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Active Shooter Power Point Presentation

  1. 1. Active Shooter and Response on Campus Otterbein College Security Department Updated: May 26, 2009 Copyright 2009 Otterbein College
  2. 2. Not a New Phenomenon • May 18, 1927 in Bath Township, MI • School board member Andrew Kehoe upset over property tax increase • Killed wife and burned his barn before driving to school • Three explosions leaving 45 dead and 58 wounded • Still the deadliest attack on a school in U.S. history
  3. 3. Not Unique to the U.S. • Canada, 1989 – 14 killed, 14 wounded • Scotland, 1996 – 16 (5 and 6 year old students) and one teacher killed, 15 wounded • Germany, 2002 – 17 killed, seven wounded • Beslan, Russia, 2004 – 334 killed, 778 wounded • Finland, 2007 – Nine killed, 12 wounded • Finland, 2008 – 10 killed, one wounded Suspect Matti Juhani Saari, Finland, 2008 • Israel, 2008 – Nine killed, 11 wounded • Germany, 2009 – 15 killed, six wounded • Greece, 2009 – One killed, three wounded
  4. 4. Wesleyan University • May 6, 2009 • Victim Johanna Justin-Jinich had filed harassment charges against suspect Stephen Morgan in 2007, but she declined to follow-up or press charges • Morgan wrote, “I think it okay to kill Jews and go on killing spree at this school” • Morgan shot and killed Justin-Jinich at a bookstore near campus
  5. 5. Hampton University • April 26, 2009 • Suspect, 18, was a former student and walked into residence hall behind a pizza delivery driver • Shot driver and a residence hall monitor before shooting himself • All three survived • Unknown motive
  6. 6. Henry Ford Community College • April 10, 2009 • Suspect, 28, was a student • Shot and killed a female student, 20, with a shotgun in the Fine Arts Center • Shot and killed himself • Unknown motive
  7. 7. Savannah State University • November 21, 2008 • Student Devon McIntosh shoots and wounds fellow student over previous dispute • McIntosh taken into custody after hiding in trunk of his vehicle for five hours • Many students did not know because they weren’t signed up for emergency alerts through the university
  8. 8. University of Central Arkansas • October 26, 2008 • Two students killed, one non-student wounded • Shooting occurred in an alley between the dormitory and the Snow Fine Arts Center • Four non-students arrested • Unprovoked and victims were not intended targets
  9. 9. South Mountain Community College • July 24, 2008 • Suspect Rodney Smith (former student) • Shots fired in a computer lab • Three wounded • Only one victim was targeted • Police believe it was gang related
  10. 10. Northern Illinois University
  11. 11. Northern Illinois University • February 14, 2008 • Suspect Steven Kazmierczak (former student) • Oceanography class at Cole Lecture Hall (150 to 200 students) • Shotgun and three handguns • Fifty four rounds fired (six from the shotgun) in a little under two minutes • Five killed, 18 wounded
  12. 12. NIU Student Witness Desiree Smith • “Smith said the gunman was wearing a black beanie or ski cap. She said he aimed initially for one person: the classroom instructor.”
  13. 13. NIU Student Witness Jerry Santoni • “I saw him shoot one round at the teacher. After that, I proceeded to get down as fast as I could.” • Teacher wounded
  14. 14. Witnesses to NIU Shootings Meghan Murphy John Giovanni • “He stood there for a • “He didn‟t say a second and then just word. It didn‟t look started shooting. His like he was aiming face was blank, like directly at someone. I he wasn‟t a person. think he was trying to He was a hit as many people as statue, aiming.” he could.”
  15. 15. NIU Student Witness Lauren Carr “I could get up and run, or I could die here. A student in the front row was bleeding, but he just kept running. I heard this girl scream, „Run, he‟s reloading the gun!‟”
  16. 16. NIU Faculty Michael Gentile • Was meeting with two • Remained barricaded students directly beneath until police arrived the lecture hall when about 90 minutes later shooting happened • Used surveillance • Heard gunshots and camera just outside his locked his office door office door to confirm that the people knocking on the door were the police
  17. 17. NIU Student Ashley Dallman • Was in an acting class in another building when Cole Hall students came running in and informed them of the shooting • “We all started crying. We didn‟t know what to do.” • Professor locked the doors and they listened to news reports on the radio for about an hour before school official told them to leave
  18. 18. NIU Witness Student Alan Edrinn • “It was very chaotic. People were definitely in a panic. I saw bodies on the sidewalk. It looked like two people were attending to them.”
