How to leverage ecommerce


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E-commerce in India is still in the nascent stages taking its baby steps. It’s still a big deal for most folks to shop online. There is a chance now to strike and make it big. Customer-focused models such as Cash on Delivery, liberal returns policies, try-before-you buy is the way to succeed and Amit RG from Iksula will take you through these simple tips and tricks to leverage e-commerce

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How to leverage ecommerce

  1. 1.  What is Ecommerce?  Ecommerce Landscape in India  Our Focus today … Internet Retail  Selling Online?What does itTake?  Tips andTricks  Innovations in Internet Retail
  2. 2. Biz Analyst
  3. 3.  Rising disposable incomes  Young and educated population  Increasing internet penetration  Rising use of social media and technology  Easy access toVC for entrepreneurs  Reach intoTier-II and III cities
  4. 4. Internet Retail vs Retail  Fuel Costs Saved  Large Selection  Convenience  Competitive PricingValue  Smarter Buying
  5. 5. Food For thought If the cost of monthly shipment and cost of trips to retail shops equals Amazon would always be cheaper and occupy the pricing proposition completely
  6. 6. Amazon by proving higher brand ranking and customer service has proven that this model can deliver to consumer expectations
  7. 7. Key Take Away •Amazon is projected to surpass Wal- Mart in sales revenues in the year 2024.
  8. 8.  This forms the base of your ecommerce biz model  Your product needs to solve either of the below problems  Availability eg: high-end fashion products have a good demand in tier-II and tier-III cities  Price eg: one of the major factors for structured categories like electronics and books  Convenience eg: driver for low ticket items/easy to choose. Mobile recharges, utility bills.
  9. 9. Fast websites = Increased Revenue
  10. 10. Increase LTV of customers by offering Native Apps
  11. 11. Source: Flurry, January 2013
  12. 12.  Social media should be one of your core strategies Use social to Increase engagement As a customer service tool Understand your target audience  Invest in measuring ROI in social media “Half the money I spend on marketing is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half” -JohnWanamaker  Evolution of content marketing courtesy of Penguin and Panda  SEO is an Outcome not a Process anymore
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