10 October 28, 2012 John 18, 21 & Acts 4 From Failure To Action


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10 October 28, 2012 John 18, 21 & Acts 4 From Failure To Action

  2. 2. Cathy Jeffcoats
  3. 3. As Cathy Jeffcoatsmentioned in herCaringBridge page she isgaining her strengthback and taking severalshort walks each day.
  4. 4. *She enjoys hearingfrom you whether it is anote or card in the mail oron the CaringBridgepage.  *It is most uplifting to her.
  5. 5. Sunday, November 4 th 5:00-5:50 p.m. Fellowship Hall East
  6. 6. *Several classes andindividuals have signedup to compete for the titleof the best chef!  *There will be a trophy for1st, 2nd and 3rd placewinners!
  7. 7. Date Night for ParentsFriday, November 9th5:30 - 9:30 p.m.For Infants - 6th grade  Cost is $10.00 per child. Call Connie Foreman at(601) 949-1995
  8. 8. or email Connie at: cforeman@fbcj.org  DEADLINE toregister isSunday, November 4th!
  9. 9. There will be no OneGreat Lunch Break orMens Stories this Mondayor Tuesday due to theMississippi BaptistConvention being heldhere at the FBCJ.
  10. 10. Begin now praying forWorld Mission Week,November 7-11.  There will be an AdultSunday School Rally forYoung Married andMedian Adults on Nov 11
  11. 11. at both the 9:00 and 10:30Sunday School hours.*Breakfast foods will beprovided.  *You will hear testimoniesfrom three missionarycouples.
  12. 12. The lessons this monthdeal with the question:Is there life after failure?
  13. 13. On October 7th, in John 4we studied how Jesusmoved the Samaritanwoman at the well fromfailure to her salvation andthen how that resulted insalvation for others .
  14. 14. *On October 14th we sawAbraham gettingimpatient with God andfailing to wait on Him.
  15. 15. *Today we will study thattender passage of howJesus restored Peter afterhe had failed Christ somiserably by denyingHim three times.
  16. 16. *All of these people hadlife after their failuresbecause God worked intheir lives to move thembeyond those failures.
  17. 17. Focal Passages:Do You Deny Christ?(John 18:15-18, 25b-27)Do You Really LoveChrist? (John 21:15-19)Do You Stand Up forChrist? (Acts 4:13, 18-20)
  18. 18. Many of us have goodintentions to do the rightthing, but we falter whenthe time comes.
  19. 19. *Jesus forgives, restores,and desires to use us.*Like Peter, we can learnto rely on God’s powerand boldly serve Him.
  20. 20. We can be restored tousefulness in God’sservice regardless ofprevious failure.
  21. 21. *All of us can relate tostarting out with goodintentions to take a stepfor Christ, but then weretreat.*Failure makes us thinkwe’ve been shelved from
  22. 22. the Lord’s service.*Peter’s experience withfailure shows us what theLord has in mind for uswhen we let Him down.*He loves us and wants torestore us so we can serve.
  23. 23. Do You Deny Christ?John 18:15-18, 25b-2715 “Meanwhile, SimonPeter was followingJesus, as was anotherdisciple. That disciplewas an acquaintance of
  24. 24. the high priest; so hewent with Jesus into thehigh priest’s courtyard.16 But Peter remainedstanding outside by thedoor. So the otherdisciple, the one known
  25. 25. to the high priest, wentout and spoke to the girlwho was the doorkeeperand brought Peter in.17 Then the slave girlwho was the doorkeepersaid to Peter, “You aren’t
  26. 26. one of this man’sdisciples too, are you?”“I am not!” he said.18 Now the slaves andthe temple police hadmade a charcoal fire,because it was cold.
  27. 27. They were standing therewarming themselves, andPeter was standing withthem, warming himself.25b They said to him,“You aren’t one of Hisdisciples too, are you?”
  28. 28. He denied it and said, “Iam not!”26 One of the highpriest’s slaves, a relativeof the man whose earPeter had cut off, said,“Didn’t I see you with
  29. 29. Him in the garden?”27 Peter then denied itagain. Immediately arooster crowed.” John 18:15-18, 25b-27
  30. 30. *Peter is the mostfrequently mentioneddisciple in the Gospels.*He was born in Bethsaidawhich had many Gentilesand this may haveprepared him for his later
  31. 31. involvement in thechurch’s outreach to theGentiles.*Peter was a spokesmanfor and the leader of thedisciples.
