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  1. 1. <html> <head><title> GQL/Update </title></head> <body bgcolor=#ffffff text="000000"> <!-- ======================================================== --> <p><center><font size=4> U-M ITD Software Licensing and Distribution </center></font> <pre> Product Name: GQL/Update Version: 4.1.1 Company Name: Andyne Computing Limited Software Category: Database Management Platform: Windows, Macintosh Description: Graphical Query Language for client computers. Requires SQL*Net 2.3 to use with ITD Data Systems Center (DSC) servers. SQL*Net 2.3 for Windows is only available on CD-ROM and costs $30. SQL*Net 2.3 for Macintosh is included with the GQL electronic download. Who Is Eligible: U-M departments and individual faculty and staff. Personal Use: May not be purchased for use on a personally owned computer. Cost: GQL/Update 4.1.1 (Client) $110 for a new license plus maintenance at $16.50 if license is purchased October through March or $8.25 if purchased April through November. There is no upgrade charge for version 4.1.1 if you already own a GQL/Update license with maintenance. Also available: --------------- GQL/Admin 4.1.1 (Server) $770 for a new license plus maintenance at $115.50 if license is purchased October
  2. 2. through March or $57.75 if purchased April through November. GQL/Design 4.1.1 (Server) $600 for a new license plus maintenance at $115.50 if license is purchased October through March or $57.75 if purchased April through November SQL*Net 2.3 No charge for a new license or upgrade --unless you need the Windows version, which is only available on CD-ROM and costs $30. Vendor Documentation: Basic documentation for GQL 4.0 is available through Kinko’s (530 E. Liberty; 761-4539). (Release notes for 4.1.1 are included with the software in Adobe Acrobat format.) Orders can be placed by phone (including arrangements for delivery) using a University purchasing card or P.O. Prices include campus delivery. UM-ITD GQL 4 (Using GQL 4.0 Manual): $18.34 UM-ITD GQL 4a (Using GQL Extensions): $14.35 UM-ITD GQL Reports (Using GQL Reports):$ 7.98 ITD Documentation and Search the ITD Information System for GQL Workshops: related documentation (including step-by-step installation instructions and current workshops: <center><a href= "">GQL related documentation and workshops</a></center> HOW TO PARTICIPATE To purchase a license or CD-ROM: - GQL/Update 4.1.1 License - GQL/Admin 4.1.1 License - GQL/Design 4.1.1 License - SQL*Net 2.3 CD-ROM (Windows) use this order form: <center><a href= "../database/gqlof.html">GQL-SQL*Net Order Form</a></center> Purchase includes permission to access and download the software from the ITD Software Distribution Directory (~swdist) or CD-ROM. To download the software if you own a license: If you own a current GQL/Update license with maintenance, you will be permitted to access the ~swdist directory for downloading GQL/Update 4.1.1 and/or SQL*Net 2.3 for
  3. 3. Macintosh. (Please note: Windows users must purchase a CD-ROM to obtain SQL*Net 2.3 for Windows; also, Windows 3.1 users are required to use the ITD installation service -- see next section.) The complete Institutional File System (IFS) pathname is /afs/ (or Macintosh). For directions on obtaining software from the ~swdist directory, see: <center><a href= "">QuickNote: S4147 Obtaining Software From the ITD Software Distribution Directory</a> </center> To request the installation service: Send e-mail to, to request the ITD installation service ($45/hour plus the cost of the software, if applicable). A consultant will call or e-mail you back to determine your requirements and give you an estimate on the amount of time the installation will take. If you expect to use the installation service, do not place an order for software; the installer will handle software ordering for you. QUESTIONS? If you have questions about any of these processes, call the Administrative Computing Hotline at 763-0107 or send e-mail to </pre> <p> <center> <a href=“”>Andyne Web Site</a> <p> <a href=“../software-alpha.html”>Software Full Alphabetical List</a> - <a href=“../software-category.html”>Software Full Category List</a> <br> <a href=“../index.html”>Home to Software Licensing and Distribution</a> </center> <!-- ======================================================== --> <font size=-1> <hr size=2> Last updated: <!--#echo var="LAST_MODIFIED"--> <br>
  4. 4. </font> </body> </html>