Effectiveness of skywalks in mumbai


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Effectiveness of skywalks in mumbai

  2. 2. EFFECTIVENESS OF SKYWALKS IN MUMBAI EXECUTIVE SUMMARYThe ever growing population of Mumbai is putting lots of pressure on the existing infrastructureespecially on the transportation segment. Traffic snarls are common in Mumbai and the rights ofpedestrians is often breached by the vehicle owners and hawkers, who have encroached thefootpath. Mumbai suburbs such as Dadar, Bandra, Andheri and Borivali are marked withcongestion problem mainly near the station area. The station area is marked with chaos as thecommuters both entering and exiting the station premises make a beeline which the existingbridges and entry/exit points cannot handle. Moving / parked vehicles outside the station andhawkers selling their wares add to this congestion and the ultimate result is lack of leg space forpeople to move.Transport interchange activities, passenger transfer between trains, buses, taxies & Privatevehicles make the station area most congested. The problem aggravates with the road sidehawking and vehicular parking. The Sky walk is an elevated walk way dedicated to thepedestrians connecting the railway Station, high concentration commercial area and destinationpoints where the concentration of pedestrians prevail. The purpose of the sky walks is forefficient dispersal of commuters from station/congested area to strategic locations viz. bus stops,taxi stands, shopping areas, off roads etc. and vice versa. This would help decongest the crowdedstreets.The purpose of the study is to find whether potential commuters use the skywalk or not and if no,then the reasons behind it, and thereafter identifying feasible solutions on how they can use it.There are 48 skywalks lined up in Mumbai i.e. around Rs.560 crore at stake. This research willgive them a lead on whether to go ahead with those projects or modify few aspects that maybenefit the commuters. This, in turn will lead MMRDA to achieve their basic objective ofreducing the congestion on roads and footpaths.The Objective of the study, firstly, is to find if there was a need of the skywalks at and thereafterto identify whether the potential commuters are using the skywalk or not. If not, then identify thereasons and suggest a solution for the same. 2
  3. 3. EFFECTIVENESS OF SKYWALKS IN MUMBAISYNOPSISOBJECTIVE OF THE PROJECT  To study the concept of SKYWALKS  To study the various process of developing a Skywalk  To analyze the importance, use of SKYWALK and also predict the future use.METHODOLOGY  The study is based on primary as well as secondary data. The primary data has come from the questionnaire surveys. The secondary data has been obtained from the articles in magazines and newspapers and the internet.IMPORTANCE OF THE STUDY  How the people should be knowing about the new infrastructure  How the new infrastructure is to be used  How the skywalk is comfortable for the public. 3
  4. 4. EFFECTIVENESS OF SKYWALKS IN MUMBAISCOPE OF THE STUDY  This project of mine revolves around the study of newly introduced SKYWALKS thus trying to highlight many of its unknown aspect and also gives an eye-sight into the future use of it.LIMITATION OF THE PROJECT  The data presented in this project should be regarded as illustrative rather than exhaustive. This project was not only an exercise in primary data collection but it also paved ways for new innovative infrastructures which will surely help me in the coming years for having or getting new and modern infrastructure options.RATIONALE BEHIND THIS PROJECT  The idea behind the Project is to provide an in-sight into the future of infrastructure so that more and more development in the field of infrastructure is to be made so that it brings convenience to the people living in the economy. As of now Skywalks are something very new to the economy as people are taking time to get in habit to it. This is how new infrastructures can help an economy get better in many ways. 4
  5. 5. EFFECTIVENESS OF SKYWALKS IN MUMBAI INTRODUCTIONMumbais suburban railway already has one of the highest passenger densities of any urbanrailway system in the world. With almost 7 million passengers using the system daily, as well asthe associated transport interchanges in their vicinity (bus stations, taxi stands, auto rickshawstands, car parks, etc.) make the suburban railway stations the most congested areas of the city.The problem is further aggravated by the presence of hawkers and parked vehicles, making thecommute hazardous for pedestrians. The Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority(MMRDA) conceived of the Skywalks in response to these problems in 2007 The sky elevated walk way dedicated to the pedestrians connecting the railway station/ highconcentration commercial area and points where concentration of pedestrians prevail. The purpose of the skywalk is for efficient dispersal of commercialstation/congested areas to strategic locations viz. bus stops, taxi stands, shopping areas, off roadsetc. and vice-versa help decongest the crowded streets.Planning: MMRDA has already planned construction of 36 numbers of Skywalks in and aroundMumbai Metropolitan RegionCost Estimates: Total estimated cost is Rs. 607.21 cr. Total contract cost is Rs. 735.02 cr. Thetotal expenditure incurred so far is Rs.385.86 cr.Implementing Agencies: Before finalizing detailed project report i.e. before preparing GAD;local people, corporators from that area are being contacted to understand their views. PMC forthese works have been and they are asked to coordinate with other concerned department likeMCGM, Railways etc.The Alignment and Design:To be finalized considering various factors like:-  Entry points at strategic locations  Underground utilities and minimum number of structures affected  Available road widths  Proximity of adjacent buildings  Number of trees, large and small size getting affected  Speed of construction  Commuter safety  Operation and maintenance etc . 5
  6. 6. EFFECTIVENESS OF SKYWALKS IN MUMBAIPresent Status:  Project Management Consultants (PMC) for project preparation designing and supervision work is finalized by MMR  First Skywalk from Bandra Station to Kalanagar Junction has been already completed and immediately opened for public use after inauguration on 24.6.2008  The constructions of 14 numbers of skywalks which are partly completed are also open for pedestrian traffic. Construction of balance skywalk will be completed by the end of December 2010. 6
