06 June 17, 2012 Philippians, Chapter 4, Verse 6


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06 June 17, 2012 Philippians, Chapter 4, Verse 6

  1. 1. Philippians 4:6 FATHERS DAY June 17, 2012 First Baptist ChurchJackson, Mississippi USA
  2. 2. Wiersbes ExpositoryOutlines on the NewTestament. Copyright ©1992 by Chariot VictorPublishing, an imprint ofCook Communication Min.
  3. 3. *Barclays Daily Study Bible (NT)*J. Vernon McGees Thru The Bible*Jamieson-Fausset-Brown Bible Commentary
  4. 4. The MacArthur NewTestament Commentary,Copyright © Moody Pressand John MacArthur, Jr.,1983-2007.
  5. 5. Philippians 4:6-76 “Be anxious for nothing,but in everything by prayerand supplication withthanksgiving let yourrequests be made known
  6. 6. unto God.7 And the peace of God,which surpasses allcomprehension, will guardyour hearts and your mindsin Christ Jesus.” Phil 4:6-7
  7. 7. The Bible term "be anxious"means literally:"to be torn apart."
  8. 8. When the thoughts in ourmind and feelings in ourheart pull in differentdirections, “we are tornapart” and we tend toworry. What is worry?
  9. 9. Worry is ruminating aboutan issue that is plaguing uswithout actually makingsubstantive progress inaddressing the issue. Worryis a waste of time.
  10. 10. Concern, however, issolution oriented.*Concern focuses on solvingthe problem, addressing theissue.
  11. 11. Concern comes up withoptions, sets priorities, anddraws conclusions.God expects us to beresponsible and take care ofthe things over which we are
  12. 12. responsible or haveinfluence.That is concern.And we should beconcerned about thosethings.
  13. 13. “There is a great differencebetween worry andconcern. A worried personsees a problem, and aconcerned person solves aproblem.” Harold Stephens
  14. 14. Concern leads to action,worry leads to depression.
  15. 15. Our English word "worry"comes from a word thatmeans "to strangle” and itcertainly does strangle usemotionally, physically andspiritually.
  16. 16. The mind thinks aboutproblems, and thesefeelings weigh down theheart, creating a viciouscycle that wrecks ouremotional & physical states.
  17. 17. Our minds tell us we shouldnot fret, but we oftencannot control the anxietyin our hearts!We have to break this circleof worry before we can
  18. 18. enjoy peace.What causes worry?Wrong thinking and wrongattitudes toward people,circumstances, or things.
  19. 19. Notice here in chapter 4that Paul has no worryabout people (vv. 1-5),circumstances (vv. 10-13), orthe material things of life(vv. 14-19).
  20. 20. Paul gives us Gods four-foldremedy for worry:1. Harmony2. Joy3. Contentment4. God-confidence
  21. 21. Remedy for Worry1) harmony in the fellowship2) joy in the Lord3) contentment in circumstances and4) confident trust in God
  22. 22. These are the first steps onthe path to spiritualstability (standing firm).
  23. 23. Philippians 4:6-7“Be anxious for nothing butin everything by prayer andsupplication withthanksgiving…”
  24. 24. Paul seems to be making aplay upon two indefinitepronouns: nothing andeverything."Worry about nothing; prayabout everything."
  25. 25. In verse 4 we were given oneof the new commandmentsfrom God: Rejoice!4 “Rejoice in the Lordalways; again I will say,rejoice!”
  26. 26. *Now in verse 6 is anothercommandment: Don’t worrydo pray (about everything).* “Nothing” is the mostexclusive word in theEnglish language.
  27. 27. It leaves out everything.*But the reason we are toworry about nothing isbecause we are to prayabout everything.
  28. 28. *This means that we are totalk to the Lord abouteverything in our lives.*Nothing should be left out.*Can you mention anythingin your life that is big to God?
  29. 29. *When we say that we takeour big problems to God,what do we mean?
  30. 30. When a wheel comes offyour wagon, it may look likean impossible problem toyou, but He will always hearand answer your cry.
  31. 31. *None of our problems aredifficult for Him.*But what we call “littlethings”, He wants us tobring those to Him also.
  32. 32. "There is nothing too greatfor Gods power; andnothing too small for hisFatherly care.” William Barclay
  33. 33. God’s phone #Jeremiah 33:33“Call to Me and I willanswer you, and I will tellyou great and mightythings, which you do notknow.”
