. My audience want to beentertained and I feel that my videos page’s content willmake them feel they have hit the website for them andhopefully buy some things from my company.
  9. 9. I changed the linking methodI made a bar that goes on the bottom of all ofmy pages so that they have a consistent linkingmethod and this allows people even easieraccess to all the features of my web page. Withthis bar people can get to every page of from onnavigation bar that is suitably placed and doesthe right job. I have still left the home button inas well.