III.School Report Cards


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III.School Report Cards

  2. 2. Report Card Narratives New Jersey Department of Education HOPATCONG The Hopatcong Board of Education operates a comprehensive K-12 school district with three grade level elementary schools, K-1, 2-3 and 4-5, a grade 6-8 middle school and a 9-12 high school. All schools operate on a full day schedule. Total student population in the district is approximately 2,800. Public confidence and pride in the Hopatcong school system has developed through continuing strong academic and athletic accomplishments by the students. Hopatcong High School is fully accredited by the Middle States Association of Secondary Schools and the New Jersey Department of Education. Our comprehensive school district offers its students a variety of specialized courses including: FINE AND PERFORMING ARTS ENGLISH AS A SECOND LANGUAGE ACADEMICALLY ADVANCED GIFTED AND TALENTED COMPUTER LITERACY, GRADES K-12 COMPUTER PROGRAMMING GR. 9-12 SPECIAL EDUCATION PRESCHOOL HANDICAPPED TECH PREP There are approximately 230 professional staff members, who represent a wide geographic area, with representation from 80 colleges in 24 states. On the average, our teachers have 15+ years of teaching experience, with 55% having completed a master’s degree and others are enrolled in advanced programs. The proximity of Montclair University, William Paterson College, Rutgers University, , New Jersey City University, Seton Hall and other colleges and universities provides outstanding opportunities for graduate work. Hopatcong Borough Schools has an in-service program for providing staff memberswith opportunities to increase their knowledge and skills through workshops, demonstrations and conferences. Many of our students receive awards and commendations for academic and athletic achievements, as well as recognition for outstanding scholastic ability in national testing competition. Approximately 80% of our graduates continue their education beyond the high school level, and many compete successfully for admission to selective colleges and universities throughout the United States. The Borough of Hopatcong is located at the southeast tip of Sussex County approximately 48 miles west of New York City. Interstate Highway 80 and Routes 46 and 10 provide excellent access to nearby shopping plazas and malls. Its proximity to Manhattan affords its residents many cultural, business and recreational opportunities. The community has excellent police and fire protection, active service organizations, religious groups, an excellent public library system and extensive town recreational programs. Health services are provided by two area hospitals and a volunteer emergency ambulance squad. Hopatcong is best described as a “nice place to live.” The community has developed a tradition for providing an excellent educational program and strong support for its school system. Bordering Morris County, the community encompasses 10.8 square miles and has a resident population of 16,000. The community, which was at one time a resort area, has evolved into one which is fully residential. Dr. Wayne Threlkeld, Superintendent 973-398-8801
  3. 3. Report Card Narratives New Jersey Department of Education HUDSON MAXIM The students of the Hudson Maxim School were exposed to an outstanding academic program during the 2004 – 2005 school year. Our 54 full and part-time staff members delivered a literacy rich program to the 375 preschool, kindergarten, and 1st grade students. During this school year, there were eight sections of half-day kindergarten, nine sections of first grade, two full-day self-contained special education classes, and three half-day sessions of preschool. The Rigby Reading Program continued to focus on beginning reading skills. For the third consecutive year, Reading Recovery was implemented providing selected 1st graders with individualized instruction designed to address specific reading needs. Four teachers conducted Reading Recovery classes and serviced 38 students. To instill the love of reading to all the students, Hudson Maxim School participated in “Books and Beyond”, a nationally recognized recreational reading program which provided the students with incentives to read. This program, sponsored by our HEPTO, Hopatcong Elementary Parent Teacher Organization, was originally adopted from a program at Solana Vista Elementary School in California. During the 2004 - 2005 school year, 113 students read or were read to for 1800 minutes. Parents witnessed these students receive a gold medal at our Books and Beyond Gold Medal Ceremony. Our math program focused on the use of manipulatives in order to give students a real understanding of basic math concepts. Parents were afforded the opportunity to become involved with their children’s education by participating in our Family Math Program. Students and parents worked together to solve mathematical problems. The program was held during the evening hours and lasted five weeks. Technology continues to grow, and students have access to Imacs and Power Macintosh G3 computers. The building, which consists of 22 classrooms, is wireless allowing all computers to be connected to the district network and the Internet via airports that are strategically located throughout