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  1. 1. UPDATE from Humanities Resources The Switch For years now, Mac users have could become very unhappy and been patiently waiting for an freeze, unexpectedly quit, etc. to OSX: operating system that was both robust and stable, something we Preemptive means that all open applications get a fair share of the Now’s the Time haven’t seen since pre-OS8. Even processor’s time, so applications the lastest version of 9 leaves much get along better. If one crashes, the to be desired. others aren’t affected. —Susan Bibeau The reason for this is that the Dynamic Memory Allocation foundation on which the Mac OS is Programs no longer have fixed OSX is now almost 2 years old. Why built— even 9.2.2— hasn’t sizes in memory (RAM). The have we waited to switch and is now changed since it’s introduction in operating system will actually give the time? An emphatic YES! 1984. As users expected more of to or take away memory from their Macs, Apple kept trying to applications as needed. For tweak it to keep up with the times, instance, we no longer have to but the foundation was cracking— increase the memory allocation for badly. large documents with many graphics such as PowerPoint In the 1990’s Apple began presentations. developing a new OS from the ground up, using UNIX as its Memory Protection foundation. UNIX is an old Each application resides in its own operating system developed in the space in memory so if that Inside... early ‘70s. Its claim to fame is its application crashes, it doesn’t stability and it is a favorite among affect the memory being used by Carson Grant 2002-2005 programmers and users alike. other applications or the operating There are three characteristics that system itself. Dialup Alternatives make it so stable: Multiprocessing Preemptive Multi-tasking The ability to use two processors at iPods to Go! Multi-tasking, which has been the same time is called around since OS7, allows you to multiprocessing. Macs with more Bookmarks and Favorites do more than one task than one processor have been simultaneously. For example, you around for while, but only can print and download a file specially written programs, like New Workstations in LRC while editing a Word doc. But if PhotoShop’s Filters could take one of these applications hogged advantage of two processors. OSX processor resources, the others Futuristic LRC? (continued on page 2)
  2. 2. OSX (continued from page 1) Carson Grant 2002-2005 In July 2002, the third round of the bundle a far better choice. As is smart enough to automatically Carson Grant became available models are discontinued or new share the workload of multiple and it’s been a resounding success. models become available for the To date, 85 faculty in the same price, these bundles may programs between the processors, Humanities Division have received change. or even more than one task in a their free computer. single program, making every OSX To order your system, complete a application faster. The Carson Grant consists of pre- Computer Equipment Purchase configured “bundles” of computer Form 2002-03. You can find this equipment—two Mac bundles and form on line at http:// Why did we wait?! two Windows bundles. All are www.dartmouth.edu/~store. Bring Why didn’t we recommend OSX worth over $3,200, with large the form to Chris Strenta for a right away? First, a new version of capacity hard drives and plenty of signature, then bring the form to the RAM. If you decide to buy Computer Store. BlitzMail had to be written so that something other than one of these it would run native in OSX. Then bundles, the cash value of the If you have any questions, please there were other important pieces grant is only $2,000, making the contact Susan Bibeau. of Dartmouth software such as Kerberos and KeyAccess. Kerberos Windows Bundles Macintosh Bundles is the authentication software that 12" D400 Dell Latitude Laptop 12" Macintosh PowerBook Laptop ensures that only valid Dartmouth Pentium M 1.4 GHz 867 MHz PowerPC G4 Processor users have access to many of the 19" External Flat Panel Monitor 640MB Memory Digital Library databases. And KeyAccess allows networked or or computers to run keyserved 15" D800 Dell Latitude Laptop 15" Macintosh PowerBook Laptop versions of some software. All Pentium M 1.6 GHzDell M782 1 GHz PowerPC G4 these pieces are now in place. 17" External CRT Monitor 512MB Memory Both bundles include: Both bundles include: Second, many of us with older computers cannot run OSX. Apple 512 MB Memory 60 GB Hard Drive officially supports OSX on the 60 GB Hard Drive 17" External Flat Panel Monitor following systems: Dell TrueMobile 1300 Wireless Airport Wireless 10/100/1000 Ethernet 10/100 Ethernet 56K Modem 56K Modem PowerMac G3 and G4 DVD/CD-RW Drive DVD-R/CD-RW Super Drive G4 Cube Floppy Drive Macintosh OS X iMac Docking Station External Apple Keyboard PowerBook G3 and G4 Windows XP Professional External Apple Mouse External USB Keyboard 3 year Warranty iBook External USB Optical Mouse Video Adapter eMac External Speakers Spare Battery 3 Year Warranty Microsoft Office The recommended minimum for Spare Battery Symantec AntiVirus Microsoft Office OSX is a 400MHz processor and Symantec AntiVirus (continued on page 8) 2