  7. 7. EFFECTIVENESS OF SKYWALKS IN MUMBAIADVERTISEMENT ON SKYWALKSThe Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA), which is constructingskywalks across the Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR), has floated tender inviting agenciesto display advertisements on its selected skywalks for a period of five years .This is not the first time the MMRDA is inviting agencies for the advertisement contracts. InAugust 2008, though the development authority had planned to give advertising and maintenancecontracts to agencies, it failed terribly.As per the tender notice, the agencies can display advertisements on 18 skywalks including thefirst skywalk the MMRDA constructed in Bandra (east). The interested parties can opt forskywalks at  Bandra (west)  Santacruz (west)  Santacruz (east)  Borivali (west)  Kandivali (west)  Dahisar (east)  Dahisar (west)  Mira Road (east)  Bhandup (west)  Ghatkopar (west)  Ulhasnagar (west)  Virar (west)  Vasai (west)  Badlapur (east)  Badlapur (west)  Kalyan (west)  Kanjur Marg 7
  9. 9. EFFECTIVENESS OF SKYWALKS IN MUMBAIBANDRA EAST SKYWALKBandra Station Area Traffic Improvement Scheme (SATIS) is one such project formulated byMMRDA for Bandra suburb of Mumbai. Bandra SATIS project is high on the agenda of theMumbai Urban Infrastructure Project, which aims to improve road network and provide effectivetraffic dispersal system in Greater Mumbai. The recently commissioned Bandra Skywalk is onesuch project, which is part of Bandra SATISBandra is one of the most prominent and bustling suburb of Mumbai. It is estimated that on anaverage more than 5 lakh commuters use this station. Out of this around 39 per cent arepedestrians, 32 per cent prefer bus service, 16 per cent travel by auto and the remaining 13 percent use other modes of transport. The factors which are contributing to more commuter trafficon the eastern side is due to the existence of Bandra Kurla Complex - one of the largest officespace complex in Mumbai and the other factor is the location of Bandra Kurla Railway Terminuson the eastern side, which sees both inbound and outbound commuter trafficMumbai, June 24 (IANS) Yet another glittering jewel has been added to Bandra, the queen ofMumbai suburbs - a swank new skywalk, built at a cost of Rs.136 million. The skywalk willbenefit over half a million train commuters and office-goers proceeding to the Bandra-KurlaComplex, a major suburban commercial hub developed over the past ten years. 9
  10. 10. EFFECTIVENESS OF SKYWALKS IN MUMBAIInaugurating the skywalk, Maharashtra Chief Minister Vilasrao Deshmukh said this was the firstof the 50 skywalks being constructed at strategic locations all over Mumbai to ease congestionand provide faster access to railway stations.The skywalk, almost a kilometre long, will take the people from Bandra station right up to theWestern Express Highway junction, near the existing Kala Nagar flyover, bypassing localhurdles like the Behrampada slums. After a couple of months, it will be extended up to theBandra-Kurla railway Terminus nearby.About the ProjectConstruction of Skywalk from Bandra Suburban Station (East) to Kalanagar under ‗MumbaiUrban Infrastructure Project (MUIP). Total length of Skywalk as per Bid document was1300metre including 3 staircases. The Skywalk is supported on pile foundations, pile cap andstructural steel columns/piers. Superstructure is of structural steel truss, pre-cast slab panels asdeck slab with flooring of approved tiles. Walkway Project included covering structure with16mm thick multi wall Polycarbonate sheets.Challenges faced during executionThe site is in the heavily trafficked area. Major work was carried out in the night. The tender didnot include any soil data which was collected only after award of work. During the execution ofthe work number of changes were required to be made in the alignment of the skywalk. Also dueto sub soil strata of diversified nature changes were made. This called for execution of additionalitems/works. The GAD (General Arrangement Drawing) had to undergo a total at 5 revisions inorder to suit the changes in the alignment as required by MMRDA and also the site conditions-viz. avoiding underground services such as electrical cables, gas lines, storm water drain, etc., Asthe period given was only 6 months we had to work 24 hours a day 10
  11. 11. EFFECTIVENESS OF SKYWALKS IN MUMBAIBANDRA WEST SKYWALKEstimated Cost – Rs. 1847 (in lakhs)Contract Cost – Rs. 2395 (in lakhs)―Bandra (West) is one of the busiest suburbs in the city and caters to various business houses,educational institutions and residential complexes. In view of the vehicular movement,especially during the peak hours, this skywalk will be a great help,‖ said MMRDA‘s JointMetropolitan Commissioner Ashwini BhideThe much awaited 864-meter long skywalk at Bandra West is the 21st skywalk constructed bythe Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA), and pertinently theskywalk has recorded, on an average, thirty thousand footfalls each during the morning as wellas the evening peak hours on a daily basis.Two years after it got its first skywalk, Bandra‘s second skywalk — and city‘s 21st — wasofficially thrown open to the public. The 864-metre skywalk in Bandra (West), which wasopened last week, has on an average 30,000 people using it during the morning and eveningpeak hours. The Rs 28.74-crore skywalk runs from platform number one to SV Road and opensup with two arms, one reaching the National Library and the other Badi Masjid on SV Road. 11
  12. 12. EFFECTIVENESS OF SKYWALKS IN MUMBAI―The skywalks are proving to be a boon for the commuters‖, said Ms.Ashwini Bhide, JointMetropolitan Commissioner, MMRDA. ―Also, the Western side of Bandra is one of the busiersuburbs in the city and caters to various business houses, educational institutions and residentialcomplexes. In view of the vehicular movement, especially during the peak hours, I am sure thisskywalk will be a great help to school-college going kids, professionals and not-so-young peoplealike‖, said Ms.Bhide. 12
  13. 13. EFFECTIVENESS OF SKYWALKS IN MUMBAISANTACRUZ WEST SKYWALKEstimated Cost – Rs. 2221.4 (in lakhs)Contract Cost – Rs. 2567.97 (in lakhs)The Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA) has thrown openanother skywalk for the public at Santacruz (W). This skywalk runs from Santacruz railwaystation to Navratna Hotel on K.K.Road and eventually joins the S.V. Road.An official from the MMRDA said, ―The sky-walk is going to be great boon for pedestrian ofSantacruz (W) because the hawkers have completely overtaken the footpaths and major portionof the road leading to the railway station.‖Podar School complex is situated near the sky-walk location. ―It is a big education institute withmore than 1000 school students. Many of them travel by train and it would be easier for them towalk to the station by sky-walk,‖ added the official.The MMRDA also has plans to extend the sky-walk upto Juhu chowpatty, because a largenumber of tourist visit this place from Santacruz. 13
  14. 14. EFFECTIVENESS OF SKYWALKS IN MUMBAISkywalks connecting the railway stations to the main arterial roads will become evenmore commuter friendly as the MMRDA has offered to construct booking offices on the projectsbeing carried out by the Central and Western Railway, the official said 14