the building. Students and teachers also have access to two mobile labs containing sets of laptops that could be transported between floors. During the 2004 – 2005 school year, Hudson Maxim School participated in a national study conducted by the United States Department of Education. The purpose of the study was to determine the effectiveness of technology in the classroom. Results of the study will be released during the spring of 2006 by the Department of Education. Each summer, the school hosts Safety Town, a nationally recognized Safety Education Program, for incoming Kindergartners. Summer 2004 marked the 24th year of this program. The program is a cooperative effort and is jointly sponsored by the Hopatcong Board of Education and the Hopatcong Police Department. Hudson Maxim also provides a summer program for our preschool students. The staff and students showed a genuine concern for others throughout the year by participating in several collection drives as well as a fundraiser for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. During the spring of the 2004 - 2005 school year, the students participated in a “Math-A-Thon” and $13,161.00 was raised to fight childhood cancer and other diseases. Over the last nine years, the school has raised over $110,000.00 for this cause. Hudson Maxim School appreciates the extraordinary efforts of our HEPTO, Hopatcong Elementary Parent Teacher Organization. This organization sponsored our annual Book Fair, Holiday Boutique, Field Day, Teacher Appreciation Luncheon, and funds all our assembly programs for the school year. Coffee and Tea meetings with the Principal were held throughout the year in order to strengthen the communication between home and school. Hudson Maxim School is “Where Learning Begins” in the district. We stand proud of the academic start we provide to the students of Hopatcong. Tracey Hensz 973-398-8807
  4. 4. Report Card Narratives New Jersey Department of Education TULSA TRAIL ELEM The Tulsa Trail School houses the district's second and third grade students. There were 380 students enrolled during the 2004-2005 school year. There were approximately 60 full and part-time staff members. There were nine sections of grade two, nine sections of grade three and three self-contained special education classes. In addition to these classes, there were two resource center teachers who worked with learning disabled students. The school building itself has twenty-three classrooms, plus several areas for small group instruction, and an all purpose room. The 1997 building addition expanded the main office area and added a classroom and a full size library/media center. The school continues to use a balanced literacy approach to reading. Many trade books on a variety of reading levels are available to supplement the Rigby reading program, used in grades K-3. Each year the school continues to take part in a recreational reading incentive program entitled, "Books and Beyond" which the students started at Hudson Maxim School. This program was adapted from a highly successful program at Solana Vista Elementary in California. It is sponsored by the Hopatcong Elementary Parent Teacher Organization. The Hopatcong Schools introduced a World Languages program on the elementary level several years ago. All students at Tulsa Trail are taught Spanish, as the district's choice of a foreign language. During a weekly session, conducted by a Spanish teacher, students participate in a program in conversational Spanish. The classroom teachers provide reinforcement throughout the week. IMacs, eMacs and Power Macintosh G3 and G4 computers are available for student and teacher use in each classroom, all connected to the internet. Communication between home and school was strengthened with the addition of e-mail, voicemail and "Homework Hero" at all district schools. The H.E.P.T.O. (Hopatcong Elementary Parent Teacher Organization) continues to be very active in all three elementary buildings in the district. This group sponsors an annual Book Fair, Holiday Boutique, Field Day, Staff Appreciation Luncheon and numerous cultural arts assembly programs. It also helps to defray the cost of student field trips throughout the year. Jeffrey Nesnay 973-398-8806
  5. 5. Report Card Narratives New Jersey Department of Education DURBAN AVE DURBAN AVE. NARRATIVE Durban Avenue Elementary School houses Hopatcong School District’s grades 4 and 5 student population. Current school enrollment is 395 students with 40 teaching staff members. The school building consists of 22 instructional areas, a cafeteria/gym, instructional media center, music room, art room, gifted and talented room, 6 small group instructional areas, computer lab and administrative offices. Children with special needs are serviced by a Multiply Handicapped Class, 3 Self-Contained Special Education Classes, 2 Pull-Out Resource Rooms, and 2 In-Class Support Resource Rooms. A Child Study Team is housed within the building with a District Supervisor serving as coordinator. We also have a full- time School Nurse and Elementary School Guidance Counselor. The academic and social needs of the students are addressed through a balanced comprehensive curriculum that includes all state mandated programs. Curriculum emphasis is on the core subjects of reading, language