Ill manors


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Ill manors

  1. 1. Production companies      Distribution companies       Microwave Film London BBC Films Aimimage Productions Gunslinger (co-production) Revolver Entertainment- Uk Benelux Film Distributors-Netherlands DistriB Films- France Mozinet- Hungary Pinnacle Films- Australia Synergy Cinema- France
  2. 2. Ben Drew (Plan B) the artist was the person who created the idea for the film. He also directed the film and developed all the ideas for the movie himself. He did this to attempt to depict the life crime in the ‘underground’ streets of London as a crime thriller; then issue with this sort of film is that the audience is very narrow as it would most likely only appeal to people between the ages of 15 and 25. the other is the fact that there is so many profanities used throughout the film the film becomes and 18 rated movie therefore tightening the audience to 18-25.
  3. 3. The film idea was created by Ben Drew, it was an original idea from a first time director there fore didn’t have much of a budget. It was budgeted at about 100,000 pound. The budget came from Microwave productions and their ‘micro-budget feature film-making scheme’. Microwave productions are also in association with BBC Films therefore they equally contributed to the production of the film.
  4. 4. The budget of the film was really low, consequently the cast was not massive and well known in fact the most known actor was Riz Ahmed and he was only one of the main ‘Four Lions’ (another low budget English film). So there wasn’t any associations brought with them, as all of the cast only ever had menial parts in films. In fact most of the cast knew Ben Drew as friends before the film was made and that’s how they got the parts.
  5. 5. The producers were Atif Ghani and Ben Drew both of these people are not very known in the film industry therefore had some problems getting the money for the overall production. The music was easy however because Ben Drew (Plan B) created the soundtrack for the film and released it 3 weeks before the film actually coming out so the synergy for the film really helped boost the ‘hype’ of the film and the overall sales.
  6. 6. The film was shot in all different places associated with crime and drugs around London therefore everyone making the film had to be careful. There was one incident that held the production for 2 months where a drug addicted stole the computer containing all of the films shots! Some of the cast got the idea that Ben Drew’s ideas were biased to the other classes in society however this did not fault any of the filming.
  7. 7. The film was made to convey the gritty nature of London's boroughs, therefore the use of CGI and green screen was not needed. The director purely wanted to get across the environment these people live in and using CGI or green screen would make the whole thing fake.
  8. 8. The release of the film was delayed by almost a year because of Plan B touring across the globe. This inconvenience halted the editing of the film therefore distracting distribution of the film.
  9. 9. The première took place on 30 May 2012 at the Empire cinema in Leicester Square, London. This screening was also attended by several British recording artists such as Alesha Dixon, Alexandra Burke, Professor Green, Tinie Tempah, Wretch 32, Example and Ed Sheeran. The film was given a wide release to 191 cinemas in both Republic of Ireland and the United Kingdom by Revolver Entertainment on 6 June 2012. Ill Manors was released in the Netherlands on 30 August 2012 by Benelux Film Distributors and was also screened at the Toronto International Film Festival and the Festival do Rio in September 2012. Ill Manors was released on DVD on 8 October 2012, and contains footage that was not broadcast at cinemas.
  10. 10. It was distributed to digital cinemas however due the content of the film it didn’t stay in the cinemas for very long, only 1 week in the smaller cinemas (Bromley's Empire) and 2 weeks in the bigger cinemas (Greenwich Odeon).
  11. 11. Good reviews shown to give the best view on it. Musician name to get fan publicity The word ‘Ill’ can be interpreted into urban slang for ‘good’ attracting the younger audience Gun in front of the title with other hand behind the title connotes a mystery to what is in the other hand
  12. 12. The film was given a wide release to 191 cinemas in the UK and the Republic of Ireland by Revolver Entertainment on 6 June 2012 Ill Manors was released in the Netherlands on 30 August 2012 and was also screened at the Toronto International Film Festival and the Festival do Rio in September 2012 Ill Manors was released on DVD on October 8, 2012 and contained footage not seen in the broadcast at the cinemas.