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Avid X p r e s s

  1. 1. Avid Xpress ® The Avid Xpress system,available on both The Avid Xpress interface is based on ninth- Richest,Most Advanced Audio | the Macintosh® and Windows NT® plat- generation,award-winning software. The Eight-track,real-time online audio mixing forms, provides creative professionals with highly intuitive Avid interface, proven in the with 3-band EQ,real-time rubberband the most powerful digital video system in hands of over 50,000 editors in the film gain adjustments,and external audio its price category. Designed with unique and television industries worldwide, places device control with flying faders make it breakthrough technologies and an uncom- it well ahead of other systems in terms of faster and easier to produce the richest, pressed video option, the Avid Xpress speed,simplicity and creative options. most advanced sound. New version 3.1 system lets you create professional quality features include audio punch-in and eight- video and multimedia content quickly, so Truest Online Image Quality | Avid Xpress channel audio scrub. Up to eight channels you can achieve significant productivity supports ITU R-601 broadcast industry of audio can be input and output in either, increases and cost savings. The new standards for the truest online image analog or digital formats. Avid Xpress is Avid Xpress version 3.1 offers a range of quality. For the first time in its category, compatible with a wide range of audio powerful features including eight video uncompressed video is available as an option equipment including Digital Audio Tape tracks with unlimited layering,slip & slide for Avid Xpress Deluxe and Elite systems for (DAT) machines. For more complex sound editing,soft-edge drop shadows,16:9 the best possible video quality. All design,the tracks edited in Avid Xpress can widescreen support, real-time color correc- Avid Xpress systems using Avid’s state-of- be opened in Digidesign® Pro Tools® soft- tion,QuickTime 4.0 support,8 channel the-art Meridien™ video subsystem deliver ware, either on the same computer or on a audio support and more. broadcast quality 2:1 image compression, dedicated Pro Tools workstation. as well as a range of other resolutions in The Avid Xpress system delivers these either 4:3 or 16:9 widescreen. No other dig- Avid Xpress Fits into Your Multi-Platform substantial advantages: ital video system in its class combines Workflow | If you have a multi-platform • The world standard Avid Xpress user unmatched speed and productivity features environment, Avid Xpress fits right in,so interface with the highest image standards. you can maintain your existing equipment • Avid’s One-Step Technology investment. Avid Xpress is the only system Built-In Compositing for Streamlined in its class to support all of the following: • More real-time features Production | Built-in compositing • More built-in functionality means more creative flexibility, shorter •HIIP®: Multi-platform graphics I/O – • Industry-leading image and audio production cycles and considerably less popular graphics and animation files on quality frustration. Avid Xpress offers up to Windows,Macintosh and SGI • Third-party integration eight video tracks with real-time, non- •OMF®: Easy-to-move compositions • Easy fit in a multi-platform workflow destructive layering and unlimited nesting, • AVX™: Third-party video plug-ins eliminating the need for expensive and • AudioSuite™: Third-party audio These advantages, combined with Avid’s time-consuming third-party applications. plug-ins adherence to ITU R-601 broadcast-industr y You can create multi-layered effects within • AIFF, WAV, SDII:Macintosh and PC standards,have made the Avid Xpress Avid Xpress, then composite multiple layers format audio files system the leading solution for creative pro- into a single track in one easy step. fessionals working with digital media. •EDL:Import/export a wide range of for- Real-Time Processing for Increased mats Unprecedented Productivity with One-Step Productivity | With over 75 real-time • QuickTime® 4.0 and AVI:Macintosh and Technology | One-Step Technology audio and video features available in Avid Windows video file formats helps you save time and keep the creative Xpress, you spend less time waiting and • Software CODEC: Work with Avid process flowing,accomplishing the most more time creating. Customizable real-time media in third-party programs common editing and creative tasks in 3D effects,real-time picture-in-picture, the fewest possible steps,often with dozens of real-time transitions, real-time Third-Party Integration for Ease of Use | a single click of the mouse. With other color effects,real-time keying,and so much Avid Xpress is compatible with your systems, much of your creative time is spent more are available.Titles and graphics are favorite applications for animation,effects working manually and slowly, due to mul- displayed in an uncompressed format for and audio. It now includes drag-and-drop tiple steps and work-arounds. Avid’s One- the best quality representation in real-time. import/export,batch re-import of graphics, Step Technology cuts to the chase, taking And real-time titles and graphics can be native QuickTime import/export and Quick- you to new levels of speed and productivity played over other real-time effects. Time 4.0 with s tatic alpha channel.It when working with digital media. exchanges files seamlessly with QuickTime
