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Iksula Content Solutions


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Iksula Offers services for the content and editorial services

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Iksula Content Solutions

  1. 1. Cataloging & Writing Services
  2. 2. • Set by Samarjeet & DJ (Ex- eBay Category Managers) • Offices in the US, & India. • Handling 150 plus online stores. • Build 1 million SKUS & growing. • 70 full-time employees and 50 Associates. • The Iksula team has varied exposure across different verticals like, Hardware, Tools, Furniture, Home Furnishing, Apparel/Accessories, Consumer Goods, Automobiles, and Health & Fitness etc. • We have extensively worked for clients from industries like Manufacturing, Online Retailing. About us:
  3. 3. What do we offer? We help e-commerce players increase their conversion rate through great product page content
  4. 4. We excel in “Editorial Content” and “Cataloging” Editorial Content Cataloging • Product Descriptions • Category Descriptions • Consumer Reviews • Blog writing • Buying Guides & How-to Guides • Latest Launches • Jargon Busters • Building Taxonomy / Category Structure • Product Attributing • Short Descriptions and Key Feature Points • Competitive Pricing • Image Processing • Accessory Identification for Up-Sell A team of copy writers led by experienced editors exposed to international writing An experienced team with category specific expertise
  5. 5. • Thorough research • Tailored to offer the most desirable shopping experience • Seeded for SEO • Written in a way to generate consumer interest Product & Category Descriptions • Highly perceptive consumer reviews/opinions/comments • Unobtrusively exert purchase influence on the consumer • Cover the widest range of possibilities in the use of the product; also expose to related items Consumer Reviews • Build credibility by providing unbiased & comprehensive “expert” product information • Include strategic keywords and links for SEO seeding as well as traffic direction Buying Guides / How to Guides • Writing daily posts/updates to the existing blogs and create new blogs around the theme of the product/category • Create outbound links to the product/category pages • Creates third-party site content with high credibility that points to the client’s site. Blog Writing Editorial Services Summarize the slide here
  6. 6. Cataloging • Abundance & supply conversion rate based break out approach • Through detailed understanding of categories and industry landscape Building Taxonomy / Category Structure • Helping consumers find products easily through attributors / product finders • In depth understanding of product lines to identify right attributes Product Attributing • Creating consumer interest on a product by highlighting the key features of a product through a brief description and key bullet points • Deep research capabilities along with product knowledge Short Descriptions & Key Feature Points • Helping consumers buy right accessories, different options or related products from the product’s page • Understanding across product lines to identify the right accessories and related products Accessory Identification for Up-sell In depth product knowledge to build the best catalog
  7. 7. • Cataloged more than a Quarter Million SKU’s in 2009 • We have proven expertise in the home & health categories • USA and UK are the two key markets in which the catalogs we created are marketed • We have created catalogs for suppliers based out of China, Vietnam, US, Italy, India, Taiwan and so on • Other categories we work on: Cables ,Mobiles, Electronics, Computers, Toys & Games Our expertise Bath Bedding Furniture Garden Home Appliances Kitchen, Dining & Bar Lamps, Lighting & Fixtures Plumbing Rugs & Carpets Tools & Cables Bath & Body Beauty Tools Dietary & Nutritional Supplements OTC Medicines Personal Care Home categories Health
  8. 8. Our cataloging process Detailed to extract best quality & efficiency Basic Pre- Processing Options Identification Kits SKU Descriptions Kit Description, Tagging & Images Options Sheets Collections Identification Collection Writing QC Cross Sell Swatches Merging Classing Attributing Final QC Parallel processing Serial processing Imaging SKU Tagging Competitive Pricing Collection Images Swatch Images Maps / Logo Project Delivery
  9. 9. Our Clients: • Clients from the Top 500 List • Worked across multiple industries – jewelry, home improvement, technology, gifts.(Clients across 6 countries & 4 continents)
  10. 10. Identifying and creating OPTIONS from manufacturer price sheets Consumer Need • Gives customer finer choices on a product she has chosen Iksula Expertise • Extensive work with many suppliers as well as category understanding enables us to quickly identify and structure options Lighting Category Example Supplier: Nulco Product: Nulco Decorative Flush Mount Available options Pictured in tuscan bronze Image caption helps customers understand the picture better Appendix
  11. 11. Creating product KITS Consumer Need • Allows a consumer to buy an entire set of products • Up sell opportunity for the site Iksula Expertise • Our experienced category resources helps identify the products which goes along with the main product 1. Identify all the products which can be kitted together Sofa Cushion Chair Side table Furniture Category Example Supplier: MGM Trading Kit: Living Room Kit Foot Stool Coffee table 2. Also leverage category knowledge to identify other items which could go with this kit. Eg: Chests
  12. 12. Creating CROSS SELLS on accessories and related Items Business Need • Cross sell related items to increase consumer value Iksula Expertise • Understand related products or accessories which can be sold with the product the customer is currently viewing Plumbing Category Example Supplier: Danze Product: Danze D500058 Single Handle Pressure Balanced Tub, Shower Trim and Valve with Rain Showerhead from the Parma Collection Accessories Related ItemsMain Product
  13. 13. CATEGORIZATION and CLASSING into relevant categories Consumer Need • Helps a consumer narrow down on his choice of products Iksula Expertise • Experienced resources with in- depth category knowledge • Detailed category documents for reference and training Example: Classes & Attribute list for the Lighting Category
  14. 14. Our well trained resources ensures very high levels of productivity and quality Leverage tools for high productivity Quality Extensive training & documentation • In house and available scraping tools • Scripts and macros for automated data structuring and cleaning • In house tools for detailed quality checks • Detailed QC processes for • Extensive training sessions • Documentation of category knowledge into industry reference documents Bulk download, extraction and structuring of data No Check List Item Checked 1 Have you gone through the project mail and pricesheet in detail Manual 2 Check if overall dimension in description matches the tblproduct dimension TOOL 3 Enter the dimensions in description (don’t leave it blank) if it has been entered on the tblproduct sheet. Check wether maximum height, width, depth is greater than minimum height, width, depth. TOOL 4 Collection Name (Description) – Check if initial letter of all the words are in capital (Eg: Tommy Bahama – In this case T and B should be capital) TOOL 5 Check if collection name in PrName and Description are same Check if collection name is there in the PR name and that has to be the first word TOOL 6 Check if finish in PrName and description are same TOOL 7 If the sku is joined by different finishes, do not enter one specific “finish” in PrName. PrName will not have finish details TOOL 8 Check if dimension entered are 7“ H AND NOT 7“H (There should be space between 7” and H) TOOL 9 Do final spell check on all sheets wherever applicable TOOL 10 Do not leave any formula trail on the output sheet. All fonts to be in black color (Calibri 11). No bold. TOOL 11 If PrName is "Side Table in Cherry" then What the item is in description should be "Side table". If PrName is "Two Pack Table Lamp in Brown" the What the item is in description should be "Two pack table lamp" TOOL Extensive quality checks using tools Regular training sessions to improve quality
  15. 15. We offer a combination of flexible engagement models • Project basis • FTE basis • Per SKU basis We are staffed and equipped with service delivery capability across a range of geographies and skill sets • Dual shore • Off shore • Onsite Engagement & Service models
  16. 16. Agenda We look forward to building a Long Term Relationship with you
  17. 17. Thank You Email: Cell: +91-9867020005