  32. 32. *He is only one of twopeople who have walkedon water and that passagein Matthew 14 provides aportrait of the sincerestruggle of every believer:impetuous, attempting
  33. 33. great things, diving in butthen doubting, groping,sinking – faith inundated.*He represented the otherdisciples when heconfessed that Jesus was“the Christ, the Son of the
  34. 34. living God!”*As we heard from JimShaddix last week, thatwas the correct answerbut it was not yet acomplete faith.
  35. 35. Dr. Jim Shaddix
  36. 36. *At that point, it was across-less gospel and wastherefore, no Gospel at all.*When Jesus responded toPeter’s confession byspeaking with Hisdisciples for the first time
  37. 37. about the necessity of Hisdeath, Peter rebuked Him.*Peter wanted to see Jesusas a conquering,victorious Messiah inaccordance with theJewish messianic
  38. 38. expectation of his day.*Peter neither couldfathom nor stomach asuffering, dying Messiah.*He could not trust thewords of Jesus and forsuch, he received Jesus’
  39. 39. sternest rebuke, “Getbehind me, Satan! For youare not on the side of God,but of men” (Mark 8:33).*The same can be said forthe incident at thetransfiguration.
  40. 40. *Peter was the one tosuggest that three tents beprovided so they couldbask in the heavenlysplendor forever (Mark 9),thus attempting to bypassthe crucifixion again and
  41. 41. go straight to theresurrection glory.*In Mark 14, when theywere on their way toGethsemane, Jesuspredicted that all thedisciples would fall away
  42. 42. and that is when Petersaid, “Even though theyall fall away, I will not”.*It was then that Jesuspredicted Peter’s denial towhich Peter vehementlyprotested, “I will not deny
  43. 43. You”.*Peter did take a stand forChrist in the Gardenwhen he drew his swordand cut off the ear of thehigh priest’s servant (John18:10-11).
  44. 44. *What a stark contrast ispresented shortly thereafterwhen this valiant warriorwho shortly before wasready to singly take on anarmed host now shrinksbefore the
  45. 45. idle babbling of a servantgirl and denies his Master(Mark 14:69).
  46. 46. *Today’s passage,John 21:15-19, gives us thefullest description ofPeter’s rehabilitation.
  47. 47. *Here we are told howJesus drew from Peter athreefold affirmation ofhis love and directed himthree times to “feed Mysheep”.
  48. 48. *Not only does this serveto redeem Peter from histhreefold denial, it alsoprepares for his pastoralrole of shepherding theyoung Christian church.
  49. 49. *In this passage, Peter isdepicted in more than arepresentative role for thedisciples and is given adegree of preeminenceand leadership amongthem.
  50. 50. *Along with James andJohn, Peter belonged tothat “inner circle” of threewhom Jesus took along toparticipate in suchsignificant events as theraising of Jairus’ daughter,
  51. 51. the transfiguration, andthe agony of Gethsemane.*In my opinion, those whoseek to be closest to theLord here on earth will berewarded with beingclosest to Him in Heaven.
  52. 52. *In the lists of disciplesPeter is always namedfirst and Matthew addsthat Peter was protos, aGreek work which impliesfirst in prominence as wellas in order(Matthew 10:2).
  53. 53. *In the sermon last week,Peter was singled out forspecial words from Jesuswhen He designatedPeter’s confession as therock upon which Hewould build His church.
  54. 54. *Peter was also given thekeys of admittance toHeaven, which is closelyconnected with theauthority to bind and toloose.
  55. 55. *It is so encouraging tonote that Jesus told Peterat the Last Supper that“when you have turnedagain, strengthen yourbrethren” (Luke 22:31-32).
  56. 56. *The ultimate fulfillmentof Jesus’ restoring Peter tousefulness occurs after theresurrection when Peterbecomes the leader of theyoung church.
  57. 57. *The first twelve chaptersof the book of Actsunmistakably depict Peterin this role.*He directed thereplacement of Judas, hepreached the sermon
  58. 58. which led to theconversion of 3,000 souls,he directed the judgmentof Ananias and Sapphira,and it was Peter who putthe stamp of approval onPhilip’s Samaritan mission.
  59. 59. *Then, there is a clear shiftin Peter’s role from churchleader/administrator tomissionary.*Acts 12:1-6 describesPeter’s imprisonment andmiraculous escape from
  60. 60. the grip of HerodAgrippa.
  61. 61. *After escaping, Peter saidfarewell to the Jerusalemcongregation, turned theleadership over to James(the half brother of Jesus)and departed “to anotherplace”.
  62. 62. *Peter appeared again onlyonce, at the JerusalemCouncil, and even then hespoke as a missionary.
