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04 April 15, 2012 Matthew, Chapter 28, Verses 1-10


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04 April 15, 2012 Matthew, Chapter 28, Verses 1-10

  1. 1. Matthew 28:6-10April 15, 2012FIRST BAPTIST CHURCHJACKSON, MISSISSIPPI
  2. 2. "Praying For Our Jerusalem" Acts 1:8 Any testimonies?
  4. 4. Mens Conference Life of ValorMadison Campus Friday, April 206:00 - 10:00 p.m.
  5. 5. COST: $10.00 each (includessupper)All men (age 13 and older)Register online or call601.949.1948
  6. 6. Thank You for Servingbanquet to honor waiters &waitresses at: The South, 627 East Silas Brown Jackson, MS 39201Monday, April 23rd 6-8 pm
  7. 7. Next Generation Leader Luncheon(For Young Professionalsages 20-39) Thursday, April 26, 2012 11:45 a.m.
  8. 8. Christian Life Center Auditorium Chris Maddux, Speaker"Are You A Contributor or Consumer"
  9. 9. Reservations - $10.00 perpersonCall (601) 949-1941 oronline at
  10. 10. FRIEND DAY SUNDAY, APRIL 29thGoal: 2,500 in SS Offering warm fellowship and refreshments!
  11. 11. FRIENDSBetty StevensPat Patterson
  12. 12. The MacArthur NewTestament Commentary,Copyright © Moody Pressand John MacArthur, Jr.,1983-2007.
  13. 13. More Than a Carpenter by Josh McDowell
  14. 14. Wait on the Lord bySteven P. Wickstrom
  15. 15. Matthew 28:66 “He is not here, for He hasrisen, just as He said. Come,see the place where He waslying.”
  16. 16. When Peter and Johnentered the tomb, they"beheld the linen wrappingslying there, and the face-cloth, which had been onHis head, not lying with the
  17. 17. linen wrappings, but rolledup in a place by itself"(John 20:6-7).
  18. 18. The burial clothes were justas they were when Josephand Nicodemus laid thebody to rest, except for theface-cloth, which was set toone side.
  19. 19. Jesus did not have to beunwrapped any more thanHe had to have the stoneremoved.
  20. 20. At one moment He wasencased in the linen, and thenext He was free, leavingthe wrappings unchanged intheir placement except forthe face-cloth.
  21. 21. The Shroud of Turin (innorthern Italy) is one of themost studied artifacts inhuman history, and one ofthe most controversial.
  22. 22. In 1978 a detailedexamination was carried outby a team of Americanscientists who found noreliable evidence of forgery,and called the question of
  23. 23. how the image was formed"a mystery”.
  24. 24. One wrist bears a large,round wound, claimed to befrom piercing (the secondwrist is hidden by thefolding of the hands).
  25. 25. An upward gouge in the sidepenetrated into the thoraciccavity.
  26. 26. Proponents claim this was apost-mortem event andthere are separatecomponents of red bloodcells and serum drainingfrom the lesion.
  27. 27. There are small puncturesaround the forehead andscalp.There are also scores oflinear wounds on the torsoand legs.
  28. 28. Proponents claim that thewounds are consistent withthe distinctive dumbbellwounds of aRoman flagrum. ‘Scorpion isLatin for a Roman flagrum
  29. 29. 11 Whereas my father loadedyou with a heavy yoke, I willadd to your yoke; my fatherdisciplined you with whips,but I will discipline you withscorpions. 1 Kings 12:11
  30. 30. There is evidence of swellingof the face from severebeatings.There are streams of blooddown both arms.
  31. 31. Proponents claim that theblood drippings from themain blood flow occurred inresponse to gravity at anangle that would occurduring crucifixion.
  32. 32. There is no evidence ofeither leg being fractured.There are large puncturewounds in the feet as ifpierced by a single spike.
  33. 33. Following is a modern photoof the face: positive imageon the left, negative imageon the right.The negative image hasbeen contrast enhanced.
  34. 34. In 1989 physicist ThomasPhillips, theorized that theShroud image was formedby neutron radiation due toa miraculous bodilyresurrection.
  35. 35. Results of some newexperiments propose that acorona discharge (plasma)mechanism could have beeninvolved in the Turin Shroudbody image formation, but
  36. 36. it is impossible to reproduceall the characteristics of theimage in a laboratorybecause the energy sourcerequired is too high.
  37. 37. While the women were inthe tomb, another angeljoined the first, "one at thehead, and one at the feet,where the body of Jesus hadbeen lying" (John 20:12).
  38. 38. The positions of the angelsare reminiscent of the twogolden cherubim who wereon either side of the MercySeat on the Ark of theCovenant (Ex 25:18).
  39. 39. The two angels in thegarden were posted ateither end of the tomb ofJesus, Who, by the sacrificeHe had just made of His ownlife, became the true and
  40. 40. eternal Mercy Seat for sinfulmankind.