  15. 15. EFFECTIVENESS OF SKYWALKS IN MUMBAISANTACRUZ EAST SKYWALKEstimated Cost – Rs. 2250 (in lakhs)Contract Cost – Rs. 2923 (in lakhs)Soon, commuters and pedestrians will be able to walk from vakola police station in santacruz(east) to Linking Road in Santacruz (west) without even buying a platform ticket to cross therailway tracks. This will be made possible by Mumbai Metropolitan Region DevelopmentAuthority that has plans to connect the two extreme ends and make it one of the longestskywalks in the city.The distance between vakola police station and Linking road is nearly 2.5 km. Clubbing both theskywalks including the public rail over bridge, the santacruz skywalk would become one of thelongest skywalks constructed by MMRDA.Mr. Ratnakar, Metropolitan Commissioner of MMRDA said ―We have plans to extend skywalkson both the eastern and western sides of santacruz‖Currently, MMRDA has constructed two skywalks, one on either side of the santacruz railwaystation. The one in the east connects the station to the Western express highway. 15
  16. 16. EFFECTIVENESS OF SKYWALKS IN MUMBAIOn the other side, the skywalk passes from the station road and ends at SV Road. Here, theskywalk will pass Saraswati Road to end at Linking Road.PUBLIC REVIEWS ABOUT THE SKYWALKBy Mr. Rakesh Sawant, who is a regular user of this particular skywalkThe skywalk at santacruz east links the station on the eastern side to the WesternExpress Highway (WEH). There are no exists on the skywalk and once you startwalking from the station, your next exit will be the Western Express Highway.When I started walking, I thought the walk would be endless, but you will besurprised that the entire stretch took me 5 minutes at a normal walking paceWhen the skywalks were built, I did think to myself if they were really worth it,but today they are totally worth it, because if there were no skywalks, Todays walkaround have been atleast 15 minutes, not to forget with the heavy rains, therewould be water all around and would be very mucky. 16
  17. 17. EFFECTIVENESS OF SKYWALKS IN MUMBAIDAHISAR EAST SKYWALKEstimated Cost – Rs. 1302 (in lakhs)Contract Cost – Rs. 1446.23 (in lakhs)The Skywalk runs from Dahisar railway station to Sammelan Hotel on SV Road.Mumbai, February 2, 2009 – The Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development (MMRDA) hasthrown open yet another skywalk open for public at Dahisar East, which runs from railwaystation to Sammelan Hotel.―The 14.45-crore Dahisar-East skywalk is 400 meters long and four meters wide. Theconstruction of the remaining 77-meter arm will soon be completed as MMRDA receivedpermission from the railway authorities only a month back. The same too will be openedshortly‖, said Mr. Ratnakar Gaikwad, Metropolitan Commissioner, MMRDA. 17
  18. 18. EFFECTIVENESS OF SKYWALKS IN MUMBAIMIRA ROAD EAST SKYWALKEstimated Cost – Rs. 1707.8 (in lakhs)Contract Cost – Rs. 2133.03 (in lakhs)The Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA) on Sunday partiallyopened the skywalk at Mira Road (E) for public use. The arm starts from Mira Road station onthe eastern side to Sayyad Ashraf Hamid ChowkAccording to a MMRDA spokesperson, it opened 250-metre arm of the skywalk to ease thedifficulties faced by commuters, especially during the monsoon. The remaining 275-metre armof the skywalk will be completed and opened soon.The 21-crore skywalk is the fourth skywalk thrown open for the commuters. The skywalk fromBandra east station to Kalanagar was the first one to be constructed by the MMRDA. The secondwas opened at Kanjurmarg east followed by the extension of the Bandra (E) skywalk. 18
  19. 19. EFFECTIVENESS OF SKYWALKS IN MUMBAIOBJECTIONS MADE BY THE RESIDENTSWork on the construction of two skywalks in Mira Road and Bhayander has begun despiteobjections from residents. The skywalks, being constructed outside the railway stations inBhayander (west) and Mira Road (east), are part of the Mumbai Metropolitan RegionalDevelopment Authoritys (MMRDA) project of building elevated walkways across the MumbaiMetropolitan Region (MMR). While bids for the construction work were invited in Decemberlast year, the target for completion of the project is six months.Residents had started objecting to the project though the MMRDA claimed to have invitedsuggestions before the plan was finalised. Owners of the Shanti Shopping Centre Premises Co-operative Society located outside the Mira Road (east) railway station, have written to theMMRDA and the Mira-Bhayander Municipal Corporation (MBMC), objecting to the passing ofthe skywalk between the southern side of the shopping centre and Shanti Enclave building."Residents of the first and second floor will have no privacy if the skywalk is constructed here.The MMRDA should have at least considered our suggestions before finalising the plan, saidsecretary of the society Narendra Bhambwani.Society members said that instead of constructing the skywalk, the railways should open theFoot-over-Bridge, which will provide direct access to commuters through the shopping centrewhich has over 700 shops. "Not only is the skywalk too close to the residential building, ifpeople start using it, the shopping centres business will also be hit, added Bhambwani. 19
  20. 20. EFFECTIVENESS OF SKYWALKS IN MUMBAIVASAI ROAD WEST SKYWALKEstimated Cost – Rs. 1550 (in lakhs)Contract Cost – Rs. 1825 (in lakhs)Mumbai, October 10, 2010 – The Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority(MMRDA) has thrown open one more skywalks, at Vasai Road. The total number of skywalksopened for public, as of today, is 26. ―The Authority is committed to open, in all, 36 skywalks inthe city of Mumbai and its region. The remaining ten skywalks are scheduled to be opened by theyear end‖, said Ms.Ashwini Bhide, Joint Metropolitan Commissioner, MMRDA.The 250 meter long arm, running from the Vasai Road Foot Over Bridge (FOB) to VartakCollege, of the Vasai skywalk has been completed as part of the first phase. The remaining 365meter long arm, running from Tungarashwar Chowk to Ambadi Chowk, is expected to becompleted by this month end. The 615-meter long Vasai Road skywalk is an 18-crore project. 20
  21. 21. EFFECTIVENESS OF SKYWALKS IN MUMBAICOTTON GREEN SKYWALKEstimated Cost – Rs. 2985 (in lakhs)Contract Cost – Rs. 3777 (in lakhs)Contactor – J. KumarMumbai, October 10, 2010 – The Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority(MMRDA) has thrown open one more skywalk, at Cotton Green. The total number of skywalksopened for public, as of today, is 26. ―The Authority is committed to open, in all, 36 skywalks inthe city of Mumbai and its region. The remaining ten skywalks are scheduled to be opened by theyear end‖, said Ms.Ashwini Bhide, Joint Metropolitan Commissioner, MMRDA.The Authority has also opened the 100 meter long Northern arm of the Cotton Green skywalk,which runs from Cotton Green Foot Over Bridge to Barrister Nath Pai Road near HKTCEnterprises. The other 390 meter long arm of the skywalk is also scheduled to be completed byOctober end. The 490-meter long Cotton Green skywalk is a 37-crore project. 21
