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How To Get The Most Out Of Your Dental Practice Software


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How To Get The Most Out Of Your Dental Practice Software

  1. 1. Dental clinic software
  2. 2. How To Get The Most Out Of Your Dental Practice Software
  3. 3. More than likely, you invested a lot of money and time buying, installing, and learning your practice management software. Now it’s time to get some return on your investment by using every product feature to its fullest. Here are five common features of Dental clinic software and the benefits of maximizing the use of each one. Introduction
  4. 4. Scheduling So much of your office workflow depends on scheduling. When your scheduling system runs smoothly, your other practice processes run smoothly. Most dental software allows you to see at a glance who is providing care, what treatments are taking place in what time slot, each patient’s status, and more about the day’s schedule. Some software systems use color coding to extract information at a glance. Colors and other schedule elements can be used to show a patient’s appointment status, label providers, or even the type of treatment scheduled. Maximizing the use of schedule features leads to a more efficient practice. An efficient practice results in higher production and a much better standard of care delivered to patients.
  5. 5. Treatment planning Your practice software can help you communicate, schedule, and document treatment for each patient. Everything you and your team need to know about a patient’s treatment history is easily accessible by logging into the system from any device. Instead of digging through file cabinets full of paper charts, dental software lets you easily find patient files and quickly show patients their treatment history and plans for future treatments. Continued innovation has resulted in quicker treatment calculations, with more accurate estimation of insurance portions to be paid. Patients accept treatment more readily and leave more satisfied when their plan is well organized and they have fewer financial questions. Charting Looking at a patient’s chart is much clearer and more defined on a computer or tablet than on a piece of paper or an x-ray. Digital charts are more detailed with colors and numbers, and you never have to worry about the chart or X-rays ripping or fading. Digital charts also make it faster and easier for you to answer patients’ questions while they’re sitting in the treatment chair.
  6. 6. Billing and appointment reminders Automation capabilities in your dental software can streamline several processes, freeing up more time for you and your team to focus on patient care. The most common are automated billing and appointment reminders. Automated billing invoices patients after they receive treatment. Automated appointment reminders send email or text messages to remind patients of upcoming dental appointments. Both of these automated features require little or no human intervention, once your system has been set up. This saves hours of time manually billing and mailing statements or reminder postcards to patients each month.
  7. 7. In summary, taking full advantage of your practice management software, which allows you to simplify processes, improve in-office communication, easily access information from every office device, safely maintain patient records, eliminate handwriting and filing errors, save time and money, set goals and increase production, and improve the patient experience. There’s no better way to be a more efficient, productive and profitable practice than by using every feature offered by your Dental clinic software. Conclusion Source: dental-software.html
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