  63. 63. *After that, the NTconsistently depicts Peterin the role of missionary:that is what being anapostle implies – one towhom the risen Lord hadappeared and given a
  64. 64. special commission formissionary witness.*Paul confronted Peter for“insincerity” becausePeter had been enjoyingfellowship with theGentile Christians but
  65. 65. withdrew when James putpressure on him.*Paul and Peter hadshared the same acceptingattitude toward Gentilesand it was thiswithdrawal that made
  66. 66. Peter appear soinconsistent.
  67. 67. *In 1 Peter 5:1-5, Peterexhorts the elders of thechurches to serve as goodshepherds under theGreat Shepherd becausethat is what Peter hadbecome in carrying out his
  68. 68. Master’s charge, “feed mysheep”.*When Peter calls himselfa witness (martus) of thesufferings of Christ in1 Peter 5:1, he isreferring to his own
  69. 69. impending death sinceour English word“martyr” comes from thatsame Greek word“martus”.
  70. 70. By the end of his life,Peter understood that theGospel has to include thecross.
  71. 71. He requested to becrucified upside downbecause he did not feelworthy to be crucified inthe same manner as hisLord.
  72. 72. Dr. Polhill is professor ofNT interpretation atSouthern BaptistTheological Seminary inLouisville, Kentucky.
  73. 73. Do You Really LoveChrist?John 21:15-1915 “When they had eatenbreakfast, Jesus askedSimon Peter, “Simon, sonof John, do you love Me
  74. 74. more than these?”“Yes, Lord,” he said toHim, “You know that Ilove You.”“Feed My lambs,” Hetold him.
  75. 75. 16 A second time Heasked him, “Simon, sonof John, do you loveMe?”“Yes, Lord,” he said toHim, “You know that Ilove You.”
  76. 76. “Shepherd My sheep,”He told him.17 He asked him thethird time, “Simon, sonof John, do you loveMe?”
  77. 77. Peter was grieved that Heasked him the third time,“Do you love Me?” Hesaid, “Lord, You knoweverything! You knowthat I love You.”
  78. 78. “Feed My sheep,” Jesussaid.18 “I assure you: Whenyou were young, youwould tie your belt andwalk wherever youwanted. But when you
  79. 79. grow old, you will stretchout your hands andsomeone else will tie youand carry you where youdon’t want to go.”19 He said this to signifyby what kind of death he
  80. 80. would glorify God. Aftersaying this, He told him,“Follow Me!” John 21:15-19
  81. 81. After His crucifixion andresurrection, Jesusappeared to some of Hisdisciples who had gonefishing on the Sea ofGalilee, and He preparedbreakfast for them.
  82. 82. There He initiated aconversation with Peterthat reflected His love forHis disciple who hadfailed (18:28–21:14).
  83. 83. *On the night of Jesus’arrest, Peter answeredthree questions bydenying Him 3 times.*Now in the conversationafter breakfast, Jesus alsoasked him 3 questions.
  84. 84. *Each of them had to dowith Peter’s love for Jesus.*Also, they emphasizedJesus’ love for Peter andHis willingness to restorehim.
  85. 85. The issue that Jesus raisedwith Peter involved loveand the way He wantedthe failed disciple toexpress it in the future.
  86. 86. *What did Jesus have inmind when He mentionedthese in His question toPeter?
  87. 87. If He pointed to the fish inthe net, He was askingPeter if he loved Himenough to leave his netsand serve full-time inkingdom service.
  88. 88. Jesus could have beenasking Peter whether heloved Him more than theother disciples who hadgone fishing with him did(21:2).
  89. 89. *The question got to thepriority of Peter’sdevotion to Christ.
  90. 90. Peter recognized thatJesus knew what was inhis heart. For that reason,Peter didn’t try to deceiveJesus or keep anythingfrom Him.
  91. 91. *He told Jesus theabsolute truth about hislove for Him.*Jesus responded toPeter’s answer by callinghim to ministry.
  92. 92. *Peter had been afisherman all of his life.*Now Jesus directed himto be a shepherd.*In his role as a shepherd,Peter wouldn’t tend to hisown sheep.
  93. 93. *Instead, he would befeeding the Lord’s lambs.*In other words, Christcommissioned Peter todevote himself exclusivelyto ministering to peoplewho would belong to Him.