  19. 19. NIU Shooter Steven Kazmierczak • 27 year old former NIU sociology graduate student • Transferred to University of Illinois • Well thought of by faculty with no documented history of trouble • Psychiatric treatment after HS • Off medication and acting erratically for several weeks • Died of self-inflicted gunshot
  20. 20. Kazmierczak • Involved in Student Government • Honors Student • Dean’s Award in Sociology in 2006 • Proponent for social justice
  21. 21. Louisiana Technical College • February 8, 2008 • Female student kills two women in classroom • Commits suicide in the classroom
  22. 22. Close to Home: Portsmouth, Ohio
  23. 23. Close to Home: Upper Arlington H.S. • May 13, 2008 • Teen's threat closes Upper Arlington High • Student taken into custody A student at the high school was taken into custody by police yesterday afternoon. He • Wrote on internet planning a is cooperating with authorities, police said. The student, who has not been charged, has Columbine-style attack been released to his parents, city spokeswoman Emma Speight said. She said police have "no concern he has access to weapons at this time.“ Columbus Dispatch 5/14/08
  24. 24. Louisiana State University • December 13, 2007 • Home invasion on campus • Two Ph.D. students killed • Three arrests
  25. 25. Delaware State University • September 21, 2007 at 1 a.m. • Suspect Freshman Loyer Braden • Shot two students in the campus café • One killed • Motive: Fought one victim the night before
  26. 26. Virginia Tech - April 16, 2007 • Cho murders 32 with two handguns • 7:15 a.m. West Ambler Johnston Hall – Hilscher and Clark killed • Returns to his apartment and reloads • Leaves to mail pictures and video manifesto to NBC • 9:45 a.m. Norris Hall murders • Executions in five classrooms • Kills 30, then himself
  27. 27. Review Panel Recommendations Made to VA Governor Timothy M. Kaine • Critical information • Find help for people with sharing obstacles mental illness • Problem of keeping firearms out of the wrong • Where we know what to hands do, we have to be better at doing it • Improved awareness and communication are key to prevention
  28. 28. University of Washington • April 2, 2007 • Murder/Suicide • Victim Rebecca Griego (Staff) • Suspect Jonathon Rowan • Protection order late
  29. 29. School Shootings February, 1996 – February, 2008
  30. 30. Recent Church Incidents • March 8, 2009 in Illinois • Suspect Terry Sedlacek, 27 • Fatally shot pastor before stabbing himself • Two parishioners were stabbed trying to restrain suspect • Suspect developed a mental illness after contracting Lyme disease
  31. 31. Recent Church Incidents (cont.) • July 27, 2008 in Tennessee • Jim Adkisson targeted church because of its liberal teachings • Two killed, seven others injured in Unitarian church during a children’s play • Stopped by parishioners who tackled and held him down until police arrived
  32. 32. Recent Church Incidents (cont.) • December 9, 2007 at 12:30 a.m. • Matt Murray, 24, wanted to be to be a missionary worker before being turned down for health reasons. • Killed two at Youth With a Mission, a missionary training facility in Arvada, Colorado • Two wounded
  33. 33. Recent Church Incidents (cont.) • Drove 80 miles to Colorado Springs’ New Life Church • Enters church during services at 1:10 p.m., throwing smoke bombs • Kills two, wounds three others • Killed by armed security officer inside church
  34. 34. Recent Church Incidents (cont.) • March 12, 2005 in Wisconsin • Parishioner Terry Ratzmann opens fire during service • Upset about earlier sermon stating people are responsible for their own problems • Twenty two rounds fired in less than one minute • Seven killed, four wounded before committing suicide
  35. 35. Shopping Mall Incident • December 5, 2007 in Omaha, Nebraska • Suspect Robert Hawkins, 19, kills eight and wounds five others • Used AK-47 assault rifle • Had minor criminal record and history of psychological treatment
  36. 36. Nursing Home Incident • March 29, 2009 in North Carolina • Suspect Robert Stewart, 45, kills seven elderly patients and one nurse. • Estranged wife worked at nursing home • Shooting stopped after Stewart was wounded by the police
  37. 37. American Civic Association Incident • April 3, 2009 in Binghamton, New York • Vietnamese immigrant Jiverly Woong kills 13 before committing suicide • Many people survived by locking themselves in a boiler room • Wrote a letter blaming the incident on police harassment to local news channel on March 18, and mailed it just before the shootings