arts, math, science, and social studies. The daily instructional schedule at Durban Avenue is broken up into specific blocks of time which are designed to be the start of an adjustment to a departmentalized setting. Students are also given a greater degree of responsibility and a greater degree of contact area sophistication is added through the integration of subject matter. All 5th grade students participate in Drug Abuse Resistance Education (D.A.R.E.). This program is a component of our District’s Health Education curriculum and is conducted by a certificated officer from the Hopatcong Police Department. The culminating activity of this program is a D.A.R.E. graduation ceremony which is open to all parents of 5th grade students. The Gifted and Talented Program at Durban Avenue is a pull-out enrichment program. The program complements the existing curriculum for each year by stretching the chosen subject horizontally. The program includes academically advanced students and students who are creative thinkers. Diversified curriculum to meet the needs of the students, the cooperation of classroom teachers and administrators, relevant field trips, speakers, and Internet activities fill each day with challenges. We are also members of the New Jersey Consortium for Gifted and Talented Programs. Guidance services are available for any student who desires to increase his/her confidence by participating in small group sessions. As the need arises, children explore avenues to manage specific personal issues. The goal of the guidance program is to support and challenge each child to develop the confidence and skills necessary to be his/her best self and to fully participate in his/her education. We are also pleased to continue our award winning Guidance and Counseling Program entitled “PAWS” (Positive Assistance Wins Success). This program is designed to use a trained therapy dog to motivate and challenge the students during the course of their counseling sessions. Each year, the school participates in the Teacher of the Year and Governor’s Teacher Recognition Programs. We also have many staff members who pride themselves on receiving numerous grants and awards over the past several years. Our students participate in a variety of curricula, extra curricula, and community service activities. These activities include a fourth and fifth grade Chorus, a fifth grade Band, an active environmental group called the Durban Avenue Green Team, and a “Star Student” program that recognizes our top students on a monthly basis. We have instituted “Project Upgrade” which is an incentive program designed to raise grades. This program consists of a High Honor Roll and Honor Roll. We also participate in the President’s Education Awards Program. This program recognizes and honors those students who have achieved high academic goals by their hard work and dedication to learning. Fifth grade students
  6. 6. are eligible for one of two honors: The President’s Award for Educational Excellence or the President’s Award for Educational Achievement. The school has an active Parent Teacher Organization (Durban Avenue HEPTO) that sponsors a Book Fair, Holiday Boutique, field trips, student agendas, Field Day, and a series of cultural arts programs. The Hopatcong School District is one that is extremely proud of its students, educational staff, support staff, and parents for making education its number one priority. The nurturing and support exhibited by all of these groups and our elected Board of Education have established Hopatcong Schools as a very vital and strong educational institution. Having evolved from what was a resort community in the early 1970’s, Hopatcong is now a year-round community where its residents exert enormous effort and concern in order to make a better quality of life within the community and an equally as strong school system to support its students. Hopatcong is viewed as an extremely progressive and dynamic educational enterprise. Hopatcong has seized upon new and emerging technologies in order to effectively prepare its students for college and an ever-changing work place. Concurrently, Hopatcong has not lost sight of its need to preserve tradition and the precepts of basic education. Together, the numerous and varied constituencies that exist in Hopatcong have made its school system an institution to be envied. We welcome you to visit us. Jeffrey Hallenbeck 973-398-8805
  7. 7. Report Card Narratives New Jersey Department of Education HOPATCONG MIDDLE At the Hopatcong Middle School, we address the needs of the students in Grades 6, 7, and 8 by providing them with a supportive and nurturing environment. We embrace the teaming approach as we believe this concept promotes the achievement of higher standards and encourages the students to become life long learners. The Middle School environment promotes differentiated instruction and the use of technology in a constructivist student centered classroom. Our students are offered a core, academic program that encourages student literacy and promotes critical thinking. A full range of educational services including remedial support, academic enrichment and special education classes are provided to our children via a curriculum that aligns itself with the State of New Jersey Core Curriculum Standards. Initiatives