  3. 3. Dialup Woes? offices in the Montshire Museum or you can go to http:// Step 4 Double-click on Blitzmail or a web www.verizon.com, fill out some browser. They’ll work! (If not, you —Otmar Foelsche forms, provide your credit card probably forgot to turn on the number and sign up for various power on the modem!) contract lengths. Once the paperwork is done, you will be If you have several computers in given or sent a DSL modem, a the house which are being used power supply for the modem, a simultaneously, you need to have CD, a manual (useless in case of an ethernet switch that allows 4 or Verizon), a short ethernet cable, eight simultaneous users. These and a few line filters for the switches were available in the local phones in your house. If you have stores for about $50 each, but now offspring that have successfully Verizon offers them free. installed games on your computers, you can entrust them A good idea for multiple computer with the installation of all of this! households is a wireless Recently, Verizon and ValleyNet distribution point and wireless began to offer DSL services in Step 1 cards in all computers. Apple’s some areas of the Upper Valley. Connect your phone line to the upscale solution, “Airport The lowest level of service will DSL modem. All phones in the Extreme,” connects directly to the definitely double, if not triple, house need to have filters (without DSL modem, has a port for a uploading speeds and quadruple the filter you would hear a strong networked printer (ethernet or downloading speeds—when hiss), which are easily installed by USB) and can connect all members compared with Dartmouth’s unplugging the phone line from of a large family to the internet. traditional dialup service. the phone, plugging the phone line Low-cost solutions from Linksys Obviously there is a hitch: the into the filter, and the line from the perform similarly well but do not monthly cost for the basic service filter back into the phone. (Note: look as good as the UFO-like is $29.95 and up. phone and fax services remain Airport Extreme. Both solutions You can find out if any of these available, while the DSL can handle PCs and Macs services are available in your area connection is running—you can simultaneously. by going to the provider’s web give up your second phone line!) pages. Simpy enter your phone What about the neighbors? The Step 2 number and you will be told wireless network is password Connect your computer to the DSL whether the service is available for protected. Your neighbors may be modem using the ethernet cable . your line and if not, you can able to see your network, but they request automatic notification cannot get in. In addition, your Step 3 when it does become available. contract will probably say that you Install the software from the CD are not allowed to provide your into your computer (basically a If service is available, you will neighborhood with wireless access one click process!) need to go over to the ValleyNet utilitzing your DSL connection. s 3
  4. 4. iPods to Go! can take most of the language lab with them on a hiking trip or on movies to be displayed on a 160 by 120 pixel screen. athletic trips to other institutions, —Otmar Foelsche in fact anywhere. Another important aspect is sound quality. The iPods produce sound Practicing Chinese pronunciation worthy of your stereo system at The Language Resource Center in the palm of your hand! is now possible by putting on the home. They are as easy to plug in head phones (or smaller ear as an external CD Player. And may plugs), by selecting the exercise accessories are available—even for number on the screen of the iPod cars! and pushing a button to make it play. The capacity of the smallest iPods store MP3 files, a type of file iPod is big enough to hold all that can be produced in low, audio materials for several medium, and high quality on PCs languages. and on Macintoshes. Even classical music can be reproduced in high The Language Resource Center has quality. iPods come in both Mac or what we call a "filling station" for PC versions. downloading large groups of audio files to the iPods. This We encourage faculty members in With the financial help of process takes only a few minutes. the languages to borrow an iPod Computing Services’ Director The check-out is simple. Student for a weekend and familiarize Larry Levin (Thank you, Larry!), ID and a signed loan agreement is themselves with the enormous the Language Resource Center was all that's needed. capabilities of these little wonders. able to obtain 30 iPods to provide a s new type of service for language The future for the iPod looks students. bright. Despite the fact the Apple keeps a tight lid, both literally and Throughout history, language New figuratively, on what's inside the students at Dartmouth and Color iPod and what is planned, the elsewhere depended on their Printer! internet rumors about a mini instructors, then on a language lab computer screen—in color, of with audio tape stations for course—phone capabilities, and There’s a listening to authentic language or more are fascinating. new color practicing pronunciation. During printer in the Faculty Lab: an Epson Stylus Photo 2200. The the last decade, as digital solutions On the other hand, we have made best feature about this printer is became available and with a few calculations here and that it can print on paper as improvements in networking, determined that even the smallest large as tabloid (11” x 17”). students could access most version of the iPod, with a storage In fact, this newsletter was language learning materials on capacity of 5 gigabytes, could hold printed on the new printer! their computers in their dorm more than 20 (twenty!) 90 minute rooms. Now Dartmouth students 4
