Meau Story : The ROCKY


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This is inspiring story of MEAU: Inspired from THE ROCKY

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Meau Story : The ROCKY

  1. 1. Once upon a time..
  2. 2. Actually very recently .. there lived a MEAU.. Cheerful, God loving, caring..
  3. 3. A great believer in team work, well respected manager..
  4. 4. I am blessed and highly favored... Always Grateful to God for all he had.. Everything just perfect.
  5. 5. But .. as with seasons.. happy spring is followed by gloomy winter.. his happy life took a turn..
  6. 6. He was let go.. They said, the economy is not doing good.
  7. 7. It was a shock.. But was that a challenge?.. (he thought) not at all.. I can handle this. I know who I am, what I need to do.
  8. 8. More Disciplined, with positive attitude, he worked on his skills…
  9. 9. days passed by and the months.. with little success .. He kept pushing himself, doing all he could do
  10. 10. May be the show is over.. .. doubts, disappointment used to grab his mind.
  11. 11. Why Me.. God? Why this turbulence in my life? But he was fortunate.. He had a loving family and a mentor.. They could always spirit him up
  12. 12. The only difference between a hero and the coward is the HERO is willing to go for it.. Willing to take the shot : His mentor I am with you.. No matter what: His Wife
  13. 13. AND.. One day He still persisted with encouragement and love.. He had to. He kept a faith. Kept working hard on doing the needed things.. Moreover he kept praying.
  14. 14. he got the job offer.. the company he dreamt of.. salary much more.. that he could not even dream of.. Congratulations.. Mr. Meau.. How about joining us coming 1 st ?
  15. 15. For many of you.. this can be
  16. 16. <ul><li>as spiritual fellow he was, he continued to seek answer to &quot;WHY ME?&quot;.. &quot;Why it happened to ME?“ “What lesson God you want me to learn ? ” </li></ul>
  17. 17. There are no accidents.. :Infinite inner wisdom. Finally it dawned upon him.. As complacent he had become with his JOB.. He had forgotten about his DREAM..
  18. 18. What if I again get stable in my job and never do what I really liked to do..? How satisfying it will be? It was the time to make a decision..
  19. 19. following his passion, heart's desire.. He always wanted to put his creative energy into advertisement..
  20. 20. He was at a cross section.. WHERE to go? A promising career or Opportunity to follow his dreams Even a little steer in direction can land to a complete new destination.. And who knows it can be your DESTINY.
  21. 21. But I know nothing, I am not skilled, I am too new, … All kinds of doubts clouded his mind. Finally I Know who I am and what I worth .. Now I got to prove it. If not now.. Then WHEN? I won’t gonna get a second chance The internal fight continued quite a while…
  22. 22. He then worked as hard as he could.. it was the time to it happen. he listened to THE call... decided to follow what he loved. He was at peace internally..
  23. 23. It takes hell out of a man to change himself and he had done it. It wasn’t an easy journey.. But it was worthy. It was filled with all emotions.. He had to give it all. And he made it.. His company went on achieving every excellence award in the field.. He is now in “The Hall Of Fame”
  24. 24. For many of you.. This can be an HAPPY THE END.. For those whom it is not,..
  25. 25. You can write your own story because remember this is the story of MEAU… Me and U Listen to the Rocky within.. We can be at any point in the story.. final script writing is in our hands.
  26. 26. Bonus for Rocky in you. <ul><li>Success: Loving what you do. </li></ul><ul><li>Godly Success: Doing what you love. </li></ul><ul><li>God created each of us with a purpose, for a purpose.. We ought to fulfill that. </li></ul><ul><li>Stay happy, live with gratitude. </li></ul>