  2. 2. and Video for Windows applications and Avid Xpress with the Elite Bundle | Avid Assurance | Avid Assurance with audio applications from Digidesign, Avid Xpress with the Elite Bundle is the Technical Support Plans helps insure your including Pro Tools software. With highest-performance, most feature-rich system’s peak performance by offering you: Avid Visual eXtension (AVX) plug-in Avid Xpress configuration, combining superb • Unlimited toll-free technical support support, Avid Xpress users have easy access video and audio quality with real-time from 8 am to 8 pm (your local time) to the most popular third-party plug-ins, 2D and 3D effects and an uncompressed including:DigiEffects, TransJammer®, video option. For media professionals • Software maintenance releases HollywoodFX,ICEfx, BorisFX,and who demand the utmost in quality and • Access to Tech-Notes bulletins Ultimatte.In addition, Avid Xpress also creativity coupled with unmatched real- • Avid quarterly newsletter provides tight integration with numerous time performance and customizable real- • Extended Hardware Warranty Option AudioSuite plug-ins for added audio time 3D effects, Avid Xpress with the Elite capabilities. bundle is the ideal choice. Avid Unity MediaNet Support | Avid Unity MediaNet provides a state-of- Avid Xpress Configurations for Avid Xpress Options the-art shared storage solution for Avid Macintosh + Windows NT Avid Xpress FilmScribe™ | Avid Xpress Xpress. Avid Unity MediaNet allows with FilmScribe software gives film collaboration on projects and reduces Avid Xpress is available in several configur- producers the ability to use Avid Xpress for overall storage requirements. ations.Each delivers unprecedented func- low-cost film editing. tionality and offers creative professionals Avid rS and iS Series Storage | Avid’s the speed,quality and creative options latest and most advanced generation of SDI Video Option | The SDI video option unattainable from other comparably priced powerful LVD (Low Voltage Differential) brings SMPTE-259 serial digital I/O to systems. drives. The Avid rS and iS Series offers Avid Xpress, allowing users to have analog Avid Xpress with the Plus Bundle | and digital I/O on the same system. superior performance and storage capabili- Avid Xpress with the Plus Bundle is the ties—up to 144 GB in a single Avid Medi- most feature-rich professional digital video Single-Stream Uncompressed Video Option aDock™. Backed by Avid’s 5 year system available in its price category, (Deluxe and Elite Bundle only) | warranty, 7x24 customer support and with high-performance professional A single stream of uncompressed video advanced replacement program,rS and iS functionality for unparalleled speed and allows the best possible image quality for Series drives represent a great investment power. It features broadcast-quality 2:1 high-end projects. for Avid customers. image compression, four video tracks with Eight-Channel Audio Option | From Avid, the Digital Media Expert | compositing,numerous real-time effects, Ability to digitize and output up to eight Avid Xpress is based on Avid’s award- real-time titling,eight track real-time channels of audio simultaneously. This is winning ninth-generation software for the audio mixing, keyframeable color effects useful for input from multichannel pro film and television industry. With Avid as and more for a high-quality, professional decks,eight-channel mixing on external your solution provider, you have the peace digital video system. Version 3.1 also offers audio consoles and output to multi-channel of mind knowing that you are buying from new features like soft-edge drop shadows, pro audio equipment. the industry leader—a corporation with the Avid Unity™ MediaNet support and an vision and leadership to position you for eight-channel audio I/O option. Softimage® Marquee™ Titling Option long-term success. Avid Xpress with the Deluxe Bundle | (Windows NT only) | This animated titling Avid Xpress with the Deluxe Bundle is system gives you more titling power in addi- designed for media professionals who tion to the built-in title tool. It lets you demand real-time power coupled with the create stunning 2D and 3D animated titles industry’s highest image quality. It includes with motion, rotation,texture and advanced eight video tracks with unlimited layering, lighting. This AVX plug-in contains all the two streams of real-time color correction, features found in Softimage Marquee uncompressed graphics and titling,real- version 2.0 software, but without the benefit time transitions and real-time color effects. of hardware acceleration for graphic ren- Version 3.1 also includes new features like dering (Windows NT platform only). slip & slide editing and audio punch-in. And for discriminating professionals VTR Play Emulation | For automated looking for an uncompressed finishing tool DVD mastering, Avid Xpress playback can Avid Xpress with Deluxe Bundle offers an be controlled by timecode from DVD uncompressed video option. encoders and other devices.
