Short films Research Notes


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This is some of the notes made for the codes and conventions of romantic comedy films. This will then form the basis of the script.

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Short films Research Notes

  1. 1. Reviewed films Late Bloomer - Short Film - Sundance Film Festival Focus on one character. Voice over narrating the events. Featured music. Recognizable villain. Animation taking place. Different angles and shots. Jumping from one time frame to the other. Effective use of lighting. Struck - A Short Film Focus on the main character. Upbeat music featured in the background. Reoccurring song motif, Over the Rainbow. Effective use of music and lighting to create emotion. Flashbacks. Simple storyline. Editing of the exposure and filter put on the shot. Famous cast. Shot of footsteps. A Futuristic Short Film HD: "Memorize" Written & Directed by Eric Ramberg Tension creating soundtrack Genre suggesting titles - fantasy Inspiration of iRobot Fast paces editing Effective use of digetic sound for intensive action Great location scouting
  2. 2. Suggestive costume Realistic prop guns Effective post production effects, layering of the screen, 3D effects Shaky cam Slow-motion Reaction shots Pov of the robots Good, naturalistic Lighting Two shot Close ups Lack of dialogue Titles at the end Inbox - Short Film Oriental music Opening titles – colour scheme white and red Music stops to create comedy Focus on two characters Cross cutting between two different places, events happening at the same time Special effects, disappearing things Fast paced editing Montage, elipsis of a man dressing up very quickly Fading between shots, suggesting a longer timescale Zooming to raise the adrenaline Sound of a ticking clock Black out Slow motion - happiness Pov of a guy dancing with a bag
  3. 3. Pov of the bag Slow motion - sad Two shot Shot reverse shot Title at the ned The Desk - Short Film Straight into action – establishing shot Deep focus on him, low focus on the background Sad instrumental music suggesting of the genre, drama Slow motion to show important of character Continuity editing The title the desk actually reveals the main point of the film Bell ringing from one shot to the other, soundbridge Change in music to create tension and ambiguity Tracking or dolly, camera follows the character’s every move Synchronous sound Cutaway to another shot of the room number 111 Repetitive routine, he wakes up, goes to school, writes on the desk and so forth Montage (30 rule) of the same shot but in different costume to suggest the passing of time Effective use of lighting to create a mysterious setting Crabbing shot of other classmates in the room Two shot Happy ending Titles, white on a black screen 'The Ventriloquist' starring Kevin Spacey [OFFICIAL] White titles on a black screen: Name of the production company - Trigger Street Productions presents
  4. 4. Who’s film it is - Jameson First Shot Introduction of the main character – the ventriloquist Synchronous sound Ambient sound – traffic, bird song Empathetic sound Establishing shot which reveals location 'The Ventriloquist' – fades onto the screen Over the shoulder shot during conversation – reverse cutting (editing technique) Humors dialogue Close up or cutaway Shot reverse shot – reactions Hyper-real sound of a punch or non digetic Soft focus on the background Close up of a beaten face Establishing shot to reveal a bench A three shot: lady, puppet, Kevin Spacey Hand held camera or arch shot of the studio Mysterious use of lighting – high and low Soundtrack – realization that the puppet doesn’t need his puppeteer to function Loudness increases Fade out Long shot of main character waking up Deep focus Reverse zoom on an empty table or reverse focus Shaky cam adds tension Exterior shots Continuity editing
  5. 5. Crabbing shot revealing character Shot of a busy street with buses driving by at high speed Two shot – long shot Black out at the end – black outs signify one part of the story ends Written and directed by Produced by Director of photography Production designer; editor; costume designer; music composer; co-producer; List slides The Crush (2010) - The Oscar winning short film. First shows production company- a purdy pictures production Fades into first scene Introduction to main character- teacher Teacher writes love on the board- relates to story as a whole Crabbing shot of teacher and students Close up of students- diegetic sounds of students moaning First intro to another main character- crabbing shot Non- diegetic sound and slow motion- represents daydreaming POV of student to teacher Wide shot of teacher addressing students Establishing shot of students packing up and leaving Non diegetic sound of student daydreaming- shows film title next to the main character Establishing shot of teacher and student alone Close up on a ring Camera follows the movement of the student POV of student walking towards teacher Two shot/ Over the shoulder shot of teacher and student conversation
  6. 6. Close up on student and teacher’s face- can see the reactions clearly Two shot of both characters talking Close up on the ring- shows her putting it on Wide shot of student walking Non diegetic sound- represents how the student is feeling Establishing shot of the students family eating dinner Close up on student’s reaction to parent’s conversation Close up on father- shows his emotions Two shot of mother and student talking POV of father Crabbing shot of the planner Cut to another scene – instrumental music Close up of the boots Close up of the engagement ring – ambient sound Irish accent – ‘’careful wee man’’ Low angle shot of the boy crushing the paper High source of lighting Cut to a close up of a gun Minimal lighting Proxemics – father in the foreground hiding the gun and the boy in the background lurking behind the door Over the shoulder shot – poster Sound of the bell – introduction to school Two shot of their profiles Long shot of the classroom Jump cut from a mid shot to a close up ‘’it’s a date son’’ – dialogue ‘’let the best man or boy win’’
  7. 7. Light illuminating his face High angle shots - evil Low angle shot – innocent, vulnerable Sound of the engine Wide shot of the evil child and the couple in the car Long shot of an old bunker Camera tracks the man’s movements Slight low angle when framing the man and high angle when framing the boy – central Framing: man’s back to the camera, boy central and teacher behind him Slow paced editing Extreme close up of the loaded gun Editing increases until it reaches the climax Close up to Ardle’s eyes and gun’s barrel Slow motion POV of dead man Inaudible sound Black out Fading in Low angle shot on Ardle – powerful, high angle shot on ex-fiancé Close up of the ring being thrown on the floor Long shot of the teacher and boy walking away - smaller White titles superimposed on the background WHEN YOU LOVE SOMEONE - Short Film APRICOT – short film by Ben Briand Awake – short film