have been developed to encourage and cultivate student skills in the areas of mathematics and language arts literacy. Character Education Initiative funding received from the State during the 2004-2005 school year, has allowed the “bully free” program to continue to flourish and grow. The staff diligently works together to develop and deliver “Our Caring Community” a program that emphasizes and encourages the elimination of bully-like behaviors. Through the funding and monies received from the No Child Left Behind Grant, our 6th grade students participated in team building activities at the YMCA Camp at Fairview Lake in Stillwater. Through a Title V grant, peer mediation will become available for the students this coming year. The MATRIX Grant has provided our students with smart boards, math software, and a new computer lab through the same grant laptop. In addition, the teachers have received extensive training in the use of the software and their computer laptops. Through a grant received from Hudson Farms, we have been able to provide a number of students with counseling. Another grant received in conjunction with the Center of Prevention is providing a number of students with the life skills they need to survive in the world today. The Hopatcong Middle School, through the efforts of the Board of Education, continues to provide our children with the tools necessary to survive in today’s world of technology. Communication between parents and staff is an essential component in the development of our students. Through cooperative efforts we will continue to develop and refine our programs so that all our students will experience a learning environment that will lead to academic and social success. Theresa Williams 973-398-8804
  8. 8. Report Card Narratives New Jersey Department of Education HOPATCONG HIGH Hopatcong High School is a comprehensive high school committed to creating a culture of excellence in which our students, faculty, staff and administration continuously improve. It is a school that promotes the skills of lifelong learning and achievement at the highest level for each student. At Hopatcong High School we systematically respond to the needs of our students, who face growing demands on their problem-solving and critical thinking skills as they approach the competitive world of higher education and the global workplace. Our overall educational philosophy promotes a wide range of experiences. Students are exposed to a variety of teaching/learning strategies that facilitate a more active and self-directed role in their education. Our curriculum is comprehensive, and we offer courses from challenging advanced placement and college classes to basic skills for students needing remediation. In all cases, programs are designed to challenge students and to foster high student achievement. A technology-rich environment characterizes our delivery of content. Managed courseware is used as a powerful learning tool to diagnose and prescribe remediation in our HSPA prep classes. Students can prepare for SAT examinations via on-line practice programs, and many of our courses offer students an opportunity to apply technology solutions to real-life problems. Newly renovated science classrooms and our technology centers make virtual laboratories accessible to all of our students, complementing an already technology-rich curricula. The Global Mosaic course offers a team-taught, interdisciplinary approach to English and Social Studies. Academic standards are being raised across all curricula areas through the discussion generated by our Advanced Placement Vertical Teams. With the enhancement of AP courses and concurrent credit courses in partnership with Sussex County Community College, a marked improvement in supportive curricula design is realized. Additional high-end programs in support of the new 12th grade option are being offered. Not all of our innovative programs and achievements occur in a technology-rich environment or in traditional “classrooms” here, however. Our students build their self-esteem, their confidence and their physical abilities through Project Adventure. Our ropes and climbing components teach students the necessity of team-building and cooperative problem-solving in a challenging yet non-competitive arena. In addition, Hopatcong High School’s broad academic program is enhanced by an equally comprehensive co-curricula activity program in athletics, music, dramatics, student government, publications, service organizations and other school clubs. Hopatcong High School’s parents become partners in their children’s education and maintain a strong connection between family and school. Parents and school have a common goal - to ensure that our children succeed. Educators and parents work together and reinforce each other by becoming active members of our school community to support our children. We’re very proud of what we do here, and we’re proud of our progress and of our new initiatives. We are Hopatcong High School, on the move in positive directions. Emil Binotto 973-398-8803 To view the 2004-2005 School Report Cards, please go to the NJ Department of Education Website at www.state.nj.us/education Copies are also available at the Hopatcong Borough Schools, Administration Building, 2 Windsor Avenue, Hopatcong, NJ