  41. 41. Matthew 28:77 “Go quickly and tell Hisdisciples that He has risenfrom the dead; and behold,He is going ahead of youinto Galilee, there you will
  42. 42. see Him; behold, I have toldyou.”
  43. 43. The womens fascinationmust quickly turn toproclamation.They did not have time torevel in the marvelousreality of the Good News
  44. 44. but were to go immediatelyand announce it to thecowering disciples, whowere still hiding inJerusalem.
  45. 45. It would seem more thanjustified for the Lord to haveallowed the disciples tosuffer in fear, despair, andagony for a week or sobefore telling them the
  46. 46. Good News.They had stubbornlyrefused to believe that Jesuswould die and be raised,although He had told themof His death and
  47. 47. resurrection many times.*God is not interested inbeating you up (Jesus tookyour beating for you) sodon’t beat yourself upeither.
  48. 48. But in His gracious mercyGod sent the women to tellthe disciples as soon aspossible, so they would nothave to experience anothermoment of misery and grief.
  49. 49. He did not rebuke them fortheir lack of faith and fortheir cowardice but rathersent them messengers withgracious words of hope andcomfort.
  50. 50. Why did God chose to revealthe truth of the resurrectionfirst to those women ratherthan to the disciples?
  51. 51. One commentator suggeststhat it was because Godchooses the weak toconfound the strong.Another suggests thewomen were rewarded for
  52. 52. their faithful service to theLord in Galilee.Another holds that, becausedeath came by a woman in aGarden, so new life was firstannounced to a woman in a
  53. 53. Garden.Others propose that it wasbecause the deepest sorrowdeserves the deepest joy orthat supreme love deservessupreme privilege.
  54. 54. But Scripture offers no suchexplanations.It seems obvious that thewomen were the first tohear the angelicannouncement of the
  55. 55. resurrection simply becausethey were there.Had the disciples beenthere, they, too, would haveheard the Good Newsdirectly from the angel
  56. 56. rather than indirectlythrough the women.This is analogous to thereality that the closer abeliever stays to the Lordand to His work, the more
  57. 57. he is going to witness andexperience the Lordspower.Those who are there whenthe Lords people gather forworship and prayer, who are
  58. 58. there when His Word isbeing taught, who are therewhen the lost are being wonto Christ, who are therewhen others are beingserved in His name, who are
  59. 59. regular in their times ofprivate prayer— those arethe ones who will mostoften experience firsthandthe work of God.
  60. 60. Matthew 28:7b7b “He is going ahead ofyou into Galilee, there youwill see Him; behold, I havetold you.” Matthew 28:7b
  61. 61. Earlier in the week Jesus hadtold the eleven remainingdisciples,"After I have been raised, Iwill go before you toGalilee" (Matt 26:32).
  62. 62. Having both Jewish andGentile residents, Galileerepresented the world atlarge.
  63. 63. It was there that Jesusbegan His ministry, in"Galilee of the Gentiles, "where "the people who weresitting in darkness saw agreat light" (Matt 4:15-16).
  64. 64. It would also be in Galileethat the disciples wouldreceive the GreatCommission from the Lordto "go therefore and makedisciples of all the nations”.
  65. 65. It was not that Jesus wouldfirst appear to the disciplesin Galilee, because Hemanifested Himself to themseveral times before that.
  66. 66. He appeared to Peter, to thetwo disciples on the road toEmmaus, to ten of thedisciples as they wereassembled on resurrectionevening, to all eleven
  67. 67. disciples eight days later,and to seven of the disciplesas they were fishing in theSea of Galilee.
  68. 68. But Jesus supremeappearance to the discipleswas to be in Galilee, whereHe "appeared to more thanfive hundred brethren atone time" (1 Cor 15:6) and
  69. 69. where He wouldcommission the eleven toapostolic ministry.
  70. 70. Matthew 28:8-9“And they departed quicklyfrom the tomb with fear andgreat joy and ran to report itto His disciples. (Matt 28:8)
  71. 71. 9 And behold, Jesus metthem and greeted them.And they came up and tookhold of His feet andworshiped Him.” Matthew 28:8-9
  72. 72. As the women were on theirway to report the angelsmessage to the disciples,Jesus met them and greetedthem.
  73. 73. Greeted translateschairete, a commongreeting that looselyrendered means somethinglike “Hello" or “Goodmorning."
  74. 74. It was the ordinarysalutation of themarketplace and oftravelers who passed eachother on the road.
  75. 75. In other words the greetingwas casual and ordinary,seemingly too mundane tobe appropriate for such amomentous occasion.
  76. 76. Yet the glorified Christ, Whohad just finished conqueringsin and death, greeted thosefaithful women with warm,informal tenderness.
  77. 77. As the writer of Hebrewsassures us,"We do not have a highpriest who cannotsympathize with ourweaknesses" (Heb 4:15).
