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1st Study of FinTech Startups in Germany, Austria & Switzerland


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1st Study of FinTech Startups in German-speaking Europe, covering 100 startups in PFM, payments, crowdfunding, capital markets / trading, banking & corporate finance, etc.

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1st Study of FinTech Startups in Germany, Austria & Switzerland

  1. 1. © TechFluence Consult UG (haftungsbeschränkt) 1 FinTech Forum DACH 1st Study of FinTech Startups & Innovators in Germany, Austria and Switzerland 01st Feb. 2014, Frankfurt am Main Sponsors A BankITX and TechFluence initiative
  2. 2. © TechFluence Consult UG (haftungsbeschränkt) 2 Foreword We launched FinTech Forum D-A-CH in July 2013 on a whim. Reading about the FinTech startup scene in the US and nearer home in the UK, we were wondering how a region with a burgeoning financial services sector and hubs like Frankfurt, Zurich, Munich and Vienna seems to be known for just a handful of FinTech startups that keep reappearing in the press or at events. Unlike the US - where New York FinTech startup funding was expected to double in 2013 - or the UK with London as the FinTech hub, we had no idea (if and) where financial services innovators were taking root in the D-A-CH region. Would we find them in Berlin, the startup hotspot, or in Frankfurt, Zürich, Munich or Vienna- the power centres of banking and finance? We took a leap of faith and kicked off our initiative with the intention of bringing together around 20 startups with investors and banks in a simple first event in Frankfurt in Nov. 2013. We identified and contacted the first set of twenty startup founders and waited – with bated breath! Within four weeks, we had our first 10 registrations. In the next four weeks we got to know over 50 startups, and the “network effect” took us beyond the 100 mark by end-October. Here we present some initial results of our study with brief introductions to the 100 FinTech startups/SMEs we got to know on the way to our first event. We hope that investors, banks, accelerators, and other FinTech market players will find here an informal but useful overview of the D-A-CH FinTech landscape, and use it to get to know (and reach out to) each other. Our thanks to the startups (especially those who participated in our first event, or contributed to our popular “7 Questions with…” interviews), participating investors, banks, and sponsors (BankITX and Kea Company) for supporting our initiative. Register for our next event (9th May 2014 in Frankfurt) or for our weekly newsletter covering the DACH FinTech scene. Want to be included in our next study? Email | Connect to us:
  3. 3. © TechFluence Consult UG (haftungsbeschränkt) 3 Disclaimer This is an informal study prepared purely for academic purposes, using publicly available information, and with no claims to the completeness, correctness, currentness or validity of the data. This is not an exhaustive report, and we are happy to hear from FinTech Startups or SMEs who want to be part of our next study. We are not responsible or liable for any errors, or for any investment decisions made based on the information provided in this document. About FinTech Forum D-A-CH FinTech Forum is the first hub for FinTech Startups/SMEs, investors and banks in Germany, Austria and Switzlerland (D-A-CH in short). An initiative co-founded in July 2013 by Frank Schwab and Samarth Shekhar, the Forum is on a mission to put more FinTech innovators from the D-A-CH region on the world map. We seek to identify innovators, disruptors and “hidden champions” in the D-A-CH financial services sector, and bring them together with investors and banks: via our network of relationships, our online presence (newsletters, expert blogs, Q&As, social media etc.) and events, as well as our custom advisory, research and business development services. Contact the Author Samarth Shekhar | Co-Founder, FinTech Forum D-A-CH Email: | Phone: +49 6192 7036 325 / +49 151 44 555 404 Website: | TechFluence Consult UG, Am Ziegeleipark 3c, 65830 Kriftel, Deutschland
