Digipak deconstruction


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Digipak deconstruction

  1. 1. Digipak Deconstruction
  2. 2. Adele – 21 (Front Cover)
  3. 3.  I really like this cover as it is rather simplistic but very effective. Adele is a singer/songwriter so you would expect her album to have her on the front cover as it was written, produced and edited by Adele, it also helps her identify Adeles brand image so the public will identify her more easily. Her style of music is sort of blues/jazz/pop so the black and white moody picture of her is in keeping with that. The simplicity also compliments her music as she is famous for being very stripped back with her songs. The writing used is very stark lettering and the green colour used for the name of the album makes it stand out, which works particularly well as it is quite a short name. This album is primarily a slow paced album with the majority of the songs being about love. Adele is seen in the album artwork as sad, depressed and heartbroken which would explain the colours as being very dull, boring and sad which goes well with the songs. She is seen looking down on the floor, thinking about something or just upset this portrays the album to be about breaking up with someone, or having a bad time in your life. The colouring on the 21 illustrates that the album isnt all about sadness, with the colours offering a bit of hope in your life and suggests Adele is moving on with her life. Having Adele on her own in the artwork suggests that this album is about her life, and what she has gone through as having Adele my herself gives the album a more personal look.Adele – 21 (Front Cover)
  4. 4. Adele – 21 (Back Cover)
  5. 5.  The back cover is the same as the front with the colours and the simplicity so it follows well. The photo used is again of Adele, which is again establishing her brand image but it is not quite as dramatic as the front, but her eye contact makes it feel more personal. The structuring of the album tracks is very basic, with white on black writing and a very structured format. The letters on the track list are all in capitals which make it stand at as an individual which gives the impression every track has a story to tell.Adele – 21 (Back Cover)
  6. 6. Ed Sheeran - + (Front Cover)
  7. 7.  The album is a chalk drawing by artist Phillip Butah, it features Ed Sheerans face. This creates the brand image for Ed Sheeran, as having just his face on his album connotes that he wrote, produced and edited the album. Having just the artists face on the album gives the impression that Ed Sheerans image is an genuine artist, and the image could be see Ed Sheeran as being a stereotypical, photogenic male artist who will attract female audiences. Ed Sheerans eye is looking directly at the buyer which grabs the audience attention and makes it more personal, like Ed Sheeran is looking at you to buy the album. The whole artwork is orange, this could be a reference to Ed Sheerans ginger hair as he is well known by it, which is again increasing the artists brand image. The album title is at the bottom right corner of the cover. The simplistic title might reflect Ed Sheerans nature as an relaxed artist and his music reflects that.Ed Sheeran - + (Front Cover)
  8. 8. Ed Sheeran - + (Back Cover)
  9. 9.  The same as the front cover regarding the orange background, which is again creating the brand image for Ed Sheeran. Also, the font is the same as the front cover, the white colour font contrasts with the orange background and is eye catching and easily visible. In the bottom left is the only visible sign that the artist is Ed Sheeran, this is because the album focuses on creating the brand image so much that it doesnt need the artists name and the artists name is just for reassurance to the buyer that it is Ed Sheeran.Ed Sheeran - + (Back Cover)