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Finished proposal


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Finished proposal

  1. 1. THE PROPOSAL OF ‘SIX’ By Sam Daniels -working alone
  2. 2. GROUP MEMBERS Sam Daniels- I will be completing the disciplines of Camera work, editing,sound and effects. Also director and producer. Actors are as follows:-Vini Babinski, Daniel Morris, Samuel Rushmer, andeven a small cameo appearance by myself and Stewart Mitchelmore.
  3. 3. G E N R E A N D I D E A S U M M A RY My chosen genre is mystery thriller. The idea is about 6 students (whoall live in the same school) and did not return home from school. Theschool are very scared of these vanishing students, and informs the policestraight away, however even the police are stuck. Call in Detective Rebus,an expert in mysterious disappearances. He notices they all go to the sameschool, with the same teacher. They enter the school but find that theteacher hasn’t turned up to work since the disappearances. This is theirfirst lead in a film that will give you a journey full of twists and turns.
  4. 4. CONVENTIONS I will try to follow conventions as much as I can, while still trying to make it uniqueso it is not the same washed up idea everyone has seen. I must follow some conventionsor otherwise it would not be a mystery thriller. An example of a convention that I willfollow would be giving the audience subtle hints that could help make them work out thepuzzle along with the characters.
  5. 5. COSTUME Detective Rebus will have a long black trench coat. This is stereotypical fordetectives and will help show the mystery behind this character well. Detective Cooper, Rebus’ go-to-guy, will have smart attire along with a nicetrilby hat. This shows he is smart and ready for the job in-hand.
  6. 6. SETTINGS Church- get some nice shots of an eerie looking church that will definitelymake my film more mysterious. Office- Rebus’ room to divulge all the info and clues he has gathered towork out the next lead. Teachers house- This will be their first lead, in which they will confront theteacher.
  7. 7. EFFECTS One effect used would be the titles used. This will have to lookprofessional and proper for a mystery thriller. Another would be the sound. This is vital to sell the film as amystery thriller and really makes it grab the audiences attention.
  8. 8. HOW WILL IT WORK? The film will follow enough conventions of a mystery thriller to beable to intrigue my target audience. It will be able to be achievable asthe setting (a school) will be easily achieved as I am in a school .There is also not any ambiguous props needed so that will be easy todo also.
  9. 9. BUDGET As we are only making a trailer for a school media portfolio, we getto use the equipment needed to film for free. However, I will need topay for certain props myself, such as costume or fake blood. Iestimate a budget of £20 sterling.
  10. 10. STYLE As I can see this film being a mystery thriller a lot of people willenjoy, I wouldn’t go for a small, independent company such as Warp,no, I would go for the production company that has made brilliantmystery thrillers such as shutter island and se7en. This would beParamount. They would give me the opportunity to have a muchwider audience than that of Warp.
  11. 11. TARGET AUDIENCE The main target audience Im trying to capture are males aged 18-25. This is because these are the age group that talk and go out towatch films the most, and then after watching it, enjoy socialising withfriends and telling them how the film was. I believe that this film willgive these people many talking points.
  12. 12. PERMISSIONS NEEDED I already have the permissions needed for my soundtrack, as theman on YouTube has ever so kindly granted me permission. I willalso need permission on such things like the setting, (for exampleusing an office in the school) and also permission to use the cameraequipment.