  4. 4. © TechFluence Consult UG (haftungsbeschränkt) 4 1. Summary of initial results We were looking for answers to some basic questions: which type of FinTech startups have been founded, where are they based, when were they founded, how big are they etc. We made some initial observations from a sample size n=100. While the Berlin cluster as a startup hotspot came out on top, we saw clusters around financial centres like Frankfurt, Munich and Zurich following close behind. We used the Google Map Engine to plot a map of these startups (see next page). The jump in the number of startups after 2008-09 could indicate the frustration with the crisis and the banking system, triggering founders to go out on their own or try and change the way financial services were being provided. 0 5 10 15 20 25 Split by Location Clusters 0 5 10 15 20 25 Older Y-2008 Y-2009 Y-2010 Y-2011 Y-2012 Y-2013 Split by Year Founded
  5. 5. © TechFluence Consult UG (haftungsbeschränkt) 5
  6. 6. © TechFluence Consult UG (haftungsbeschränkt) 6 For a region known to be lending- and risk-averse, we found no dearth of crowd-funding, lending and trading startups. In terms of size (by number of employees), we found around 10% SMEs and the rest almost equally split between small (1 to 10 staff) and medium-size (11 to 50 staff) startups. Methodology / Remarks - We use “clusters” to refer to locations within ~50-100 km radius of the cities - The year of founding was taken from the company website or from their Xing, LinkedIn or TechCrunch profiles - The “FinTech Type” used for analysis or for the sub-sections below are an approximate classification based on our assessment of the core service offered– e.g. a thin line separates crowd-funding and peer-to-peer lending firms - For approximating the company size we used the range provided on their Xing or LinkedIn profile. - The short descriptions are taken from the company website, “About Us” or public profile. Where only a German website was available, we have tried our best to provide an approximate translation. - All analysis is based on publicly available and potentially inaccurate information, to arrive at approximate results as an academic study and we are not liable for the currentness, correctness or validity of the data. 0 5 10 15 20 25 Banking & Corporate Finance Capital Markets/Trading Crowdfunding/Crowdinvesting Data Analytics Payments Personal Financial Management Security Split by FinTech Type 0 10 20 30 40 50 1 to 10 11 to 50 51 to 200 Split by Size (No. of Staff)
  7. 7. © TechFluence Consult UG (haftungsbeschränkt) 7 2. Startups in Banking & Corporate Finance Company Name Short Description Website Mambu Mambu helps banks, microfinance institutions and other financial innovators to deliver essential banking services to individuals and emerging enterprises around the world. Smava smava is Germany's first credit marketplace, where applicants can get online credit with the best terms from a wide selection of offerings. Billomat With Billomat even non-accountants can take care of all their invoice processing effortlessly – including customer management, quotes, invoices and reminders. Demokratische Bank Alternative banking: “bank for common good”, founded by the people to provide cooperative banking for all Fidor Bank “Banking with Friends”: Fidor is an internet-based, licensed bank addressing private and corporate clients, it makes consistent use of Web 2.0 mechanisms to interact and communicate with its community IND Group IND Group provides online banking softwares and mobile banking applications for the international financial market. Auxmoney auxmoney is a web-based marketplace allowing private borrowers to secure personal loans funded by private investors. Vexcash Vexcash is the first PayDay (“Kurzzeitkredit” ) lender in Germany. It lends money to people in difficult financial circumstances when they suffer to get a loan anywhere else. Debitos Debitos is Germany’s first online exchange, on which companies can trade any type of receivable for cash. By auctioning off their invoices, companies gain fast access to working capital on their own conditions. Lendstar Lendstar is the new social financial network from friends for friends. It helps people lend money to their pals or other people they trust – quick, easy and secure. Naqoda The Naqoda German Withholding Tax (Abgeltungssteuer) Calculation Engine is a software solution for the calculation and reporting of interest income tax and capital gains tax according to German tax law. Kreditech Kreditech is a BIG DATA infrastructure that allows for credit bureau independent acquisition, identification, scoring, retention management in consumer lending.