  94. 94. *Simon Peter could bothsoar to great heights andsink to great depths; hecould either hit a homerun or strike out.*When Jesus had firstcalled Peter to be His
  95. 95. disciple, He had givenhim a miraculous haul offish (Luke 5:1-10) andthen called him to be afisher of men.*Now, three years later,Jesus gave him another
  96. 96. miraculous haul of fish(John 21:4-6, 10-11).*Peter knew from thismiracle that Jesus was theOne along the shorelineand he jumped out of theboat in his eagerness to
  97. 97. see Jesus again (John 21:7-8, 12).*Jesus asked Peter threetimes if he loved Him(one for each denial) andeach time He addressedhim as “Simon, son of
  98. 98. John” instead of “Peter”,the name Jesus Himselfhad given Peter after hisaffirmation of Jesus’divinity.*Jesus was offering Peter asecond chance to live like
  99. 99. the Peter whose faith waslike a rock.*The first two times Jesusused the word agapaoand Peter replied withphileo.
  100. 100. *On the third question,they both used the wordphileo.
  101. 101. *When Jesus told Peter to“feed My lambs” or “tendMy sheep” He was usingfour different words.*The three commandsalternate four words – twodifferent words regarding
  102. 102. the task to be done andtwo different wordsregarding those to whomthe ministry was to beperformed.
  103. 103. *The two words regardingthe ministry Peter was tohave are boske (feed in vv.15-17) and poimaine (tendor shepherd in v. 16).*The ministry was to beperformed for Jesus’ arnia
  104. 104. (lambs in v 15) and forHis probata (sheep in vv.16-17).*In v 15 He said “feed Mylambs” and after the thirdquestion, “feed Mysheep” in v 17.
  105. 105. *Feed = providing theflock with spiritualnourishment.*Jesus instructed Peter toprovide spiritualsustenance for both theyoung lambs in v 15 and
  106. 106. the older sheep in v 17.*Jesus second commandwas “tend my sheep”which includes feeding,guiding, protecting andcaring for them.
  107. 107. In an interesting play onwords in the book ofRevelation, the Lamb ofGod will Himself becomethe Great Shepherd (Rev7:17).
  108. 108. Peter took Jesus’command to heart to bean under-shepherdbecause in 1 Peter 5:2-4 heurged his fellow elders toshepherd the flock of Godlovingly until the Chief
  109. 109. Shepherd returned.Steve Lemke is provost atNOBTS.
  110. 110. *Jesus’ response to Peter’sreply made Hiscommission to His faileddisciple perfectly clear.*From that moment on,Peter would devotehimself to ministry.
  111. 111. *Peter didn’t need to seehimself as a disciple whofailed to live up to hiscommitment to Christ.*Now he could seehimself as a restoreddisciple who had a
  112. 112. renewed call from hisLord to minister to peoplewho would belong toHim.
  113. 113. Like Peter, we can restassured that when wereturn to Christ afterhaving failed Him, we canexpect Him to respond tous with love andwillingness to restore us.
  114. 114. *When we falter asbelievers, we cannot allowourselves to concludewe’re useless to Him now.*Because He loves us, theLord wants to work in ourhearts to restore us.
  115. 115. *In response to Him, wedo well to do what He’scalling us to do.*We display our love forHim by living out whatwe believe about Him.
  116. 116. *In due time, otherswould take control of hislife and bring it to an end.*At the same time, Jesusassured Peter that Godwould be glorified in theway he would die.
  117. 117. *Then Jesus commandedPeter to follow Him.*Following Jesus into thefuture would exhibitPeter’s love for Him.
  118. 118. Despite any fears Petercould have had that hemight have disqualifiedhimself from Jesus’service, Jesus still hadplans for Peter.
  119. 119. If you have failed Jesusbut stand ready toearnestly, sincerely affirmyour love for Him, Hestands ready to use you,too.
  120. 120. Do You Stand Up forChrist?Acts 4:13, 18-2013 When they observedthe boldness of Peter andJohn and realized thatthey were uneducated
  121. 121. and untrained men, theywere amazed andrecognized that they hadbeen with Jesus.18 So they called forthem and ordered themnot to preach or teach at
  122. 122. all in the name of Jesus.19 But Peter and Johnanswered them,“Whether it’s right in thesight of God for us tolisten to you rather thanto God, you decide;
  123. 123. 20 for we are unable tostop speaking about whatwe have seen and heard.”
  124. 124. At the festival calledPentecost, the Holy Spiritcame, and Peterproclaimed a dynamicChrist-centered messagein His power.
  125. 125. As a result of the Spirit’swork through Peter’smessage, 3000 peoplewere saved (Acts 1:4–2:42).
  126. 126. *Soon afterward, Peterpreached again, andmany more peoplereceived Christ.*The religious leaderstried to put a stop toPeter’s preaching.
