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  1. 1. GRAPHIC DESIGN & DIGITAL MEDIA Limited Access Review Info & Application 10.26.07 Fall 03.14.08 Spring
  2. 2. The Graphic Design and Digital Media program at the University of North Florida is designed to offer the student Candidates must have the an in depth vision into the field of Graphic Design. Students following status: will be exposed to unique learning opportunities and industry To be considered for admission into the Limited Access standard software packages in order to provide them with program in Graphic Design & Digital Media, applicants must: a competitive edge when entering the workforce or further a. Be accepted to the University of North Florida. education pursuits. b. Have completed ART2605C Basic Computer Image or approved state equivalent, AND be enrolled in, or Course work will focus on the students acquiring several have completed GRA2190C Introduction to Graphic portfolio building pieces. The work will consist of, but will Design. Transfer students must see an advisor or not be limited to: page design, web design, posters, packaging, faculty member to discuss transfer credits and status corporate identification systems and time-based motion before reviewing. graphics. The development of problem solving skills and critical thinking will be stressed in all aspects of the program. Each course will emphasize the creative process as it relates to Review Day Graphic Design and Digital Media. Students will be notified of their scheduled time by e-mail prior to the review date. Signs will also be posted in the Art and To be accepted into the Graphic Design and Digital Media Design office and Graphic Design labs on campus. track students must be admitted into the University and If a student needs to be removed from the schedule for any successfully pass the Limited Access review. All students that reason, it must be done 48 hours prior to the review by have taken and passed the prerequisite courses or approved contacting the Art and Design office. equivalents are eligible to apply. UNF students should have completed ART2605C BCI and enrolled in, or have Students are required to attend an on campus review in a completed GRA2190C Introduction to Graphic Design in Graphic Design lab [2501, 2502 or 2503]. Students will be order to review. Transfer students may apply in either term. called into the lab by a faculty reviewer. Limited Access reviews will be conducted in October Business Casual. Be prompt. Conduct yourself in a professional (approximately week 9 of Fall term) for students who desire to manner during the review enroll in Spring classes. And March (approximately week 9 of Spring term) for students who desire to enroll in Fall classes. Admission into the Limited Access program will be granted or denied after the review is completed. Students will receive notification in the mail within approximately one week. Feedback will be provided to each applicant on the approval / Instructions for Applying: denial form. The committee’s decisions are final. Complete the Application form and mail or hand deliver to the Department of Art and Design office, before the scheduled If Approved deadline. It is recommended that students follow the recommended course of study made available through the department. Graphic Design & Digital Media Limited Access Students will be allowed to register for Limited Access classes Department of Art and Design, Building 45/2416 for the following term (Students reviewing and admitted in University of North Florida the Spring are eligible for Fall enrollment.) Admission into the 1 UNF Drive Limited Access program does not guarantee enrollment in any Jacksonville, FL 32224 given class during a specific term. Applications hand delivered to the Department of Art and Design office If Denied must be received before 4:00 p.m. on the deadline. Applications sent by Students will have 1 additional chance to review. mail must be post marked on or before the deadline date. DEADLINE Review the denial form for suggestions on what needs to be WILL BE POSTED ON THE APPLICATION. improved upon.
  3. 3. The Portfolio: Portfolio Review Questions: Submit eight (8) visual arts pieces for the committee to Answer the three (3) questions below. Express your thoughts consider. At least 4 works MUST be Graphic Design based fully and clearly, using a formal writing style (Typography and Image). No more than 2 Photograph/ • Each answer must be on a separate sheet of paper. Digital Illustration and 2 hand rendered works, i.e. drawings, • Printout the answers to the following questions (either paintings. All work must be on a CD as a PDF presentation ink jet or laser) and have them available for the reviewers. or PowerPoint or JPG Photoshop image [A PDF presentation Please make 3 copies available with your name on each is recommended.] Images should not exceed 2 MB each page. [10x7@96PPI is an appropriate format.] Make sure the CD • Answers must be one (1) page per question, double works on a Macintosh computer prior to the review time. You spaced, 1" margins, a minimum of 250 words. may design the presentation, but the work should be the main focus. A small amount of descriptive text may also be included Type the answer to the following questions. Be prepared to for each design piece; including, title or project name, date, discuss your answers in a professional manner with your and medium. Be sure image quality is clear and the color is review committee. accurate. 1. Why are you interested in entering the field of Quick Guide of work to include. Graphic Design & Digital Media? [4] Examples of your Design Skills: Computer generated works that include Type and Image; Posters, logo design, brochure, advertisement, CD cover. 2. Which Artist or Graphic Designer has been the most influential to you, and discuss why? [4] Examples of your Artistic Skills: (select a variety from each of the sections below.) Photographs (no more than 2) Paintings/Drawings (no more 3. Describe an art exhibition you have recently than 2) Digital Illustrations (no more than 2) attended. Please no examples or photographs of 3-D work. For Example, Sculpture, Ceramics. 3-D rendering. Additional Information Students in the Limited Access program in Graphic Design Reviewers will be considering the following and Digital Media will need to go through the Limited criteria for evaluation. Access Review process again if; Creativity: originality in concept and sense of imaginative thought. 1. A student leaves the program for more than 3 consecutive terms. Exploration: looking into various mediums and materials 2. A student receives a failing grade in Introduction to Motivation: a desire to work outside of school and interest in Graphic Design the term he or she reviews. the field of Graphic Design and Digital Media. Overall Design and Composition: arrangement of visual elements on the page, which shows consideration for space, form, color, line and typography. Technical Proficiency: being able to use the computer, digital camera, scanners and other relevant technology as an effective tool in the execution of design work.
  4. 4. Application Form Applications must be received by: Graphic Design & Digital Media Thursday, Oct. 11th, 2007 Schedule will be posted by Monday, 15th. Art and Design Department University of North Florida FALL REVIEW: Friday, Oct. 26th, 2007 [ ] I have completed ART2605C Basic Computer Images (or approved state equivalent for transfer students.) [ ] I have completed or am currently in GRA2190C Introduction to Graphic Design (or approved state equivalent for transfer students.) (Please print all information legibly.) Name: UNF N-Number: Address (Notification of acceptance / denial will be sent to this address.) Phone Numbers: Home: Cell UNF e-mail address: (UNF students will be contacted via this address.) Other e-mail address: (For Transfer Students) School in which currently enrolled: Term and year in which you plan to enroll at UNF (ex. Fall 08’): Any Transfer Credits? [ ] Yes, Please see Art & Design Office Send or Deliver to: [ ] No Graphic Design & Digital Media Limited Access Department of Art and Design, Building 45 University of North Florida 1 UNF Drive Jacksonville, FL 32224
  5. 5. The Quick Checklist. 1. Already completed ART2605C Basic Computer Images [or approved state equivalent for transfer students.] 2. Currently enrolled or passed GRA2190C Introduction to Graphic Design [or approved state equivalent for transfer students.] 3. Pick up packet for the Limited Access Review in Art and Design office [45/2416]. 4. Fill out the Application Form. 5. Submit completed Application to the Art and Design office. 6. Check for scheduled time slot and room for your review via e-mail. 7. Work on Questions & Design a CD Portfolio. 8. Review. College of Arts & Sciences Graphic Design & Digital Media Limited Access Department of Art and Design, Building 45/2416 University of North Florida 1 UNF Drive Jacksonville, FL 32224