  5. 5. Bookmarks folders. You can also separate these groups with lines that will appear The Future of Web and Favorites in the menu. And with some browsers you can actually sort Browsers your list in several ways. Mac users are in for the biggest —Susan Bibeau changes when it comes to web How you actually accomplish this browsers. Microsoft recently announced that it is no longer organization is different from web Is your list of bookmarks or favorites supporting Internet Explorer for a mile long? Here’s how to get them browser to web browser and may the Macintosh. under control. also differ somewhat depending on what operating system you are And not long after Microsoft’s announcement, AOL said that it running. is no longer supporting Netscape for either Macintosh Your web browser’s bookmarks or Internet Explorer 5.2.2 -Macintosh or Windows. favorites make it easy and fast to The organization options in get to web sites you use often. But Apple’s new web browser Internet Explorer are very limited. over time, your lists can become “Safari” is showing promise, but You can create folders and there are still kinks to be extremely long. dividing lines, but to rearrange the worked out. favorites you must drag them to When you add a new bookmark or But never fear, Netscape lovers! new positions. favorite, it appears at the end of Enter “Son of Netscape”— Mozilla—although to be the list so scrolling to the newly Internet Explorer 6.0-Windows accurate, Netscape was actually added sites takes forever. And if “Son of Mozilla.” Mozilla was Same as for the Macintosh version, you’re like me, you’re looking at the basis for Netscape and now except the Organize options the list and thinking, “What was I with Netscape’s demise, we appear in a window with buttons expect to be seeing and hearing thinking?!” Why would I have for creating folders, moving more of Mozilla. ever saved that web site? favorites to folders, renaming and You can download Mozilla from: deleting. So at some point, we’ve all thought http://www.mozilla.org there’s got to be a way to delete Netscape 7.1-Macintosh/Windows some of these. And wouldn’t it be Netscape has by far the most built- nice to group them together in in features for organizing catagories. Well, there’s ways to do bookmarks. You can sort by name, Mozilla, so it’s not surprising to it. Here’s some tips on how to location, keyword, description, find all of the organizing features manage your Bookmarks and date added, modified or visted. of Netscape 7 in Mozilla 1.4. This Favorites. You can also list them in A-Z or Z- applies to both the Mac and A orders and there’s a search Windows versions. Let’s Get Organized feature. Your bookmarks and favorites can Safari-Macintosh not only be deleted when no Mozilla 1.4-Macintosh/Windows Disappointing. Similar to Internet longer needed, or rearranged and Netscape was actually developed Explorer. You can group similar grouped together by category into by the same organization as bookmarks into “collections.” s 5
  6. 6. Workstations During the past year we have seen increasing pressure on the tapes from camcorders, so there is no need to bring in the camcorder for Faculty in workstations in the downstairs faculty lab. Numerous faculty for downloading. Appropriate software (iMovie, iDVD, Final Cut the LRC projects, the need to provide legacy operating systems, slide Pro, DVD Studio) is installed. scanners, flatbed scanners, video Audio Digitizing —Otmar Foelsche equipment, have all taken their toll This workstation is equipped with on extremely limited space. It’s an audio cassette deck. We’re bursting at the seams in the Faculty Lab! It’s getting so getting too crowded in here! Appropriate software (SoundEdit, cramped, we’ve set up new and Peak) is available. specialized workstations in the To help solve this problem, we Language Resource Center. have set up several workstations in All four workstations have high- the Language Resource Center that speed connections to the network are dedicated to certain tasks. In and have installed the entire suite most cases, these are new of core Dartmouth software, workstations and do not replace including Blitzmail, Microsoft what has been available in the Office, internet browsers, and Faculty Lab. various utilities. Slide Scanning As with the computers in the This workstation is configured for Faculty Lab, it is not recommended scanning 35mm slides or to store your important projects on negatives. It has a high resolution the LRC computers. It’s just too Polaroid scanner