  3. 3. Avid Xpress Avid Xpress with the Plus Bundle Digital Effects ∑• Two streams of real-time keyframeable (Macintosh + Windows NT) ∑• Over 50 transitions color effects Include the features listed below (except ∑• Real-time dissolves and horizontal,ver- ∑• Real-time motion effects where noted). tical and box wipes ∑• Real-time mask ∑• Matte key ∑• Audio punch-in Video • Motion effects • Slip & slide editing ∑• ITU R-601 broadcast industry standard ∑• Fast-rendered superimpositions • VTR play emulation image output (720 x 486 NTSC; ∑• Diagonal,matrix,sawtooth and • Expert render 720 x 576 PAL) shape wipes ∑• 2:1 image compression—300 KB ∑• Static alpha channel matte key;chroma NTSC/360 KB PAL Avid Xpress with the Elite Bundle and luma key (Macintosh + Windows NT) • Four video tracks ∑• Flips, flops and resizes Includes all the functionality found in ∑• Offline (draft mode) and online image ∑• Peels, pushes and spins Avid Xpress with the Deluxe Bundle, quality available as well as: ∑• Conceals, L-conceals and squeezes ∑• Sony RS-422 serial and VLAN ∑• Real-time, customizable 2D and 3D DVEs deck control ∑• Picture-in-picture ∑• Unlimited keyframes per effect ∑• Real-time picture-in-picture (2D or 3D) ∑• Batch digitizing ∑• Real-time compressed keyframed motion ∑• Waveform monitor and vectorscope ∑• Nesting (compositing multiple video tracks to a single track) graphics and titles ∑• SMPTE timecode support ∑• Real-time flips, flops and resizes ∑• Two streams of fast-rend ered keyframe- ∑• Integrated EDL import/export able color effects ∑• Real-time chroma and luma key ∑• 16:9 editing for widescreen and DTV ∑• Fast-rendered mask ∑• Real-time conceals, L-conceals, ∑• AVX (Avid Visual eXtension) plug-in and squeezes Audio support ∑• Real-time page curls ∑• Eight-track,real-time audio mixing ∑• Real-time 3D titles ∑• 48,44.1 kHz sampling rate Graphics + Titling ∑• Real-time x, y, z position and rotation ∑• Real-time, 3-band EQ ∑• Real-time uncompressed static graphics ∑• Real-time rubberband gain adjustments and titles System Components in timeline • Integrated,real-time anti-aliased titling ∑• Real-time audio input/output level adjust- Avid Xpress for Macintosh + Windows NT tool ments Includes: ∑• Keyframed graphics and titles ∑• Control volume and pan between channels ∑• Rolling titles ∑• Avid editing software, user manuals and by clip or track hardware key ∑• Hardware-independent software codec ∑• Display audio waveforms and scan audio (QuickTime for Macintosh; AVI for ∑• Avid Meridien video, audio, effects, ∑• Two or eight channels audio I/O Windows NT) display and drive controller hardware and ∑• Eight-channel scrubbing with pitch ∑• Mask Meridien I/O Box for user connections change ∑• Support for TrueType and PostScript fonts ∑• Analog (component,S-video, composite) ∑• Waveform display in timeline ∑• Soft-edge drop shadows and,optionally, digital (SMPTE-259) ∑• Single-track audio crossfades • Softimage Marquee v2.0 AVX Plug-in video I/O ∑• Downsample audio to 22 kHz and 11 kHz option (Windows NT only) ∑• Analog,S/PDIF digital and AES/EBU for export to CD ROM digital audio I/O ∑• Digidesign AudioSuite plug-in support Import/Export ∑• JL Cooper FadeMaster audio mixer sup- ∑• Import/export over 25 graphic Requirements port with flying faders formats from Macintosh,PC and Avid Xpress for Macintosh SGI applications ∑• Power Macintosh G3 and G4 Editing ∑• Drag-and-drop import/export ∑• Avid PCI Extender ∑• Ninth-generation Avid editing interface ∑• Import/export FLC animation files ∑• 20 or 21-inch high-resolution monitor ∑• One-Step Technology ∑• Import/export anti-aliased