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Ao1 reviewing existing products


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Ao1 reviewing existing products

  1. 1. Reviewing Existing ProductsStudent Name: Sam LountScreenshotProduct Name (+ URL ifrelevant) Any ages of people that would like to know more about tintin or would like tolook at more info about the creators of tintin. People that would like to playtintin games. People who have watched the tintin movie or are going to go andsee the tintin movie. I don’t think people who haven’t seen the movie will likeit very much though.Aim To show the audience more about tinitin and trying to sell more of theirproducts. Allows people to play tintin games and look at tintin news. Reallygets people thinking more about it and makes them either want to see it forthe first time or buy the books or watch the film again.How successful havethe creators of thiswork been in meetingtheir aimsI think they have been successful because they have obvious places to gothrough the website and a lot of banners to sell. You can get around thewebsite. They have obviously put a lot of effort and thought into where stuffshould go on the page. A lot of people look at this website every day and theydid get a lot of money from this film. They probably still get people buyingproducts on this page and the main reason every website is uploaded is tomake money.Good Features There is a lot of free space on the website and you can see all the buttons totake you around the page easily, I think the drag down video is a very goodfeature because it takes up a tiny bit of space but is very helpful. The positionof all the banners and buttons is very eye-catching. There is an obvious homestyle and colour scheme of blue and orange. On the blue parts of the pagethere is a lighter blue pattern.Not Good Features It took me some while to realise that the home button is clicking the tintin titleat the top. The colour scheme doesn’t match and the top bar does not fit withthe house style. I think the cart looks ugly on the page and doesn’t fit in either.
  2. 2. When you drag down the video it only goes down half way and shows thebottom which does not match the pull down page. The whole website hasfeatures that don’t fit in with the house style or have smooth colourtransitions. If you have no intention of seeing tintin the website is pointless foryou to use, because you can’t really expand knowledge or learn anythingrelevant to your life.Possible Improvements Make a home button at the bottom of every page, have the top bar the samecolour of the middle bar, take off the basket and add a nicer button that fits inbetter with the house style. The page was boring to anybody who doesn’t liketintin and I don’t really want to play any games or buy any tintin products.Make the website less about the sales because to me it was obvious they weretrying to sell stuff to me and not trying to widen my knowledge and if I wantedto buy something I could.Possible elements foruseI would use a drop down video but drag it to the bottom not half way. I woulduse the bar at the bottom of the page which makes it simpler to get around thewhole page. I will use different clear buttons to get to other pages on my pagebecause I think that if a page is easy to get around people are more likely tostay and they will probably want to come back again.Elements to avoid I would defiantly not add a basket and facebook link at the top that sticks outbecause it makes my website look like all it wants is money. I would prefer awebsite that is more for adults of teenagers than basing it on such a young agerange because it will allow me to expand my ideas further and not have towory about using words that young children would not understand.