that can do up to risky since there are so many 6 slides in one batch. (Our Nikon people using each computer. We 50 slide batch scanner will remain recommend setting up accounts on in the faculty lab downstairs.) one of our file servers for the duration of your projects. Here, Flatbed Scanning your project is in a safe place and An Epson high resolution scanner gets backed up regularly. that can scan images and text is available. Graphics software Our hope is to reduce the (PhotoShop) and Optical Character congestions in the Faculty Lab Recognition (OCR) software such downstairs and provide better as OmniPage is available. assistance to our savvy users with dedicated workstations in a quiet, Video Digitizing air-conditioned space in the This workstation is equipped with Language Resource Center. s a VHS deck, a DV deck, and a multi-region DVD player. The DV deck can handle the small DV 6
  7. 7. Futuristic claimed that it would take him less than 15 minutes to pick up the communication device, caused languages to be eradicated forever. LRC? main points of a language while He equated the loss of a language listening to a native speaker. At with the loss of cultural and that point he would be able to intellectual wealth. —Inge Brown make himself understood. Besides the more common languages, he For the rest of us, who today keep In today’s world, learning foreign tackled native American and struggling to learn languages, languages is more important than Australian aborigines languages, there are fellow sufferers in other ever, if only to keep them alive. and various versions of European spheres of life and strife. Soldiers celtic languages. are no longer sent willy nilly into enemy territory but have to His advice to beginners was to talk assimilate a modicum of the native to a native speaker, starting with tongue before they are let loose Sitting in the middle of the the body parts, and common trying to find the enemy, or the Language Resource Center, objects. Using these nouns as a bathroom. No longer are soldiers watching students practice basis, he could form sentences and considered to be immune to speaking, composing and typing in get used to the sounds and language and culture, both verbal foreign languages, and struggling intonations. and body language. Taboos in with every word, it seems almost behavior are part of the language impossible to believe that some Mr. Hale was able to carry on curriculum. folks can master a language a lot conversations in some 50 quicker than our students. languages, speaking some with Uzbek and Croatian, Farsi, Pashto which he could no longer converse and Dari are not yet on our roster Kenneth Hale, a teacher of because the natives had died out. of languages available at the LRC. linguistics at M.I.T., who died on It saddened him that many areas Will that day come? s October 8th last year at the age of of the world, having chosen 67, was one of those people. He English as their main More on the Language Resource Center Both the physical and the virtual Language Resource Center are constantly updated. Our physical plant, the facility in 201 Bartlett Hall, has only ten of the original 50 audio cassette stations left. We have 16 stations constisting of eMacs, Pentium III PCs, and G4 towers for the general public. As of this month, we have established three dedicated stations for faculty project work to take some of the pressure off the tight quarters of the faculty lab. 7
  8. 8. The Humanities OSX (continued from page 2) Computing BlitzMail Bulletin F support the graphics accelerators The End of OS9 There is a wealth of valuable and found in some of the earlier To ease the transition to OSX and timely information available to versions of the PowerMac G3, due to the wait for OSX-native you via the BlitzMail Bulletins. By “monitoring” these bulletins, you PowerBook G3 and iBook so the applications, until recently all new receive a notification when new graphics performance on these Macs were capable of starting up information is posted. systems may be slower. If your in either OSX and OS9.2.2. But now There are several bulletins about computer is not listed here, you that most mainstream applications computing that are good choices must purchase a new computer in such as Microsoft Office, for monitoring. Humanities order to run OSX. The latest round FileMaker, and PhotoShop are Computing has its own bulletin of the Carson grant has enabled available for OSX, many new (Computing—Humanities Computing) where information many faculty to upgrade and to models from Apple can no longer important to the Humanities use OSX. start up in OS9. They can, however, division is posted. still run in Classic mode, allowing To monitor a bulletin, click on Those of you who received your you to continue to use OS9 the Bulletins icon in the BlitzMail Carson computer last summer or applications. At some point in the window. Scroll until you see the fall may still be running OS9. If near future, though, even Classic bulletin you want to monitor, then click on the Monitor you’re ready to ugrade, call or mode will disappear. s button. email me to make an appointment for an upgrade. That’s all there is to it!