  22. 22. EFFECTIVENESS OF SKYWALKS IN MUMBAITHANE EAST SKYWALKEstimated Cost – Rs. 3145.8 (in lakhs)Contract Cost – Rs. 3145.83 (in lakhs)Contractor – M/s NCC- SMC JVThe skywalk is a 1.6 km long skywalk for railway commuters and pedestrians in the east. Theproject will have eight openings for pedestrians and railway commuters to converge to ThaneRailway Station and vice versa.Besides connecting the east of the city to the west, an arm of the project will also land near theThane Municipal Corporation (TMC) run Chhatrapait Shivaji Maharaj (CSM) Hospital on Kalva- Vitava road. The arm will eventually be connected to a skywalk coming from the KalvaRailway Station as well.The Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authoritys (MMRDA) Kopri skywalk was thetopic of discussion last week in this newspaper. Now, the MMRDA plans on expanding theproject for the greater benefit of the commuters of Thane as well as residents of Kopri. The megaexpansion of the project is likely to send the project rising up to Rs 22 crore. The total length ofthe extended skywalk will go up to 2.5 kilometre from its original plan of keeping it 1.5kilometres. 22
  23. 23. EFFECTIVENESS OF SKYWALKS IN MUMBAIThe MMRDA is now actively considering the expansion of the skywalk with an arm that willlead towards the CIDCO Naka junction on the edge of the creek through the public FOB on theKalva end of the station. The public FOB would also be shifted to allow its connection to theskywalk. There is a proposal to extend this arm further towards the TMC run ChhattrapatiShivaji Hospital (CSM), Kalva in the form of a bridge over the creek.One more arm would be added to the skywalk. The arm will cross over the creek running parallelto the east of the existing railway tracks and land at vitava. The step has been taken to ensure thatthe pedestrians and the commuters of Thane wishing to go towards Vitava will have a tenminutes free walk to their destination. 23
  24. 24. EFFECTIVENESS OF SKYWALKS IN MUMBAIANDHERI EAST SKYWALKEstimated Cost – Rs. 2301 (in lakhs)Contract Cost – Rs. 3001 (in lakhs)The 20 crore skywalk runs from Agarkar Chowk near Andheri station ( E. ) towards GokhaleBridge.Andheri being one of the most busy hubs in Mumbai, Thousands of Mumbaikars work in andaround Andheri. Though a few finishing touches are still being given to it, the skywalk has beenopened considering the approaching monsoon, said the officials from MMRDA.The wind in your face. Raindrops falling on your head. A doublehigh ceiling. An expanse ofspace unimaginable in most Mumbai homes. This is no luxury apartment, but a description of thecitys many new skywalks, now home to the homeless. And the Mumbai Metropolitan RegionDevelopment Authority (MMRDA),which has constructed these skywalks and is responsible fortheir maintenance,is doing little to keep them away. 24
  25. 25. EFFECTIVENESS OF SKYWALKS IN MUMBAIThe Andheri (East) skywalk turns into a shelter for 200-250 people every night. The Bandra(West) skywalk also provides housing to a group of handicapped beggars who seek alms at theHill Road signal. A part of the Santa Cruz skywalk has been taken over by hawkers. At night, itis also used by homeless people as a shelter. At some places in the western suburbs, skywalkshave been taken over by members of a tribal community.The MMRDA has appointed security guards, who turn a blind eye. Rajesh Singh, a labourer whosleeps regularly on the Andheri skywalk, said, our family was very poor and we migrated toMumbai two years ago. I first stayed in the hills of the national park, but we were evicted. Wedon‘t disturb pedestrians and occupy the skywalk only at night.NET GAIN: The Andheri (E) skywalk,which connects the station to the east-west flyover,doubles up as a shelter for the homeless at night 25
  26. 26. EFFECTIVENESS OF SKYWALKS IN MUMBAIBHANDUP WEST SKYWALKEstimated Cost – Rs. 1215 (in lakhs)Contract Cost – Rs. 1564 (in lakhs)The construction of the 18-crore Bhandup skywalk has encountered a roadblock because apolitician does not want a flight of stairs built near his property. The Rs 18-crore public projectwould help 2.5 lakh commuters get in and out of the Bhandup railway station more easily.MMRDA has so far constructed a 240 metre arm of the skywalk and was hoping to throw it tothe pedestrians by making a staircase near Patil Estate, owned by the family of NationalCongress Party.However, MMRDA officials allege they haven‘t been able to make the landing as Patil hasobjected to the proposed staircase falling in an area close to his property.When contacted, Patil said he was not opposed to the skywalk and work on the project washeld up because of clearances required form the railway authorities. 26
  27. 27. EFFECTIVENESS OF SKYWALKS IN MUMBAIHowever, Patil said he was opposed to the landing coming up near the Patil EstateWhere is the need to have a landing so close to the station? Will people climb stairs to cover a150-metre distance? MMRDA officials are blaming me to hide their inefficiency,‖ Patil added.The 630-metre skywalk connects Bhandup railway station and Tank Road.Having landings at short distances will benefit commuters who can get on and off at shortdistances. Now commuters will have to trudge all the way till Dream Mall if they want to getoff the skywalk,‖ Pahal added.MMRDA officials say Patil had been informed of the planned staircase and had initiallysupported the project. ―We received Mr Patil‘s support when we started executing the project.There is a problem now on where the landing should be constructed. We hope to sort theseissues out soon,‖ MMRDA‘s Additional Chief Engineer Anand Pahal said. 27
  28. 28. EFFECTIVENESS OF SKYWALKS IN MUMBAIBADLAPUR SKYWALKThe Rs 18.5 cr worth project is totally funded by the MMRDA. The total length of the skywalk is1822 meters, and will be 7 meters wide. A hawker‘s zone is demarcated measuring 7 x 4 metersalong with shops admeasuring 4 ft x 5 ft shops for the people wanting to make purchases. Theskywalks will haves a seating arrangement for the old to rest. The skywalk starts from AthitiHotel and connects the Railway gate, Telone Tower, Railway gate and Navratna Hotel. In theWest, it will connect the ST stand to the railway gate.―As Badlapur is a growing suburb we want to provide the citizens with all the modern amenitiesso that in future we don‘t have to repent for the mistakes and put the citizens into trouble.Keeping in mind the future demands, we approached the MMRDA for this project and luckilyour skywalk proposal was sanctioned,‖ informs Ram Patkar, president of KBMCAccording to sources, the KBMC says that they have requested the MMRDA to increase thelength of the skywalk and extend it to other areas. ―They have agreed and if sanctioned MMRDAwill fund around Rs 42 cr totally including the present amount for the project,‖ concludes Patkar.The news of the skywalk being completed has come as a welcome relief for the residents. ―Theskywalk will be a boon for us senior citizens who take a morning or an evening walk to keep fit.As of now we neglect long walk and we have to be very cautious and alert of speeding bikes,rickshaws and other vehicles, sometime we are even knocked down. When skywalk we‘ll becommissioned we will be relieved and walk freely,‖ reasons Mohan Gupte, a senior citizen fromBadlapur east. 28