PICTs, ∑• Broadcast video monitor (recommended) ∑• Tight timeline editing PICT sequences,QuickTime and OMFI ∑• Avid drives (recommended) ∑• Single-track transitions files ∑• Two self-powered speakers ∑• Snap to transitions ∑• Import PICS files and 32-bit QuickTime ∑• Splice, overwrite, extract, lift and with alpha channel Contact Avid or your local Avid reseller for split edits ∑• Import/export AIFF, SDII (Macintosh the most up-to-date list of certified Power ∑• Sync-lock/sync-break detection only),and WAV (Windows NT only) audio Macintosh systems. ∑• Dynamic storyboard files Avid Xpress for Windows NT ∑• Precise timecode editing ∑• Batch re-import of graphics ∑• IBM Intellistation M Pro ∑• 32 levels of undo/redo • QuickTime 4.0 support ∑• Windows NT 4.0,Service Pack 5 ∑• Pop-up source monitors,matchframe, sift, ∑• 20 or 21-inch high-resolution monitor consolidate, collapse Avid Xpress with the Deluxe Bundle (Macintosh + Windows NT) ∑• Broadcast video monitor (recommended) ∑• Unlimited clip sizes ∑• Avid drives (recommended) ∑• Built-in logging Includes all the features found in Avid Xpress with the Plus Bundle, as well as: ∑• Two self-powered speakers ∑• Remote/offline logging with MediaLog™ ∑• Eight video tracks Contact Avid or your local Avid reseller for software • Uncompressed video option the most up-to-date list of Avid-certified ∑• Real-time superimpositions Windows NT platforms. ∑• Real-time static alpha channel matte key
  4. 4. Macintosh Windows NT Avid Xpress with Avid Xpress with Avid Xpress with Avid Xpress with Avid Xpress with Avid Xpress with IMAGE QUALITY Plus Bundle Deluxe Bundle Elite Bundle Plus Bundle Deluxe Bundle Elite Bundle Avid Hardware Meridien Meridien Meridien Meridien Meridien Meridien ITU-R.601 (720x486 ITU-R.601 (720x486 ITU-R.601 (720x486 ITU-R.601 (720x486 ITU-R.601 (720x486 ITU-R.601 (720x486 Video resolution NTSC/720x576 PAL) NTSC/720x576 PAL) NTSC/720x576 PAL) NTSC/720x576 PAL) NTSC/720x576 PAL) NTSC/720x576 PAL) Analog component/ Analog component/ Analog component/ Analog component/ Analog component/ Analog component/ Video I/O formats S-video/composite S-video/composite S-video/composite S-video/composite S-video/composite S-video/composite (SMPTE-259 optional) (SMPTE-259 optional) (SMPTE-259 optional) (SMPTE-259 optional) (SMPTE-259 optional) (SMPTE-259 optional) Standard online resolution 2:1,3:1,10:1,20:1 2:1,3:1,10:1,20:1 2:1,3:1,10:1,20:1 2:1,3:1,10:1,20:1 2:1,3:1,10:1,20:1 2:1,3:1,10:1,20:1 Optional online resolution N/A 1:1 1:1 N/A 1:1 1:1 Standard single-field resolution 2:1,4:1,15:1 2:1,4:1,15:1 2:1,4:1,15:1 2:1,4:1,15:1 2:1,4:1,15:1 2:1,4:1,15:1 EDITINGFEATURES Video tracks 4 plus nesting 8 plus nesting 8 plus nesting 4 plus nesting 8 plus nesting 8 plus nesting Slip & slide editing N/A • • N/A • • Single-track transitions • • • • • • 32 levels of undo/redo • • • • • • Matchframe • • • • • • Sift/sort media • • • • • • Consolidate media • • • • • • Collapse tracks • • • • • • Batch re-import of graphics • • • • • • MediaLog software • • • • • • Expert render • • • • DIGITALVIDEO EFFECTS Dissolves Real-time Real-time Real-time Real-time Real-time Real-time Horizontal,vertical,+ box wipes Real-time Real-time Real-time Real-time Real-time Real-time Diagonal,matrix,sawtooth + shape wipes • • • • • • Pushes + spins • • • • • • Peels • • Real-time • • Real-time Conceals, L-conceals + squeezes • • Real-time • • Real-time Motion effects Real-time Real-time Real-time Real-time Real-time Real-time 2 stream color effects, keyframeable • Real-time Real-time • Real-time Real-time Picture-in-picture • • Real-time • • Real-time Chroma + luma