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Self evaluation using Jo-Hari Windows

The process of Self Evaluation.

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Self evaluation using Jo-Hari Windows

  2. 2.  Jo-hari windows are techniques to be aware of the people and their relationship with themselves.  We live with a purpose to reach at our goals and to evaluate ourselves Jo-hari windows works best to describe ourselves.  We are completely aware of our skills and abilities and we will become more effective and productive as our interactions and communications with those around us.
  3. 3.  The more open and straightforward we are in our thoughts, our communications and our behaviors, will have a clear understanding around what it is that we value, what we are trying to accomplish and therefore will actually have the ability to help ourselves reach, where we want to go.
  4. 4. Charles Handy.  According to Charles Handy Jo-hari windows have 4 rooms i.e.: Arena, façade, blind spot, unknown; which helps in evaluating our own selves through distinct processes.  To self evaluate our self using Jo-hari windows, we need to reveal ourselves, seek feedback, and set limits.