  29. 29. EFFECTIVENESS OF SKYWALKS IN MUMBAI“As Badlapur is a scenic city, the skywalk will give me a pleasant view of thecity with hills in the background. I am eagerly waiting for its opening soon,”says 35-year-old Sonali Badlapukar, a housewife. 29
  30. 30. EFFECTIVENESS OF SKYWALKS IN MUMBAICHEMBUR SKYWALKEstimated Cost – Rs. 480 (in lakhs)Contact Cost – Rs. 591 (in laks)The Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA) has thrown open onemore skywalk partly at Chembur. The 80-meter long and 4-meter wide arm of the skywalk runsbetween the two existing FOBs at Chembur-W.―The Authority will open the remaining 150-meter long arm of the Chembur skywalk in May2010 as the work on the same has started recently after getting the required permission from therailway authorities, which came about a bit late‖, said Ms.Ashwini Bhide, Joint MetropolitanCommissioner, MMRDA.The cost for the entire skywalk, being constructed by M/s. Prime Engineering, is rupees 5.92crores. 30
  31. 31. EFFECTIVENESS OF SKYWALKS IN MUMBAIGHATKOPAR WEST SKYWALKEstimated Cost – Rs. 1074 (in lakhs)Contract Cost – Rs. 1393 (in lakhs)Over the last few years, couples in Ghatkopar, as the rest of this space-crunched concretejungle—had a dearth of parks and gardens to spend some time together. But now, they havesuddenly stumbled upon a new hangout place—the skywalk recently constructed by theMMRDA connecting the northern end Ghatkopar and the station has become a hit amongcouples and college students for socializing.In Ghatkopar (W), which is mainly an industrial area, the only place where youngsters can hangout is a mall on LBS Marg, while the eastern part of Ghatkopar has all the greens—LionsGarden.They found a new place for their rendezvous when the skywalk was opened two months ago.With pedestrians hardly ever using the facility, couples, who regularly get harassed by the policeand eunuchs, found this spot an ideal place to meet. Besides, many students from JhunjhunwalaCollege and coaching classes have also turned it into their favourite hault. 31
  32. 32. EFFECTIVENESS OF SKYWALKS IN MUMBAISaid Ashutosh Shah , "As the skywalk is at least two-storey high, people walking along thestation road cannot see what is happening up and those passing through the trains can barely seewhat people are doing on the skywalk. So, it has become a cosy nook for couples." 32
  33. 33. EFFECTIVENESS OF SKYWALKS IN MUMBAIVIRAR WEST SKYWALKEstimated Cost – Rs. 680.93 (in lakhs)Contract Cost – Rs. 915.85 (in lakhs)The 589 meter long and 4 meter wide virar west skywalk is thrown open skywalk runs from virarrailway station to Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj statue Mumbai, March 22, 2009 – The MumbaiMetropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA) has thrown open another skywalk forpublic at virar west, which runs from Virar Railway station to Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Statue.―We are happy to open the 7th skywalk in the city completely which cost rupees 9.15 crore. Virarwest skywalk is 589 metres long with 4 metres wide walkway. I am sure this skywalk will beuseful for thousands of virar residents as many train services culminate at Virar‖, said, Mr.Ashwin Bhide, joint Metropolitan Commissioner, MMRDA. 33
  34. 34. EFFECTIVENESS OF SKYWALKS IN MUMBAIKANJURMARG EAST SKYWALKEstimated Cost – Rs. 777.46 (in lakhs)Contract Cost – Rs. 975.4 (in lakhs)The Bhoomipujan ceremony of Mumbais first skywalk cum shopping plaza at Kanjurmarg Eastwas performed at the hands of Sowmya Raghavan, General Manager of Central Railway,Mumbai. PRK Murthy, Chief Transport & Communication, MMRDA and Managing Director ofthe Mumbai Rail Vikas Corporation, PC Sehgal were also present on the occasion.The Skywalk at Kanjurmarg railway station (East) has been taken up for implementation byMumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA) with the cooperation ofCentral Railway (CR).The 222 metre long skywalk begins from Kanjurmarg Railway station (East) and ends near theJogeshwari-Vikhroli Link Road. The width of the skywalk is 7 metres with four metres reservedfor pedestrians and three metres for shops and the railings. The height of the skywalk is 6.5metres from the ground. Nearly 74 commercial tenements will be constructed on this skywalkfor the shopping connivance of the pedestrians.The design of this skywalk will be different from the Bandra skywalk and ceramic tiles havebeen used for flooring. The estimated cost of this skywalk is Rs58.5mn. The contract to constructthe skywalk has been awarded to J Kumar infrastructure. 34
  35. 35. EFFECTIVENESS OF SKYWALKS IN MUMBAIBORIVALI WEST SKYWALKEstimated Cost – Rs. 3040 (in laks)Contract Cost – Rs. 3373.82 (in lakhs)The Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA) threw open,partly, the skywalks at Borivli-W for public. The 330-meter long and 4-meter wideBorivli-W skywalk arm runs from platform number one up to Raj Mahal Hotel onthe Chandavarkar Road.―The Authority has opened the skywalk partly considering various difficultiesfaced by commuters, especially the kids and not-so-young ones. The remainingtwo arms of the Borivli-W skywalk will be completed and opened shortly‖, saidMs.Ashwini Bhide, Joint Metropolitan Commissioner, MMRDA. 35
  36. 36. EFFECTIVENESS OF SKYWALKS IN MUMBAIKALYAN WEST SKYWALKEstimated Cost – Rs. 4298.2 (in lakhs)Contact Cost – Rs. 5768.16 (in lakhs)The swanky new skywalk in Kalyan-west, the raised pathway for the commuters outside theovercrowded railway junction, designed to de-congest the traffic in the station area and bringrelief to the commuters, is being openly used by the city‘s homeless and the marginalizedsections.Inaugurated recently, one wing of the ambitious skywalk opening towards the Deepak hotel sidehas been taken over by the invisible of the metro, as the safest haven for the night. The presenceof these vagabonds has put a scare among the solitary commuter coming home late in the night.Women are especially frightened to use the skywalk as an alternative route to the station road--choked with vehicles as well as hawkers most of the time and in monsoon, filled with filth andmuck as well.REVIEW BY Mrs. Smita Kadam―I was really shocked to see these tramps sleeping on the bridge meant for thepedestrians only. It was late in the night and the bunch of drug addicts looked verydangerous and deranged. They were lost in a haze. The entire set up looked verycreepy and unreal for me. I was accompanied by my husband and felt a bit safe.For lonely female commuters, it is not a safe place at all. 36
