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industries sector of pakistan and its importance in the economy of pakistan


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industries sector of pakistan and its importance in the economy of pakistan

  1. 1.  Industry Industries in pakistan (24.3% inGDP) Role of industries in the economyof Pakistan Problems to Industries in pakistan Solution of the problems
  2. 2.  “industry refers to that sector of economy which isrelated with manufacturing and production ofproducts. Major Industries in PakistanTextile IT industryMining andextractionCementTelecom SportsSurgicalSuger fertalizer
  3. 3.  major contributer to forigen exchange, cotton andcotton based products accounts for 61% in export 3rd largest exporter of the world Over 1.3 million farmers, upto 5 million are involvedin the cultivation of this crop 8.5% contribution to GDP Scarf, winter Shwals, wool fibrics, Blankets etc are theproducts of Textile Total import $14.8 billionin the last year
  4. 4.  In Pakistan in 1947 there were only two sugerindustries At present 106 suger mills are opreating inpakistan It is 2nd largest industry after textile 15th rank in the world in suger production Employment 1 million Per capita consumption is 26 kg GDP contribution is 0.7%
  5. 5.  Cement contribution in GDP is 3.5% Exported last year 700 million USD (47%increaed) Pakistan has ranked 5th position in worldexporter of cement Total companies 23, 4 forigen and 3controlled by armed forces 19 are listed in stock exchange
  6. 6.  Fertalizer is any oraganic and inorganicproducts added to soil to supply plant nutritent. Major products are Uera, DAP, NP, CAN, SSP Contribution of fertalizers are 14% in GDP Emlpoyment are 4.7 million Major fertalizer corporations are Fuji fertalizer Sitara chemical ltd Engro chemichals
  7. 7.  Sport goods are football, hockey sticks, cricket bat,volley ball, golf ball, badminton rackets, basketball, boxing gloves 40 million balls are anually exported worth 210USD Sialkot export 70% of world demand for inflatableballs increased 7.8% in last year Employement more than 200,000 Exporting goods worth $450 million Total companies 2400
  8. 8.  Pakistan has natural resuorces over 600,000 km2 Coal, Gas, Salt, Gold, Marbel, Gam stones, are bigresources Only Gold production is 450 crore USD Oil extruction, Marbel industry provide a lot ofemployement Gold, copperReserves is esti-mated to $260billion
  9. 9.  Telecommunication is the transmission ofinformation over significance distance Major categories are Telephone, Mobiles,Internet Contribution in GDP is 6% Created 220,000 high paying job Pakistan is now a leader in mobile usage insouth Asia Jazz, warid, telenor, ufone,Zong, PTCL are major TelecomCompanies
  10. 10.  Agriculture 20.47%◦ Crops 9.90%◦ Livestock 9.97%◦ Fishing 0.33%◦ Forestry 0.25% Industry 23.93%◦ Manufacturing 17.53%◦ Mining 2.39%◦ Construction 2.19%◦ Electricity & Gas 1.80% Services 55.60%◦ Wholesale & Trade 17.25%◦ Transport 11.80%◦ Finance & Insurance 3.59%◦ Ownership & Dwelling 2.22%◦ Public Administration & Defense 5.4%◦ Community & Social Professional Services 10.22%
  11. 11. 0%5%10%15%20%25%30%contribution ofindustriesGDP growthPakistanIndiaBandladeshsrilanka
  12. 12. Power shortageLack of trained manpowerDiffeculty in exportLack of new technologyChanging political and economicpoliciesBad law and order situationresulting in lower investmentHigher interest rateTerorisum which reflects forigen invetersFollowing are main problems to industrial which make obsticle in the wayof growth in their producton, result in transforing industries to othercountries.
  13. 13. ForigeninvestmentAttract foringen cargoairlinesMicro criditInnovativetechnologySubstitute ofpowers(oil, gas, windmills)Decrease interestrateprivitizationTraning of labourResearchdevelopment
  14. 14. THANK YOUPrepared by Sami ur rahmanM12-52MBA (3.5)Abdul Wali khan University Mardan