  127. 127. *They arrested him andJohn and threw them intojail.*After spending the nightthere, the religious leaderscalled the two disciples toappear before them and
  128. 128. explain why theypreached about Christ(4:1-12).
  129. 129. Peter spoke up with suchboldness about Jesus thereligious leaders reactedwith astonishment toPeter’s defense of hismessage (v. 13).
  130. 130. *Obviously, Peter’sboldness had surprisedthem.*His courageousproclamation about Christin the presence of thereligious leaders stood in
  131. 131. stark contrast to hisdenials of Christ on thenight of His arrest.*Then he had behavedlike a coward, denying heeven knew Jesus.
  132. 132. Now he stood up for Jesusand caught his accusersoff guard with hisconfidence.
  133. 133. *Peter’s life was differentbecause of Jesus.*When Jesus confrontedPeter in love at breakfastwith a desire to restorehim, things began tochange for the faltering
  134. 134. disciple.*He became a loyalapostle who would neveragain deny Jesus.*He personifiedfearlessness in the face ofopposition.
  135. 135. When the Holy Spiritcame, He empoweredPeter to preach withconfidence the message ofsalvation through Christthe Lord, whom he lovedwith his whole heart.
  136. 136. *The dynamic change inPeter’s life serves as anencouraging example tous.*When we find ourselvesdefeated by our failures tolive out our convictions
  137. 137. about Christ, we don’thave to settle for beingsidelined.*Neither should ourfailures force us into theshadows of shyness whenit comes to letting others
  138. 138. see Christ in us.*Like Peter, we can gofrom timidity to boldnesswhen we turn to the Lordfor help.*We can trust Him tostrengthen us with His
  139. 139. presence so we can serveHim with confidence.*And like Peter and John,people will see ourboldness and recognizethat we have been withJesus.
  140. 140. The Holy Spirit who hadempowered them topreach made them bold asthey took their stand forChrist in the presence ofthe religious leaders.
  141. 141. *Notice in particular thekind of information Peterand John would declare intheir message about Jesus.*They did not intend tospeak about Him usingsecond-hand information.
  142. 142. *Instead, they wouldpreach Christ basedsimply on their personalencounters with Him.*They would sharewithout restraint whatthey had seen and heard
  143. 143. for themselves.*In doing so, they wouldgive first-hand, vibranttestimony of Christ.*Incidentally, that’s thekind of information Jesuswanted them to share
  144. 144. when He instructed themto bear witness of Himonce the Holy Spirit came(Acts 1:6-8).
  145. 145. Acts 1:6-86 “So when they hadcome together, they askedHim, “Lord, are Yourestoring the kingdom toIsrael at this time?”
  146. 146. 7 He said to them, “It isnot for you to know timesor periods that the Fatherhas set by His ownauthority. 8 But you will receivepower when the Holy
  147. 147. Spirit has come on you,and you will be Mywitnesses in Jerusalem, inall Judea and Samaria,and to the ends of theearth.” Acts 1:6-8
  148. 148. *Boldness in proclaimingChrist continues to be theorder of our day.*No matter how badly wemay have failed Jesus inthe past, we can count onHis Spirit to enable us to
  149. 149. take our stand for Himnow.*Of course, taking a standfor Him means speakingup for Him and bearingwitness of His presenceand power.
  150. 150. *However, it also meansliving according to Hisways even when it’s notpopular.*Likewise, we take a standfor Him when we makedecisions that please Him
  151. 151. in our families,friendships, andother relationships.*In the same way, westand up for Him when wereflect His character in ourinteractions with others.
  152. 152. *If you consider yourselfuseless to Christ becauseyou failed Him in thepast, think again.*Peter shows that theLord loves us and wantsto restore us to usefulness.
  153. 153. *He’s more than willing tohelp us go from failure toaction for His glory.*Perhaps He’s nudgingyou right now about aconversation with Himthat could change your life.
  154. 154. Truths of This Lesson• We may surpriseourselves with ourtimidity and our failure totake advantage ofopportunities to stand upfor Christ.
  155. 155. • When we fail, we canlive in the assurance thatJesus knows how torestore us by helping usfocus on love for Him andwillingness to followHim.
  156. 156. • Christ’s working in usthrough His Spirit cantransform us from beingtimid to being confidentand courageous as weserve Him.
  157. 157. • No matter how badlywe have failed, Jesusstands ready to love usback into usefulness inHis service.
  158. 158. Next week:Pray with dependency on God to transform lives. Acts 4