  37. 37. EFFECTIVENESS OF SKYWALKS IN MUMBAI―They should not allow the public space to be converted into a dormitory for the homeless of thecity. Their presence makes the bridge a dangerous and lonely place. If not chased away, they canmake it as their permanent nightly shelter. Chances of assault and mugging are also a possibility.This will deter the commuters from using it as a clean option to the city‘s dirty and dark slipperystreets,‖ says another angry commuter Ram Patil. Commuters say that the KDMC-appointedprivate security is a mute witness to this blatant encroachment.A source in KDMC informs that the security personnel deployed on the bridge have beenassaulted by the drug addicts with blades in the past. This makes them nervous in shooing themoff from the skywalk or taking any action against them. Criminals and other anti-social elements,if unchecked, will soon make this Rs 110-crore project—delayed by more than a year and a halfdue to various reasons—an aerial nightmare for the pedestrians and a costly liability for the civicbody.When contacted, police inspector R Awhad (crime), Mahatma Phule police station, Kalyan west,said, ―It is the sole responsibility of the KDMC and the security agency only. We have threeconstables manning the entire station area on 24-hour basis. We are badly understaffed so far.But I will ask the cops to do the patrolling on the skywalk also.‖ 37
  38. 38. EFFECTIVENESS OF SKYWALKS IN MUMBAIGRANT ROAD SKYWALKEstimated Cost – Rs. 3898 (in lakhs)Contact Cost – Rs. 5048 (in lakhs)The skywalk slated at Grant Road is a unique structure with its 650-m-long and four-metre-widecircular shape and use of escalators. With a price tag of Rs 45 crore, the structure is set tobecome one of the architectural attractions of the area.―This skywalk will showcase the vibrancy of the city,‖ said Lt. Col (retd) Anand Kumar Pahal,additional chief engineer of the Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority(MMRDA) who is in charge of the project.While the bridge design may be fancy, there is a strong functional requirement behind its circularshape, said Atul Bhobe, managing director of S N Bhobe and Associates, the architectural firmdesigning the bridge. "There were so many underground utilities like telephone lines, powercables and water lines at that spot, we had to conceptualise something quite different, he said.According to Bhobe, Nana Chowk, where the structure is to come up, can be approached fromfive different locations-Tardeo, Kemps Corner, Lamington Road, Girgaum Chowpatty and OperaHouse. "In order to avoid obstructing vehicular traffic, we had to create a unique design, saidBhobe. 38
  39. 39. EFFECTIVENESS OF SKYWALKS IN MUMBAI―Eight escalators would be installed to help commuters use the skywalk. MMRDA officials saidthat, several skywalks that are coming up, will look like mini versions of cable stayed bridges,while some will have arches.MMRDA was criticized for the design of the skywalk at Bandra east which was described bycritics as being plain and ordinary. Heritage lovers have demanded that the skywalks, which willcome up in the Churchgate area, have to be designed in keeping with the heritage status of thearea. 39
  41. 41. EFFECTIVENESS OF SKYWALKS IN MUMBAISKYWALKS HAVING GOOD RESPONSE (60,000 TO75,000 FOOTFALLS A DAY  Bandra east  Mira Road  Bandra west  Santacruz east  Santacruz west  Vile Parle west  Grant Road  Kalyan westSKYWALKS HAVING AVERAGE RESPONSE (20,000 TO 35,000FOOTFALLS A DAY)  Bhayandar west  Ulhasnagar west  Borivli west  Dahisar east  Dahisar west  Cotton Green  Thane west  Virar east 41
  42. 42. EFFECTIVENESS OF SKYWALKS IN MUMBAISKYWALKS HAVING POOR RESPONSE (5000 TO 8000FOOTFALLS DAY)  Kanjurmarg  Vidyavihar east  Vidyavihar west  Chembur  Vasai Road  Thane east  Bhandup west  Badlapur east  Badlapur west  Andheri east  Ghatkopar west (29TH NOVEMBER,2010 TIMES OF INDIA) 42
  43. 43. EFFECTIVENESS OF SKYWALKS IN MUMBAIBIG ON PROMISE SMALL ON DELIVERYAniket Gupta has a hard time tending to his shop in Kanjurmarg. So, whenever he wants to takea break from the steady stream of customers, off he climbs up the nearby skywalk.―Here I can relax. Its calm up her; I can phone a friend in peace.‖ Gupta says without saying anyeffort to hide the irony in his voice. ―This should have been the most crowded passagewayin thisarea, but there are simply no takers‖When the MMRDA announced its skywalk plan, it was met with skeptics from the public. Awalk up an elevated corridor to ease congestion on the roads near crucial points like railwaystations sounds perfect in theory, but is rarely practicable, the critics said. They are now beingvindicated.The Kanjurmarg skywalk is symptomatic of the trend: feeble response is the reality also atGhatkopar (W), Bhandup (W), Badlapur (W), Badlapur (W), Kalyan (W), Vidyavihar,Chembur, Thane (E) and Andheri (E) skywalks. The story is no different for the ones inVirar (W), Bhayander (W), Ulhasnagar (W), Borivli (W), Dahisar (E-W), Cotton Greenand Thane (W).Kamal Bagchi, who commutes from Kalyan to Badlapur, says people favour the Kalyan (W)skywalk for morning walks, but not when they are in a hurry to catch a local. ―It is rarely usedduring the day.‖But MMRDA spokesman Dilip Kawathkar pooh-poohed the criticism with the best weapongovernment authorities can wield—statistics. The likes of Gupta, however cannot bother less.―The skywalk is where I get peace,‖ he contentedly says. 43
  44. 44. EFFECTIVENESS OF SKYWALKS IN MUMBAIA WALKING PATH AND SIGHTSEEING SPOTThe story of Mumbai‘s skywalk is not all disastrous. There have been instances when a skywalk,as was hoped, gave the city‘s pedestrians respite from the vagaries of its streets. Top among themis the foot over-bridge in Bandra (east).Built in 2008 at a cost of Rs. 10.76 crore, the Bandra (East) skywalk‘s success paved the path forother over-bridges in the city. And, if official counts are anything to go by, it still clocks morethan 50,000 foot-falls a day. ―I use the skywalk regularly and find it convenient,‖ said VikasNavre, a businessman who stays in Bandra (East), adding that it is difficult to walk along AnantKanekar Marg because of heavy traffic. Other residents of the neighbourhood, too, said theypreferred the 1.2 km long skywalk than dodging cars and trucks.The over-bridge is also popular among walkers who can be seen there every day early morningand in the evenings. It also has the vote of young couples, who take in the sights from theskywalk every day before making way back home.The skywalk had some teething problems when it was thrown open to the public. Pedestrianscomplained it was unstable, forcing the authorities to strengthen it with additional pillars. Therewere also instances of tiles crack up soon after opening.But the problems have been relegated to the past. The MMRDA is now considering plans toextend the skywalk from Bandra (East) to Bandra-Kurla Complex, giving residents a glimmer ofmore convenience in the future. 44
