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  1. 1. www. hellohandyman . org - Hotline: 44477707
  2. 2. Hello Handyman is committed and dedicated to provide the best quality services which cater the needs and demands of its clientele. This will be realized by continuous communication between the Management, Employees and Customers. We specialize in Technical services solutions for residential and commercial properties. Our areas of expertise include Electrical works, Air Conditioning, Carpentry (Wood/ Aluminum), Plumbing and Mini-projects coordination. Our priority is to provide quality services and quick respond in any technical problems arises in your property. Each of our Technical Team is equipped with sophisticated technology to ensure rapid performance. Mobile center for all tools and spare parts readily available, In order to insure providing you the best services, we develop a questionnaire tool to track down the quality of services our Technical team performs. We give attention to your impressions and feedbacks which is very important to us. This is our way to build trust and confidence with our customer
  3. 3. Name :Hello Handyman Co. W.L.L Place And Birth Date : Qatar - Doha 2010 Occupation : Maintenance, Repair And Renovation Area Of Expertise : - Electricity - Air Conditioning - Wood And Aluminum - Plumbing - Management And Coordination Of Your Small Projects Interests : - Quality And Speed In Performance - The Client Peace Of Mind Marks: - Sophisticated Technology To Ensure Rapid Performance - Mobile Center For All Tools And Spare Parts - Discounted Price And Saved Time Hobbies - Read Your Impressions And Feedback - Draw Your Smile - Build up Your Trust Us
  4. 4. Hello Handyman has adopted in its policy a principle of individuation by building its system as a “Four Gears of Performance: which fit the customer’s needs We are totally special because we are: in responding to all your technical concerns for your home/ office. All our Technical teams are supported with the latest GPS navigation and tracking systems which is already programmed to your properties to easily track the exact location. with all supplies, Our vans contains all tools and spare parts required for each of the Electric utility, Air conditioning, Carpentry and plumbing works. Time will not be wasted in getting the required spare parts your privacy and tradition, if you are away from home; just let us know, we add to our technical team a professional ladies ready to communicate with your wife which provides a wider choice for your comfort. about your property from the moment of arrival until the departure for your satisfaction. CARE ‫إهامتم‬‫ل‬‫ا‬ READINESS ‫ية‬‫ز‬‫اجلاه‬ SPEED ‫الرسعة‬ RESPECT ‫ام‬‫رت‬‫إح‬‫ل‬‫ا‬
  5. 5. - Check and clean the filter - Treatment for drain pipes - Inspection and maintenance of wiring and circuit - Check and calibrate the thermostat - Check the evaporator - Checking the refrigerant gas - Checking air turbine - Checking the operating temperature - Check the air distributor - Inspection and maintenance of gas pipelines Repair , Replacement and Installation: - Internal and external lighting units - Television Connections and Sockets, - Power connections and outlets - Satellite receivers - Main electricity panel breakers - Electrical switches, lighting and intercom - Suction fans - Telephone and internet connections - Switches and switchboards - Main power cable
  6. 6. Replacement and installation -Taps and basins - Mixers and shower equipment - Water closets & Bidets - Pipes , water basins and valves - Bathtub - Drain pipes - Water heaters - Bathroom and kitchen accessories - Elements of the discharge valves - Water pump - Water Tanks - The water level control devices Cleaning - Clogged drain pipes - Soiled Drain pipes - Manholes - Water Tanks Repairing - Water pipes leaks - Waterproof leaks - Heaters
  7. 7. - Sticking doors - Locking bolt - Doorknob - Removing/ replacing doors - Doorstop and automatic door closing device - Broken keys - Glass of doors & windows - Cabinets - Garage doors - Problems with opening and closing the door - Window screen - Windows & doors Maintaining - WoodenAluminum furniture -Wooden décor Mini projects coordination Hello Handyman provides this service by coordination with third party to prepare quotations for the required works by the customer. Examples - Repainting or decoration for internal/external properties - renew for floor tiles - Renew for bathrooms or kitchens - Extension for small building like outside Majles - Garden decoration - Internal and external cleaning - Pest Control