Macintosh Keystrokes


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Macintosh Keystrokes

  1. 1. Mac Keystrokes Macintosh Keystrokes Zapping the PRAM q Command-option-P-R q Hold down all 4 keys on power-up. You will hear Multiple chimes. q Waite for three to four chimes then let go of the keys. r Zaps the pram to reset to factory settings. Use when getting bombs or crashes. Also corrects the inability to double click items Rebuilding the Desktop q Command-Option q Hold both keys until the dialog box shows on the screen asking if you want to rebuild the desktop file. r Corrects icon appearance and path to the application Force Quitting Applications q Command-Option-Esc q Press all three keys to force quit out of a locked up application Bypass Set Start-up Device q Command-Option-Shift-Delete q To bypass the currently selected start-up device (except on a Quadra 700) r start or restart the computer while holding down the Command-Option-Shift-Delete keys. Turning The Extensions Off q Hold Down the Shift Key On Boot-UP q On the newer Macs you can also hold the space bar down on boot up to go into the extension manager to disable extensions. Selecting More Than One Item q Shift key down q While clicking multiple items allows you to select more than one item (1 of 2) [8/3/2001 10:29:24 AM]
  2. 2. Mac Keystrokes Extension Manager (System 7.5) q To bring up the Extension Manager at startup hold down the Space Bar. Startup From CD-ROM q Hold down the letter c key (lower-case only) q On a Power Macintosh or Macintosh 630 family computer r this directs the computer to startup from the CD-ROM drive instead of the hard drive or floppy. Keypad Mouse (Activate/Deactivate) q To set the keypad to control mouse movement, press the Command-Shift-Clear keys. q The 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, keys control movement and direction of the pointer. q The 5 key is the mouse button. q The 0 key locks the mouse button. q The decimal point key unlocks the mouse button. Return to Top (2 of 2) [8/3/2001 10:29:24 AM]
  3. 3. Macintosh Trouble Shooting No Network Connections: q Check Control Panel - Network or AppleTalk settings q Check cable connections from the wall jack to the back of the Macintosh q Try rebooting the machine q Try zapping the PRAM and then reset the control panel network setting q Pull out the MLB and check the network card connection q Verify that you have the correct zone selected (WAN schools ONLY) Won’t Boot: q Restart the Mac holding down the shift key (turning the extensions off) q If the Mac now boots up, you have an extension conflict r disable new or non-Apple extensions q Zap the PRAM q Boot from the Norton CD and run Norton Disk Doctor Printing problems: q Can other computers print to the same printer ? q Check chooser settings q Is the correct printer type selected q Click on the set-up button and do the auto set-up q HP and other brand printers MUST have their own drivers installed q Check cable connections Blank Screen: Check the monitor cable connections Check the brightness and contrast controls Try replacing the battery on the logic board of the CPU Try the monitor on a working Mac Try the mac with a working monitor (1 of 2) [8/3/2001 10:30:31 AM]
  4. 4. ? on start-up: q Unplug any external SCSI devices q Boot form the Norton Utilities CD and run Disk Doctor q Repair all errors q Re-scan until no errors show up r Boot from the System CD or the Disk Tools on floppy disk r If the Hd now shows on the desktop, the system needs to be reinstalled r If the Hd is missing on the desktop, the is damaged q Try running Norton Utilities on the damaged drive Return toTop (2 of 2) [8/3/2001 10:30:31 AM]