Why Iksula chose Internet Retail


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In understanding the history of internet and its impact on us, it emerged as a tool that would lead to democratization of the world!

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  • Why Iksula chose Internet Retail

    1. 1. Why Iksula chose Internet Retail
    2. 2. Why Internet, Why Online Retail: Impact on Business and Society • History of Internet • Impact on Internet on Society • Internet Retail and Why it seems better • Innovations which will rock our world.
    3. 3. History of Internet
    4. 4. This Line Changed my Life for Ever “Internet would lead to Democratization of the World” Internet and its Impact on Society
    5. 5. Effects on the society Pay your bills online. Search for jobs online. Connect with all friends online. People follow you. How internet helps at every stage in Maslow’s need hierarchy.
    6. 6. Internet and Better Governance •25% of income tax filings are now online •UIDs and the impact on electronic payments Government Initiatives driving penetration as well as helping build trustworthy cyber environment . Cyber Crime, Online Payment Security and stronger consumer forums could help further
    7. 7. Internet Retail and Why it seems better
    8. 8. Why Internet Retail: Look at the Value and how Long can society Ignore it E retail Consumer Value Proposition.
    9. 9. Effects on Purchase Decision. Information, Selection and Ease Store 1 Store 2 Store 1 Store 1 Store 2 Search Engines Targeted Ads Store 1Store 1 Online Website Purchase Decisions have got very informative but very complicated for retailers
    10. 10. Case Study (Indian Case): Internet Industry and Its Impact on Society -+/- - - - - + - - + - - - - Market Leadership has been changing with new formats and players Travel is a Classical Case in Indian Market Indian Internet Consumers shifted the online proposition to Price. LTV management has been a Serious Challenge IndiatimesShopping to Fabmall to Flipkart to ???? Web Only Brands have been born in India as its easier to reach out to customers Smaller Brands would find it lucrative
    11. 11. Walmart. vs Amazon. Food For thought If the cost of monthly shipment and cost of trips to retail shops equals Amazon would always be cheaper and occupy the pricing proposition completely
    12. 12. Walmart. vs Amazon. Brand Performance. Amazon by proving higher brand ranking and customer service has proven that this model can deliver to consumer expectations
    13. 13. Walmart. vs Amazon. Projected Revenue. Key Take Away •Amazon is projected to surpass Wal-Mart in sales revenues in the year 2024.
    14. 14. Innovations: Your Head will Spin now
    15. 15. Future of Ecommerce :: QR Codes :: Sampling and Finding details about a product at a image and a click. Sampling.
    16. 16. Future of Ecommerce :: Payments :: Ease and Payments at a Click of a Button. New innovative payment solutions.
    17. 17. Future of Ecommerce :: SMS Buying:: Buy using a text. Buying through mobile texting.
    18. 18. Future of Ecommerce :: Augmented reality :: Buying as you think it in real world by watching in real world through digital eyes. Retailing Experience.
    19. 19. Future of Ecommerce :: Augmented reality :: Buying as you think it in real world by watching in real world by Digital eyes ….. Retailing Experience.
    20. 20. Future of Ecommerce :: Extra Convenience :: Using the digital platform to offer in-store experience. Efficient Selling.
    21. 21. Future of Ecommerce :: Shopping At your Price :: Format Innovation. Efficient Selling.
    22. 22. Future of Ecommerce :: Improving Suggestions :: How Service Retailing can use Digital …….. Efficient Selling.
    23. 23. Future of Ecommerce :: Social Buying :: Buying with Approval..how does this look? Instant show and Tell.
    24. 24. Future of Ecommerce :: Social Buying :: What do my friends like? Peer Acceptance is Key in Shopping Process. Isn't it? Instant show and Tell.
    25. 25. Future of Ecommerce :: Social Buying :: Buy with Approval of Friends and Family. Instant show and Tell.
    26. 26. Future of Ecommerce :: Social Buying with Videos :: Showoff and Share the inherent Needs post shopping, Digital is here …. Instant show and Tell.
    27. 27. Future of Ecommerce :: Social Buying :: Share your buys and it becomes a recommendation within groups Instant show and Tell.
    28. 28. Future of Ecommerce :: Group Deals :: Group buying behavior as we do it. Collaboration.
    29. 29. Future of Ecommerce :: Group Deals :: Pay as a Group for Gifts and more… Collaboration.
    30. 30. Parting Thought “ I thank God I work in a Industry where I would not be a Dinosaur and would end up making a better efficient world”