  34. 34. As believers we need to getin the habit of bringingeverything to Him in prayer-- nothing excluded.“Pray without ceasing.” 1 Thessalonians 5:17
  35. 35. Seven basic principles fordeveloping and maintainingspiritual stability emergefrom Philippians chapter 4:1)cultivating harmony in the church fellowship,
  36. 36. 2)maintaining a spirit of joy,3)learning to be content,4)resting on a confident faith in the Lord,5)reacting to problems with thankful prayer,
  37. 37. 6)thinking on godly virtues,7)obeying Gods standard.
  38. 38. REACTING TO PROBLEMSWITH THANKFUL PRAYER“but in everything by prayerand supplication withthanksgiving let yourrequests be made known…”
  39. 39. *Spiritually stable peopleconstantly react to trialswith thankful prayer.*Such prayer is the antidoteto worry and the cure foranxiety.
  40. 40. *The three synonyms usedin v6: prayer, supplication, and requests –all refer to specific, directofferings of petition to God.
  41. 41. Philippians 4:6a6 “Be anxious for nothing,but in everything by prayerand supplication withthanksgiving let yourrequests be made known…”
  42. 42. The assumption of the textis that believers will cry outto God when we have aneed or a problem, not withdoubting, questioning, oreven blaming God, but with
  43. 43. thanksgiving.“Devote yourselves toprayer, keeping alert in itwith an attitude ofthanksgiving;” Colossians 4:2
  44. 44. Instead of having a spirit ofrebellion against what Godallows, believers are totrustingly “cast all ouranxiety on Him, because Hecares for us" (1 Peter 5:7).
  45. 45. When we pray, we must always remember three things:2) the love of God3) the wisdom of God4) the power of God
  46. 46. • The love of God always desires what is best for us.• The wisdom of God always knows what is best for us.
  47. 47. 3) The power of God can always bring to pass that which is best for us.
  48. 48. He who prays with a perfecttrust in thelove,wisdom andpower of Godwill find Gods peace.
  49. 49. Believers should always bethankful for:God’s love (Rom 5:5)Gods power(Ps 62:11; Rev 4:11), and forGod’s promises (2 Cor 1:20).
  50. 50. “The future is as bright asthe promises of God.” William Carey
  51. 51. *Gods promises supportthe wisdom of gratitude.*He has promised that notrial believers face will betoo difficult for them tohandle (1 Cor 10:13).
  52. 52. 1 Corinthians 10:1313 “No temptation hasovertaken you but such as iscommon to man; and God isfaithful, who will not allowyou to be tempted beyond
  53. 53. what you are able, but withthe temptation will providethe way of escape also, sothat you will be able toendure it.” 1 Corinthians 10:13
  54. 54. *He has also promised touse everything that happensin believers lives for ourultimate good (Rom 8:28).*Even suffering leads to ourultimate good. 1 Peter 5:10
  55. 55. 10 After you have sufferedfor a little while, the God ofall grace, Who called you toHis eternal glory in Christ,will Himself perfect, confirm,strengthen and establish you.
  56. 56. People become worried,anxious, and fearful becausethey do not trust in:Gods love,God’s wisdom, orGod’s power.
  57. 57. *They fear that God is notloving enough, wiseenough, or strong enoughto prevent disaster.
  58. 58. *It may be that this sinfuldoubt is because theirknowledge of Him is faulty,or that sin in their lives hascrippled their faith.
  59. 59. *Thankful prayer bringsrelease from fear and worry,because it affirms Godssovereign control over everycircumstance, and that Hispurpose is the believers
  60. 60. good (Rom 8:28).“God causes all things towork together for our good”
  61. 61. Worry is tension betweenthe mind and heart.The peace of God will guard(garrison) our hearts andminds if we but meet theconditions He gives.
  62. 62. Not just praying, but rightpraying.The Bible nowhere says thatany kind of praying willbring peace to our hearts.What is right praying?
  63. 63. It begins with adoration, forthis is what the word"prayer" means in v. 6.This is love, enjoying thepresence of God, honoringHim in worship.
  64. 64. Rushing into His presenceand begging for peace ofmind will never get results.We must bow before Him inworship and let Him searchour hearts and minds.
  65. 65. Next comes supplication,which means the earnest,sincere desire of the heart.True prayer comes from theheart, not the lips.