  78. 78. They now knew withcertainty that He was therisen Messiah, the divineSon of God, and thatadoration and praise werethe only proper responses to
  79. 79. His presence.They did what every person,unbeliever as well asbeliever, will do one daywhen He comes again,"every knee will bow
  80. 80. and every tongue willconfess that Jesus Christ isLord, to the glory of God theFather" (Phil 2:10-11).
  81. 81. Matthew 28:10Then Jesus said to them,"Do not be afraid; go andtake word to My brethren toleave for Galilee, and therethey shall see Me." (28:10)
  82. 82. Despite the disciples lack offaith, their cowardice, andtheir defection, the Lordgraciously spoke of them asHis brethren.
  83. 83. When they arrived inGalilee, they would see Himagain, and there they wouldexperience a greatconvocation andcommissioning by the Lord.
  84. 84. The basic truth of theresurrection under-girds anumber of other truths.
  85. 85. First, it gives evidence thatthe Word of God is totallytrue and reliable.Jesus rose from the deadprecisely when and in theway He had predicted.
  86. 86. There are 60 messianicprophecies in the OT with270 ramifications that wereall fulfilled in one Person –Jesus Christ!
  87. 87. All 60 of those prophecieswere made at least 400years before Jesus fulfilledthem.*The Weather Channel
  88. 88. What are the chances thatone person’s life could fulfillonly 8 out of 60 predictionsthat were made hundreds ofyears before it happened?1 in 10 to the 17th power!
  89. 89. If you covered the state ofTexas two feet deep in silverdollars and you marked onesilver dollar and asked ablindfolded person to walkas long as they desired to
  90. 90. walk but they could onlystoop down and pick up onesilver dollar, the chancesthey would pick up the oneyou marked are:1 in 10 to the 17th power!
  91. 91. That is for if only 8 of the 60prophecies came true.If 48 of the predictions cametrue, the odds of a man’s lifefulfilling those by chance are1 in 10 to the 157th power!!
  92. 92. The first messianic prophecyin the Bible is in Genesis 3:1515 And I will put enmitybetween you and thewoman,
  93. 93. And between your seed andher seed;He shall bruise you on thehead,And you shall bruise Him onthe heel.” Genesis 3:15
  94. 94. None other but Jesus couldbe referred to as the “seed”of a woman Who came intothe world to destroy theworks of the Devil (bruisehis head).
  95. 95. In Micah 5:2 God predictedthat the Messiah would beborn in Bethlehem, a townwith a population of lessthan 1,000 people.
  96. 96. Five OT verses require thatthe Messiah come while theTemple of Jerusalem wasstill standing. The Templewas destroyed in A.D. 70 &has not been rebuilt yet.
  97. 97. The Messiah was to bebetrayed by a friend for 30pieces of silver that wouldlater be cast onto theTemple floor.
  98. 98. Psalm 22 predicted in 1,012B.C. that the Messiah wouldbe crucified by the piercingof His hands and feet andthat was 500 years beforecrucifixion was invented!
  99. 99. Second, the resurrectionmeans that Jesus Christ isthe Son of God, as Heclaimed to be, and that Hehas power over life anddeath.
  100. 100. Who would die for a lie?Of the 11 disciples:Bartholomew, Peter,Andrew, Philip, James andSimon the Zealot were allcrucified.
  101. 101. James, the son of Zebedee,and Matthew were killed bythe sword.Thaddaeus was killed byarrows.Thomas – killed by a spear.
  102. 102. John, the disciple whomJesus loved, the onlydisciple who did notabandon Jesus during thecrucifixion – died of naturalcauses.
  103. 103. Third, the resurrectionproves that salvation iscomplete, that on the crossChrist conquered sin, death,and Hell and rose victorious.
  104. 104. Fourth, the resurrectionproves that the church hasbeen established.Jesus had declared, "I willbuild My church; and thegates of Hades shall not
  105. 105. overpower it" (Matt 16:18)."The gates of Hades" was aJewish colloquialism thatrepresented death.Jesus’ resurrection provedthat death itself could not
  106. 106. prevent Him fromestablishing His church.
  107. 107. Fifth, the resurrectionproves that judgment iscoming.Jesus declared that theheavenly Father "has givenall judgment to the Son"
  108. 108. (John 5:22), and since theSon is now risen and alive,His judgment is certain.
  109. 109. Sixth, the resurrection ofChrist proves that Heaven iswaiting.Jesus promised, "In Myhouse are many dwellingplaces; if it were not so, I
  110. 110. Would have told you; for Igo to prepare a place foryou" (John 14:2).Because Christ is alive bythe resurrection, we havethe assurance that He is
  111. 111. now preparing a heavenlydwelling for us.
  112. 112. Jesus knows what it feelslike to be told that there isno room for you in the innso He is not going to let thathappen to those who trustin Him for eternal life.