key • • Real-time • • Real-time Flips, flops • • Real-time • • Real-time Image resizing • • Real-time • • Real-time Superimpose Fast render Real-time Real-time Fast render Real-time Real-time Mask Fast render Real-time Real-time Fast render Real-time Real-time Customizable 3D effects N/A N/A Real-time N/A N/A Real-time Hardware-independent software CODEC QuickTime QuickTime QuickTime Video for Windows Video for Windows Video for Windows Keyframes for effects Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited TITLING + GRAPHICS Uncompressed graphics + titles Real-time,static Real-time,static Real-time,static Real-time,static Real-time,static Real-time,static Real-time Real-time Keyframed motion graphics + titles • • • • compressed compressed Rolling titles Fast render Fast render Fast render Fast render Fast render Fast render 3D titles N/A N/A Real-time N/A N/A Real-time Soft-edge drop shadow Real-time Real-time Real-time Real-time Real-time Real-time AUDIO Audio sampling rates (kHz) 44.1,48 44.1,48 44.1,48 44.1,48 44.1,48 44.1,48 Analog,S/PDIF Analog,S/PDIF Analog,S/PDIF Analog,S/PDIF Analog,S/PDIF Analog,S/PDIF Audio I/O formats and AES/EBU and AES/EBU and AES/EBU and AES/EBU and AES/EBU and AES/EBU Audio channels for real-time 2/8/2 or 2/8/2 or 2/8/2 or 2/8/2 or 2/8/2 or 2/8/2 or input/monitoring/output 8/8/8 (optional) 8/8/8 (optional) 8/8/8 (optional) 8/8/8 (optional) 8/8/8 (optional) 8/8/8 (optional) Audio tracks for editing/mixing 8 8 8 8 8 8 Real-time rubberband gain adjustments • • • • • • Real-time level adjustments • • • • • • Real-time, 3-band EQ • • • • • • Audio punch-in N/A • • N/A • • Digidesign AudioSuite plug-in support • • • • • • JL Cooper Fademaster Support • • • • • • with flying faders INTEROPERABILITY AVX video plug-in support • • • • • • Audio import/export AIFF, SDII AIFF, SDII AIFF, SDII AIFF, WAV AIFF, WAV AIFF, WAV OMF, QuickTime OMF, QuickTime OMF,QuickTime Video plug-in support OMF, 32-bit QuickTime OMF, 32-bit QuickTime OMF, 32-bit QuickTime AVI AVI AVI Over 25 multi-platform Over 25 multi-platform Over 25 multi-platform Over 25 multi-platform Over 25 multi-platform Over 25 multi-platform Graphics import/export formats,drag-and-drop formats,drag-and-drop formats,drag-and-drop formats formats formats EDL import/export • • • • • • VTR emulation • • • • Marquee plug-in support • • • ©1999 Avid Technology, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Product specifications and availibility are subject to change without notice. Avid ,D igide s ig n ,H I I P OMF, Pro Tools, S o ft image and TransJammer are registered trademarks and AudioSuite, Avid Unity, Avid Xpress, , AVX, FilmScribe, Marquee, MediaDock, MediaLog and Meridien are trademarks of Avid Technology, Inc. or its subsidiaries or divi s io n s .M a cintosh and QuickTime are regi st ered trademarks and the QuickTime logo is a trademark of Apple Computer, Inc. Windows NT is a regi st ered trademark of Microsoft Corporation. All other trademarks co n ta ined herein are the property of their respective owners. ASPXP1299 Co r p o r a te H e a d q u a r t e r s Eu r o pe a n H e a d q u a r t e r s A s i a n H ea d q u a r t e r s Avid Technology, Inc. Avid Technology Europe, Ltd. Avid Technology (S.E.Asia) Pte.Ltd. Avid Technology Park Westside Complex 315 Alexandra Road One Park West Pinewood Studios #03-01 Performance Center Tewksbury, MA 01876 Pinewood Road Singapore 159944 tel 800 949 AVID Iver, Buckinghamshire SLO ONH Republic of Singapore 978 640 6789 United Kingdom tel 65 476 7666 fax 978 640 1366 tel 44 175 365 5999 fax 65 475 7666 web www.avid.com fax 44 175 365 4999