  45. 45. EFFECTIVENESS OF SKYWALKS IN MUMBAIMMRDA TRIMS SKYWALKS ON PUBLIC DEMANDMUMBAI: Bowing to public demand, the Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority(MMRDA) has altered the routes and narrowed the widths of at least a dozen skywalks plannedat Mulund East and West, Virar (E), Wadala (W), Vile Parle (E), Sewri (E), Kurla (E), twoskywalks at Dadar (E), Bhandup (W) and the one at Naigaon. The width of all skywalks has nowbeen reduced to four metres.According to the MMRDA sources, the width of few of these skywalks could be trimmed furtherto keep `reasonable and adequate distance from the residential buildings close to them,especially in crowded narrow lanes like in Dadar (East). MMRDA decision comes following theBombay high court directive not to allow hawkers on the skywalks. The directives were issuedby the court after shopkeepers and residents in Dadar (W) and Grant Road filed a PILchallenging MMRDAs skywalk plans.According to Additional Chief Engineer Anand Kumar Pahal, Naigaon skywalk would beconverted into a road bridge as demanded by the citizens there.Of the total 61 skywalks, MMRDA is constructing 49 skywalks while 13 skywalks are beingimplemented by the Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation (MSRDC). 45
  46. 46. EFFECTIVENESS OF SKYWALKS IN MUMBAIFROM PARKING LOT TO NEAREST STATION, JUST ASKYWALK AWAYThe city‘s powers-that-be have decided to put the yellow monsters criss-crossing the city‘sskyline to ‗better‘ use. Ignoring the fact that most skywalks are rarely used, if at all, officials areplanning to build new ones. These, of course, will come up alongside public parking spaces closeto railway, metro and monorail stations.A state-appointed expert committee has decided to connect the two facilities to provide easyaccess to public transport for those parking their cars at these facilities.The committee had been appointed to ratify proposals for the creation of public parking space onprivate land. Last year, development control regulations were modified to permit privateparticipation in creating public parking infrastructure. Accordingly, FSI incentives – up to 50%of the built-up parking space – were made available to private parties.The committee, comprising officials from the BMC, MMRDA, traffic police and town planning,has started insisting on construction of skywalks near public parking lots proposed to be builtwithin 500m of existing or proposed railway stations and proposed metro and monorail stations.―The onus of constructing the skywalk will lie with the private firm,‖ a committee member said.A section among senior road department officials, however, felt skywalks would only burdenroad infrastructure and violate air space. ―We do not expect a high user count for theseskywalks,‖ one of them saidOn Wednesday, the skywalk condition was insisted upon for four of the five proposals approved.Three will come up along LBS Marg, along a proposed metro route, while another one will comeup near Bhandup station. 46
  47. 47. EFFECTIVENESS OF SKYWALKS IN MUMBAIMMRDA’S PRIDE AND BLEMISHOn the one hand, its skywalk project has made the Mumbai Metropolitan Region DevelopmentAuthority (MMRDA) proud. The Wall Street Journal has applauded it for the skywalk fromBandra station to the Kalanagar junction on the Western Express Highway.On the other hand, the skywalk project is giving the MMRDA the blushes. Right to information(RTI) queries by citizens regarding skywalks in the city have time and again seen MMRDAofficials giving contradictory replies.Foremost, there is confusion over the exact number of skywalks the MMRDA plans to buildacross the city. The MMRDA has made an official announcement that there would be 57skywalks. But a recent RTI application by Grant Road resident Arvind Dagha fetched adocument from the authority listing 80 skywalks planned for the city.In February 2009, Vile Parle resident Ketan Gada asked the Maharashtra State RoadDevelopment Corporation (MSRDC), which is constructing the Vile Parle (West) skywalk forthe MMRDA, for copies of the consent letters it had obtained from the Member of Parliament(MP), the Member of Legislative Assembly (MLA) and the corporator representing the locality.He got a reply stating that "oral" permissions had been obtained from the three.But Daghas RTI application obtained a detailed list of meetings held with local representatives.Copies of both the RTI applications and replies are with DNA.The MMRDA has been vague in its reply to certain questions, such as who is responsible for theloss of money where a skywalk construction began, but was later cancelled.Another RTI application by a citizen had the MMRDA talking in riddles. His query wasregarding the cost escalation of the skywalk project. Initially, 30 skywalks had been planned, andwere to cost Rs600 crore. Later, the MMRDA increased the number of skywalks to 57 and thecost to Rs1,400 crore.Explaining the steep rise - an additional Rs800 crore for 27 more skywalks - the MMRDAofficials cited the rising cost of steel, the need for aesthetic improvement, etc. as reasons.Surprisingly, the same officials had earlier said that the skywalk project would cost less thanks tothe fall in steel prices.DNA pointed out the flip-flops to MMRDA spokesperson Dilip Kawathkar. But he stronglydefended his officials. "All permissions related to each and every skywalk have been obtained asper requirements. There are no irregularities," he said. 47
  48. 48. EFFECTIVENESS OF SKYWALKS IN MUMBAISKYWALKS – INDIA’S CURIOUS ANSWER TOCONGESTED STREETSMumbai, known to face problems with overcrowding, has just developed an answer to itsproblem. The Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA) is building aseries of elevated walkways to help combat congestion on the streets.Skywalks, nicknamed ―yellow caterpillars‖, are made out of concrete and steel and are beingconstructed across Mumbai. The MMRDA plans to create 36 skywalks within the bustling streetsof India‘s largest and most metropolitan city, with a popular of 21 million. According to a reporton CNN, skywalks will connect major train stations throughout Mumbai and make commutingeasier by providing less traffic on the ground-level streets. 48
  49. 49. EFFECTIVENESS OF SKYWALKS IN MUMBAIQUESTIONNAIREDIMENSIONS  Comfort  Convenience  Lighting  SecurityQ1. Do the citizens feel safe using the skywalk? a) Agree b) Strongly Agree c) DisagreeQ2. Is it serving the purpose of the citizens? a) Agree b) Strongly Agree c) DisagreeQ3. Are there enough lights being deployed on the skywalks? a) Agree b) Strongly Agree c) DisagreeQ4. Do you find enough seating arrangements for senior citizens? a) Agree b) Strongly Agree c) Disagree 49
