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Roomvine Venues - Engage and interact with your in-store customers


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Do you own or manage a retail establishment like a bar, pub, restaurant or store? Would you like to know what your customers really think about you? More importantly, would you like to help your customers in an easier way?

Roomvine is a tool which can help you with these problems.

Contact us at for queries or to request a sticker for your venue.

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Roomvine Venues - Engage and interact with your in-store customers

  1. 1. ROOMVINE A new way to interact with your customers Venue Booklet
  2. 2. Roomvine is a must-have to for any retail business • Roomvine is a unique venue-based chat application on which users anonymously chat with other people physically present at the same venue • Users of Roomvine can use it to: • Get advice and suggestions from fellow customers • Get help from the venue’s management or give anonymous feedback • Explore conversations with people there • Share real-time pictures of the venue ambiance • Plus, anyone from all over the world can observe what’s happening in your store/venue in real time, joining your establishment’s happenings in spirit
  3. 3. Do you face any of these retail problems? • Comment cards and suggestion boxes don’t give you meaningful feedback • People are too polite to give negative feedback in person • No elegant way to give information to all your in-store customers at once • Promos and important information displayed in store are often overlooked • You can’t be with all your customers at once. There is always someone who needs help who can’t find an attendant • No way for store attendants to give answers to simple questions without leaving their station Common customer experience problems faced by retail businesses Inability to get accurate feedback Low customer engagement Ignored customers
  4. 4. Roomvine can solve your problems Roomvine is a fresh, new way for retail and customer facing businesses to observe, interact with and get feedback from their in-store customers Be heard by in-store customers by broadcasting messages Listen to what customers are thinking and talking about Be informed about how customers are rating your venue’s current atmosphere Assist in-store customers quickly through your smartphones What you can do on Roomvine
  5. 5. Be heard by your in-store customers On Roomvine you or your employees can communicate important information and announcements to all your in-store customers at once through your smartphone Send highlighted messages to your venue’s chat-room Set your venue’s status with important Information or promotions Increase your in-store engagement!
  6. 6. Assist and talk to customers on a one-to-one level Simple chat interface to talk to your in-store customers All identities are anonymous so customers feel comfortable discussing their issues openly No more angry, unattended customers! You can’t be everywhere at once and customers hate waiting for help. Watch out for customers who need assistance and help them out through your smartphone
  7. 7. Listen to what your customers are talking about now Understand your customers’ psyche and preferences Listen to your customers’ uninhibited feedback about you The most honest feedback is what customers say about you to each other. Its better than any feedback from a comment or suggestion card :)
  8. 8. Be informed about how you are perceived See how “hot” your place is right now (ratings from last 8 hours) as well as your all time score See demographics of engaged customers in your store Customers anonymously rate how much they are enjoying your venue right now. This is a signal for others nearby that your venue is “happening”. Stay informed about how they truly rate you.
  9. 9. All types of businesses are already loving Roomvine! Let us know what you like about it. “I love being able to tell everyone at once about our new dishes by setting a banner status” - Restaurant Owner “I can save time and answer simple customers questions on which isle to find what without leaving my desk” - Retail Store Manager “Its entertaining to hear what customers randomly talk about in the middle of the night :)” - Pub Manager “It’s a fun way to take music requests and to collectively share pictures of the party” - Event Manager “I like talking to at least one customer a day about their experience. They talk more candidly when its anonymous” - Boutique Shoe Shop Owner
  10. 10. Getting started is super simple Step 1: Claim your venue so we can verify and grant you admin privileges for your venue. Email us at Step 2: Engage your in-store customers by putting up sleek Roomvine stickers and signs at your entrance Step 3: Download the app for your iPhone or Android device. Log in and you are good to go!
  11. 11. There is nothing more important than knowing what is on your customers’ minds – We can help you do that! "Get Closer than ever to your customers. So close that you tell them what they need well before they realize it themselves.“ Steve Jobs, Co-Founder, CEO and Chairman, Apple
  12. 12. Email us at to get started!