As part of our continued commitment to the Kid Savers Network ...


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As part of our continued commitment to the Kid Savers Network ...

  1. 1. Kid Savers Network Implementation Plan As part of our continued commitment to the Kid Savers Network, TIGS, Inc. would like to offer a Suggested Implementation Plan to our prospective sponsors. Our research efforts have resulted in a recommended action plan based upon efficiency, cost effectiveness, and overall usability for both the children and the faculty. Our plan also considers various constraints (such as state legal requirements, economic and social classes, and other environmental factors) that influence schools nationwide. The following question and answer section should assist you during the implementation of Kid Savers. How do we implement our logo into Kid Savers? As part of the $199.00 fee, Technology Integration will give sponsors the ability to apply their company logo to the receipt section of the program as well as any promotional advertising they are offering.. Additionally, if the sponsor has a web site with an area for children to visit, they will be able to establish a link to the site so children will be able to view the child’s page. Who will load Kid Savers? Kid Savers offers a simple set up process and can be installed by either the sponsor or a school faculty member. This software program is easily and quickly loaded on any PC with Windows 95, 98, NT or 2000 and minimal hardware requirements. To facilitate the ease of accessing this software once loaded, we recommend putting it on the computer’s desktop as an icon. How should we train the school staff where Kid Savers is being implemented? Of course, since Kid Savers is designed for usage by children, training adult staff on how to use this software is not a complex issue. We suggest that our sponsors elect someone in the school to act as a system administrator and, in turn, teach the faculty how to use the software. It might even be easier and more cost efficient to set up a demonstration in the gymnasium and show Kid Savers on a projector. How many copies of Kid Savers do we need per school? Depending on the size of the school, one copy of Kid Savers should suffice. We recommend that the school select a designated area (probably the library) where Kid Savers will be housed on a PC terminal. This area can easily be decorated and labeled the “Savings Center”. The whole school should have access to this terminal. There is no need for the sponsor to supply a separate copy of Kid Savers to each classroom. How will children have access to Kid Savers? We recommend that each classroom be assigned a designated time of the day during “Savings Day” when they are brought to the “Savings Center” so they can enter their deposits. Positioned at the Savings terminal will be a sponsor representative, school faculty member, or volunteer that will assist the children. How will the children interact with the Savings Terminal?
  2. 2. Kid Savers Network Implementation Plan In order to ensure the success of a savings education program we believe that we need to provide the children with a fun and interactive continual process. This will include allowing the children to perform a variety of tasks that will further enhance learning capabilities. A few examples include, but are not limited to: • Collecting the Savings Envelopes • Giving out the Envelopes • Distributing the prior day Reminder Cards • Updating the Goal Journal • Printing out the Deposit Reports • Hand out Reward Stickers • Hand out Promos from the sponsors (Such as a lollipop, key chain, piggy bank) • Draw pictures for sponsor- **Pictures will be posted on (This is a great marketing campaign for your branch or office.) • Accepting Deposits • Playing Money Town We encourage you to be as creative as possible for the more you involve the children the more the children will value and retain the importance of savings. The tasks should be rotated on a weekly basis. This will allow all children to have a chance to enter the deposits. Does Kid Savers offer Promotional material? The Kid Savers Network can supply you with a variety of promotional materials such as a banner for your office (which states that you participate in the Kid Savers Network), pencils, key chains, stickers, reminder cards, deposit envelopes, and more. You are not required to purchase the Kid Savers Network materials. You can personalize your program by designing your own marketing campaign. What if the school doesn’t have a computer? This is where the sponsor will need to determine methods and resources to access a computer for the school. Low end PC’s can be purchased very inexpensively (less than $700.00) that offer the functionality needed to operate Kid Savers. Technology Integration will aid in this process. Can Kid Savers be accessed by a Macintosh? Kid Savers is not compatible in a Macintosh environment. However, this is not a problem. For those schools that do not work on PC’s, they will be able to access and utilize Kid Savers via the World Wide Web at , (this assumes that the school has an Internet connection). What if the school has no Internet connection? In today’s market, there is a growing amount of organizations that offer free Internet access.
  3. 3. Kid Savers Network Implementation Plan How does help children and schools? Kid Savers currently has two web sites. is for sponsors to learn about the program. is where schools will be able to log on and access the Kid Savers software program if they choose to use it through the Internet. This site also provides the school and sponsor with an open forum of “Success Stories” and positive reinforcement for the education of savings. An online Newsletter will be published on a monthly basis and it will consist of information supplied by our network of sponsors and schools. This site serves as a major advantage to our sponsors. Here, we will offer free publicity for sponsors to promote their education programs. This web site, however, will not have paid advertising or links that sell products to our members. Only free products and services will be promoted. How do parents find out about this? Apart from sending home newsletters (along with the Kid Savers web address), it is suggested that the school and the sponsor (either at the school location or a sponsor location) hold a “Parent’s Night”. This is where the sponsor and a school official can inform the parents the exact uses and methodology behind Kid Savers, and more importantly, how to get involved with their children. They should learn about proper goal setting and sponsors will be able to interact with the parents. How do we set goals for the children? Parents, along with Teachers, should work towards setting goals with the children. Where does the money go at the end of Savings Day? At the end of the day, the administrator will transmit a deposit report via email or modem. An elected member will then take the money to the financial institution or schedule a pick up time. This deposit report ensures that the financial institution receives the accurate deposit amount. Who runs “Money Town”? Money Town is provided to the school to be used at their discretion. We suggest that the children are able to play Money Town during the Savings Day process. This will further enhance the learning experience. How will parents know who the sponsor is? We suggest the sponsor meet with the children and parents at least once a year and offer a field trip to their location for hands on experience. What security measures does Kid Savers offer? • Administrator Reporting – This report shows all log in and log out times and user information to verify who was using the system. • No Decimals – Kid Savers is designed for a child operator so we eliminated the use of decimals. If a child deposits $2.00 they would just put in 2 (enter) and the system will automatically read it as $2.00.
  4. 4. Kid Savers Network Implementation Plan • Verification – After every command Kid Savers verifies the information entered is correct. This allows the administrator to change the information prior to the data being entered. How should a financial institution implement Kid Savers? Basically, a financial institution can apply many of the same techniques used by schools if they choose to offer Kid Savers at any of their branches. We suggest creating a terminal where children can have easy access to Kid Savers for making deposits and for playing Money Town. We suggest making this area an interactive one especially for children. Perhaps you could call this are the “Kid Savers Club” and it could be decorated much in the same way that a school would decorate an area for Kid Savers.