  50. 50. EFFECTIVENESS OF SKYWALKS IN MUMBAIBEST SKYWALKSDIMESNSIONS:  Comfort  Convenience  Lighting  Security 50
  53. 53. EFFECTIVENESS OF SKYWALKS IN MUMBAISKYWALK FROM CST TO CHURCHGATEImagine walking between Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (CST) and Churchgate withouthaving to worry about the traffic whizzing past you in all directions.Impossible? Think again, for the metropolitan administration has appointed Maharashtra StateRoad Development Corporation (MSRDC) to construct a one-kilometre long skywalk betweenthe two stations.Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA) has asked MSRDC to plan andconstruct skywalks at nine stations, including the one between CST and Churchgate. Confirming this,MMRDA spokesman Dilip Kawathkar said that the remaining eight stations to have skywalks wereNalasopara, Vasai Road, Ambernath, Goregaon, Vile Parle and Kandivili (all on the western side),Masjid Bunder and Lower Parel.While the other eight skywalks taken together are estimated to cost Rs25 crore, the one betweenCST and Churchgate would cost over Rs20 crore. Sources said that MSRDC would deal withcost estimation, planning and execution, with MMRDA acting as the nodal agency for funding.MMRDA is constructing a skywalk between Bandra station and BKC on an experimental basis.It is likely to cost nearly Rs13 crore. Work is expected to be over by April.The sudden move by MMRDA to hand over the skywalk project to MSRDC has come as asurprise. According to sources, the metropolitan administration was not happy with the costingand the progress of work at the Bandra-BKC skywalk, which it is building on its own. 53
  54. 54. EFFECTIVENESS OF SKYWALKS IN MUMBAIBANDRA EAST SKYWALK REVIEWAUTHOR: JOY DSOUZAAfter the routine movie plan I chose Bandra east for my Sunday walk. This time I started late sothat I could look around the places without the heavy heat from sun. I started my walk at 4 oclock evening from Bandra station.Sunday Walk through sky walk, it‘s a really great experience. Mumbai have started building skywalks for pedestrians to walk to the destination from railway stations without struggling throughthe traffic.If you take an Arial view you can see this sky walk lying like Great Wall of China. It‘s bigenough to accommodate two cars side by side. There is a direct entrance to the skywalk fromrailway stations. On the start I could see big pipelines which I think should be the water supplyfor Mumbai city. Sky walk is so clean and calm that I recommend this for joggers.This has only few exits at selected regions. There were guards for every straight stretch of theskywalk. They didn‘t allow me to stamp the scenic beauty around on my camera because ofsecurity reasons. This is the only option in Mumbai to enjoy aerial view of Mumbai.I was watching the people around. The people who were using the skywalk were rushing fortheir needs. Whereas I could see youngsters enjoying kite flying as if they are flying in the sky. Icould even see the kites of disappointments hanging over the branches of trees. 54
  55. 55. EFFECTIVENESS OF SKYWALKS IN MUMBAII kept on walking because I didn‘t know where this is going to end. Walking over westernexpress highway was one of best view in the skywalk. Instead of something flying over you,when you walk in a sky walk, you are walking above the cars.At last I found the end point of this skywalk at Bandra kurla complex. It‘s a newly developedcommercial region to accommodate the increasing number of office population. This region waspreviously a marshy land. And this region still has a scope for development as the surroundingregions haven‘t yet been acquired by someone as it is still marshy. Reliance building which arefinished with high standards are found on the sides when we enter the Bandra kurla complex.Whole offices of reliance will be shifted here soon.Just opposite to this complex entrance I could see the offices of ONGC and Indian Oil. I returnedthe journey as I was late. As this whole skywalk is too lengthy for old or sick people they haveprovided seating on sides. I took a 5 min rest on a seat watching the sun setting on the west. 55
  56. 56. EFFECTIVENESS OF SKYWALKS IN MUMBAIBASIC REASON FOR NON-USAGE OF SKYWALKS  Laziness  Resistance to Change: One is habituated to its regular time table and their mode of transportTHE ALTERNATIVE USAGE OF SKYWALKS COULD BE  Hangout  Smoking : Not feasible as smoking is banned in public places  Hawkers  Trolleys : For carrying of goods  OOH  Walking and Jogging  Social Awareness Programs 56
  57. 57. EFFECTIVENESS OF SKYWALKS IN MUMBAITHE EXPECTATIONS FROM THE SKYWALKS ARE  Quality  Pollution Free  More Benches  Cleanliness  Entertainment  No Hoardings : Not feasible as it is a Source of Revenue, also the proportion of commuters who wants ads to be displayed are more  Less Congestion  More Entry-Exit Points  Good Lighting  Escalators, Elevators, Conveyor Belts  Security  No Beggars 57
  58. 58. EFFECTIVENESS OF SKYWALKS IN MUMBAIRECOMMENDATIONSThere are recommendations that came up in the process of filling the questionnaire,many of which are already implemented or taken care of, few are not feasible andothers were fantasy.Feasible Recommendation:  More benches for people who have their morning/evening walks and hangouts  Dustbins for cleanliness  Telephone Booths  Trolleys for people to carry goods  Promote as a safe and alternative mode of transport  Space on the skywalk could be used to spread social awareness 58
  59. 59. EFFECTIVENESS OF SKYWALKS IN MUMBAICONCLUSIONThere is a definite need for an alternative mode of transport to reduce thecongestion. The skywalk is an excellent alternative for that. It has reduced thecongestion and traffic near all the station areas.Even though most of the potential commuters are not using it, it has become agood source of revenue by selling the maintenance contract. And the best part isthat the maintenance contract carries all the necessary activities that need to bedone on a regular basis.The new skywalks that are coming up have space for hawkers, which will reducethe congestion near the station. Anyways, the hawkers near the stations are illegal.This will give them an opportunity to set up their stall legally. It will also motivatecommuters who shop from the hawkers to use the skywalk.The MMRDA should go ahead with the concept because from our perspectivethere is nothing to lose, but from the MMRDA perspective there is a lot to gain. 59
  60. 60. EFFECTIVENESS OF SKYWALKS IN MUMBAIBIBLIOGRAPHYI was able to make this project on Skywalks with the help of the followingwebsites  www.google.co.in  www.wikipedia.com  www.accommodationtimes.com  www.dnaindia.com In the end the Survey Questionnaire also helped me in getting relevant information about the skywalks performance. 60