  66. 66. What a joy it is to presentour requests to Him!Hebrews 4:1616 “Therefore let us drawnear with confidence to thethrone of grace, so that we
  67. 67. may receive mercy and findgrace to help in time ofneed.” Hebrews 4:16
  68. 68. Finally, there is appreciationor thanksgiving ( Eph. 5:20and Col. 3:15-17).
  69. 69. Colossians 3:15-1715 “Let the peace of Christrule in your hearts, towhich indeed you werecalled in one body; and bethankful.
  70. 70. 16 Let the word of Christrichly dwell within you, withall wisdom teaching andadmonishing one anotherwith psalms and hymns andspiritual songs, singing with
  71. 71. thankfulness in your heartsto God. 17 Whatever you doin word or deed, do all in thename of the Lord Jesus,giving thanks through Himto God the Father. Col 3
  72. 72. It takes faith to thank Himfor uncomfortablecircumstances or forrequests not yet granted.
  73. 73. How God loves to hear Hischildren thank Him!This is the way Danielprayed in Daniel 6:10.
  74. 74. Daniel 6:1010 “Now when Daniel knewthat the document wassigned, he entered his house(now in his roof chamber hehad windows open toward
  75. 75. Jerusalem); and hecontinued kneeling on hisknees three times a day,praying and giving thanksbefore his God, as he hadbeen doing previously.”
  76. 76. No wonder he had suchpeace in that lions den!*The lions did not want toeat something with thatmuch backbone!
  77. 77. The result of believingprayer is that the peace ofGod will stand like a sentinelon guard upon our hearts.
  78. 78. Philippians 4:77 “And the peace of God,which surpasses allunderstanding, will guardyour hearts and your mindsin Christ Jesus.”
  79. 79. "Peace with God" is theresult of faith in Christ (Rom. 5:1); "the peace ofGod" and the presence of"the God of peace" willcome when the believer
  80. 80. Practices:right thinking,right praying, andright living.
  81. 81. Worry, worry, worry!How many Christians losetheir joy and peace becauseof worry?In chapter 4, Paul tells usthat the secure mind—the
  82. 82. mind that is guarded by thepeace of God—frees us fromworry.Of course, the believer whodoes not have the singlemind from chapter 1,
  83. 83. the single mind of chapter 1(1:27) –“you are standingfirm in one spirit, with one mind”
  84. 84. the submissive mind ofchapter 2 (2:3) – “withhumility ofmind, regardone another”
  85. 85. and the spiritual mind ofchapter 3 (3:19) – “ourcitizenshipis in Heaven”
  86. 86. can never have the securemind of chapter 4 (4:7) –“the peace of Godshall guard yourminds”.
  87. 87. We must first live what Pauldescribes in the previousthree chapters before wecan claim the promises andprovisions of this finalchapter.
  88. 88. As M. R. Vincent puts it:"Peace is the fruit ofbelieving prayer."
  89. 89. The peace of God is soprecious that mans mind,with all its skill and all itsknowledge, can neverproduce it, it surpasses allunderstanding!
  90. 90. The Scripture speaks ofother kinds of peace whichwe can understand.*There is world peace.We have the assurance thatsomeday peace will cover
  91. 91. the earth as the waterscover the sea.
  92. 92. It will come through theperson of Christ, the Princeof Peace.
  93. 93. Also there is the peace thatcomes when sins areforgiven. Romans 5:1"Therefore being justified byfaith, we have peace withGod through our Lord Jesus”
  94. 94. Then there is the peace thatis tranquility.The Lord Jesus said, "Peace Ileave with you, my peace Igive unto you..."(John 14:27).
  95. 95. That is a marvelous peace,but it is not "the peace...which passeth allunderstanding."
  96. 96. But there is a peace thatsweeps over our souls atcertain times.*If you look out at a sunsetbeyond a great snowcappedmountain and take in the
  97. 97. majesty of Gods creation, apeace comes over you that"passeth all understanding."
  98. 98. And that same peace maycome when your heavenlyFather allows you to havecancer and go to thehospital frightened todeath, and then that night
  99. 99. when you commit it all toHim and tell Him that youwant to know He is real;He makes Himself real toyou and that peace that"passeth all understanding"
  100. 100. floods your soul.*You can only say that it is awonderful peace!
  101. 101. With the God of peace toguide us and the peace ofGod to guard us, what dowe have to be anxiousabout?