  38. 38. Otterbein/Local Incidents 2005-09 • Handgun/Assault/Robbery • Handgun Robbery June 10, 2005 May 17, 2007 Campus Center East Parking Lot BMI Credit Union • Handgun Shooting June 25, 2005 • Handgun Robbery and Assault 25 West Home Street September 27, 2007 St. Ann’s Hospital Parking Lot • Handgun Robbery December 23, 2006 Dunlap-King Drug Deal • Shotgun Removed from Vehicle January 8, 2009 • Handgun Robbery Campus Center East Parking Lot December 24, 2006 State Street Car Wash • Aggravated Robbery • Knife-Point Robbery February 7, 2009 January 9, 2007 Campus Center Main Street at West Street
  39. 39. Planned Local Massacre • July 25, 2007 • Two teens charged with Delinquency counts of Conspiracy to Commit Arson • Planned ambush  St. Paul’s Church  Two restaurants  Police headquarters
  40. 40. Planned Local Massacre (cont.) “They went as far as climbing up the roof of the church and planning where they were going to put the pipe bombs, and figuring out how they were actually going to do this.” WPD Lt. Tracy Myers
  41. 41. Planned Local Massacre (cont.) • Plant pipe bombs at the church in the same manner as at Klebold and Harris at Columbine • Planned to chain the church doors from the inside in the same manner as Cho at Virginia Tech • Shoot people inside • Discussed attacking the WPD to kill police officers
  42. 42. Summary of Incidents “The reality of the situation is – it‟s a sad reality, but it‟s reality – there are no sanctuaries anymore. We‟ve seen this happen in schools, in malls, playgrounds, parks, churches. No place is safe anymore.” Karl Kick, Washington Post Otterbein must be prepared for this type of crisis!
  43. 43. National Threat Assessment Center 2002 Secret Service Safe School Initiative Final Report Findings: There is no accurate or useful “profile” of students who engage in targeted school violence
  44. 44. Potential Violent Behavior Indicators (From VT Panel) • Violent fantasy content • Strangeness and aberrant behavior • Anger problems • Paranoia • Fascination with weapons • Violence and cruelty • Boasting and practicing combat • Inappropriate affect proficiency • Acting out • Loner • Police contact • Suicide ideation • Mental health history related to • Homicidal ideation dangerousness • Stalking • Expressionless face/anaerobia • Non-compliance and disciplinary • Unusual interest in problems police/military/terrorism activities • Imitation of other murders and materials • Interest in previous shooting • Use of alcohol/drugs situations • Victim/martyr self-concept
  45. 45. Active Shooter Myths (From Secret Service Study) 1. “He didn’t fit the profile.” 2. “He just snapped.” 3. “No one knew.” 4. “He hadn’t threatened anyone.” 5. “He was a loner.” 6. “He was crazy.” 7. “If only we’d had a SWAT team or metal detectors.” 8. “He’d never touched a gun.” 9. “We did all we could to help him.” 10. “School violence is rampant.”
  46. 46. Mental Health Issues • 45% of college students felt so depressed at times it was difficult to function • 9% had seriously considered suicide • 1.5% admitted to having attempted suicide
  47. 47. OC Threat Assessment Team • Vice President for Student Affairs • College Psychologists • Associate Academic Dean • Director of Student Conduct and Wellness • Director of Residence Life • Director of Security • Coordinator of Disability Services
  48. 48. Is Otterbein Prepared? • Governor’s Task Force  Prevention  Response  Communication  Resources • Ohio Board of Regents • Director of Security was on the Task Force
  49. 49. Police Partnerships • Westerville Division of Police • Delaware County Tactical Team
  50. 50. Law Enforcement’s Response
  51. 51. Eliminate the Threat Immediately • Special Training What to expect? • One officer response • Will walk by injured • Multiple officers response • Do not approach • Do not impede their movement • Have hands in view • Answer questions
  52. 52. Security Upgrades • Red Alert Program • Emergency Notification System • Internet-based cameras • Three phases • All common areas • Emergency Response Manual, Flipcharts, and joint training exercises with local first responders
  53. 53. Campus Shooter Education • Phase One: Lecture • Phase Two: Practical • Phase Three: Self-Defense
  54. 54. OC Security Transition to Police • Approved by Board of Trustees on February 7, 2009 • All employees commissioned on February 11, 2009 • Currently developing policies, procedures, and partnerships with local departments • Tentative date to complete transition is July 1, 2010 • The Department will provide the same services as before
  55. 55. Response Time Concern: Cho In 5 classrooms • 170 rounds fired in nine minutes • 30 killed or 3.3 people killed per minute • Including the 25 wounded, 6.1 people were shot per minute • Approximately one person shot every 10 seconds
  56. 56. Southeast LE Training Academy “Time is our worst adversary in dealing with active killers. We‟re racing what I call „the Stopwatch of Death.‟ Victims are often added to the toll every several seconds.” Ron Borch
  57. 57. Traditional Lockdown • Has merit, but not a stand • The entire strategy depends on alone defense the shooter’s inability to get through the door • Strategy is to secure everyone in a room, turn off • It hopes that the police will lights, cover windows, retreat rescue everyone before the to a corner of the room and shooter gets to the students and wait for the police to rescue teachers
  58. 58. Traditional Lockdown Concerns • Limits our natural • Trains everyone to instinct to get away from “Freeze” – the worst danger by running response to directed violence • Assumes the entire • Ask a police officer what campus is in the same advice they give their amount of danger kids if they are being attacked with deadly force
  59. 59. Food For Thought • School teachers, administrators, and students have no idea what to do should they or their students experience direct attacks from a madman or terrorist. They have no training or plan. • “Where would it ever be appropriate for a lack of information to exist in life or death situations? No where it seems except it for schools, where the most precious of the country‟s assets reside on a daily basis.” Response Options
  60. 60. Bottom Line Traditional lockdown is one option, but it does not work when someone is actively killing teachers and students inside a building or classrooms
  61. 61. WHEN IT HAPPENS… Trust your safety instincts: Run Hide Attack
  62. 62. WHEN IT HAPPENS… If you hear gunshots in the area: Run – Don’t wait for validation Don’t take anything Zigzag, if necessary Communicate while running
  63. 63. WHEN IT HAPPENS… Hide Option: Survival Mindset:  Hide / Shelter in place  Forget victim mindset  Call 911  Become the  Lock and barricade predator  Evaluate windows or  Gather weapons other escape routes  Position for attack
  64. 64. WHY BARRICADE THE DOOR? BUY TIME Derek O’Dell VT Survivor
  65. 65. WHEN IT HAPPENS… Window Escape Option:  Open or break window  Evaluate the risk  Will the fall kill or injure you?  Surface / concrete / grass mulch / shrubs  Hang from the ledge to limit fall  Use items to limit the fall; i.e., belts or clothing
  66. 66. WHEN IT HAPPENS… Attack Option: Last Resort Shooter is in your room and there is no escape  YELL GUN  THROW ITEMS AT HEAD  CHARGE / SWARM  GRAB WEAPON  TAKE DOWN  HOLD FOR POLICE
  68. 68. WHEN IT HAPPENS… Shooter Restrained:  Maintain control of shooter until police arrive  Do not let him up  Call 911 and advise  Provide first aid to the injured  Do not pick up the weapon… Unless…
  69. 69. Work With Law Enforcement • Maintain communication • Appear non-threatening • Do not run at officers • Stay in the room • Maintain control of shooter • Sit or kneel • Hands up / empty
  70. 70. You Can Do This – You Must Do This Remember – The shooter wants to kill as many as possible and will shoot everyone in the room unless you stop them • You have what it takes to survive • Act as a team – one unit with one purpose • Act without hesitation • Do whatever necessary to live
  71. 71. Additional Lockdown Options • Playing dead • Police response time critical • Run • Victim action and • Hide response time may be more critical • Attack
  72. 72. Leadership and Pre-Planning • Faculty responsibility • Have a plan • Student responsibility • Work your plan • Staff responsibility • Take charge
  73. 73. Training Commitment Trained Response Untrained Response • Survival Reaction • Panic Reaction • Survival Mindset • Denial / Disbelief • Shock / Helplessness • Recall Learned Info • Do nothing / sheep • Survival Behavior • Live / Win • “This can‟t be happening to me.” • “WE CAN DO THIS!”
  74. 74. Summary • Another crisis to prepare for – commit to a plan • Re-think our approach to campus shooters • Current emphasis is on prevention – future emphasis must address practical response options • Traditional lockdown strategies may be useful at times, but do not address a plan if the shooter enters the room Little to no emphasis exists on training our teachers, children, co- workers…on how to defend against a face-to-face confrontation in which the shooter, or God forbid the terrorist, tries to kill us
  75. 75. Contact Information Otterbein College Security Department 194 West Main Street Westerville, OH 43081 (614) 823-1222