  8. 8. © TechFluence Consult UG (haftungsbeschränkt) 8 Company Name Short Description Website Open Bank Project An open source API and App store for banks that empowers financial institutions to securely and rapidly enhance their digital offerings using an ecosystem of 3rd party applications and services. Finpoint Finpoint is a unique online financial matchmaking service that efficiently connects SMEs with banks and financial institutions that are registered and ready to lend. FastBill FastBill is a technologically sophisticated web-based solution for digital invoicing for services and products, and for the administration of quotations, invoices, customers and products. Synchronite The Enterprise Platform for Real-Time Customer Service. Service agents and customers can share the same browser view with one click- No downloads, no setup, runs anywhere. Assentis Technologies Client communication management solutions for generating highly personalized on boarding documents, contracts or client reports across all channels per each individual customer’s preference. Lendico Lendico is a marketplace for person to person loans. Without branches or bank teller involved, Lendico offers savings for both lenders and borrowers. Both benefit from attractive terms. Treasury Intelligence Solutions Financial solutions providing efficient, secure and cost effective banking transactions, with all processes are integrated into a single, multibank capable, audit-proof Cloud platform, with full visibility and control. Kreditup Vexcash spinoff, offering short-term loans for small business owners for up to €10000.
  9. 9. © TechFluence Consult UG (haftungsbeschränkt) 9 3. Startups in Capital Markets/Trading Company Name Short Description Website Web-based stock exchange information system based on highly scalable real-time systems, which support our clients with complex searches and analyses of financial instruments of worldwide stock exchange centres. JUSTETF Do-it-yourself investing tool for beginner as well as advanced private investors focusing on ETFs rethink finance Ethical banking investment platform that allows customers to decide how their saved or invested money will be used, and informs them about sustainable investments. Sentitrade Automatically interprets tonality in financial news. Investors use it to get an up-to-date overview of market psychology, to warn of exuberant optimism and conversely, point out opportunities created by exaggerated pessimism. Twindepot An investment community that brings together (retail) investors and stock experts, so that both can profit from each other. Yavalu yavalu has created a simple investment solution that could not only save retail investors up to 90% on fees, but also time and nerves. Ayondo Social trading platform: customers can get the best traders on your account within a few minutes, analyse their chosen traders, watch their live trades, and then let their trader portfolio run on their account free of cost. 2iQ Research Behavioural finance as well as quantitative processing and analysis of capital market data. 2iQ has successfully developed financial applications for several years and advised different mutual, hedge funds and managed accounts. StockPulse Stockpulse provides independent social media and news analyses for financial markets. Stockpulse daily collects up to 100,000 news and opinions, determines market moods, and provides valuable trading signals. TeamInvest Offers among others a white-label personal finance management solution that can be integrated without major integration effort into an existing online presence. WikiFolio Social trading platform: investors can easily invest in the trading strategies of the best traders (so-called “wikifolios”). Each investable wikifolio becomes a fully-fledged financial product which makes investing even easier.
  10. 10. © TechFluence Consult UG (haftungsbeschränkt) 10 Company Name Short Description Website JC Analytics Financial information systems product that helps investors, risk manager and controllers to make better decisions faster, with the vision to become the globally leading “Open Data Service Provider”. Moneymeets Social trading platform offering direct exchange and multibank trading in mutual funds and listed securities with high transparency, cost advantage and communication. United Signals Connects investors and financial experts directly via a web platform to create a new form of investment. United Signals breaks down the idea of any kind of investment to its core: investors follow financial experts with their assets. Intalus Leading provider of financial software, quantitative strategies, algorithmic trading and risk management Coryx Software Software for professional investment management. FBA AG Solutions to process and integrate data feeds of the world’s main suppliers of financial information. Quirion A Quirin Bank brand, Quirion offers a modern, cost-effective online wealth management advisory and portfolio management platform.
  11. 11. © TechFluence Consult UG (haftungsbeschränkt) 11 4. Startups in Crowd-Funding/Crowd-Investing Company Name Short Description Website Bankless24 Allows investors to invest directly into Mittelstand (German SMEs) Cashare Crowdfunding platform with a focus on Switzerland Seedmatch Crowdinvesting for startups Companisto Crowdinvesting for startups innovestment Crowdinvesting in innovative startups Mashup Finance Crowdfunding / -investing platform focused on Startups / SMEs StartNext Crowdfunding with a focus on creatives / inventors Bergfürst BaFin-licensed crowdinvesting platform, including IPOs c-crowd Crowdinvesting for startups, focused on Switzerland P2C Aurelia Project financing for smaller SMEs Friendfund Crowdfunding for friends Conda Crowdfunding with a focus on Austrian startups & SMEs Finmar Crowdfunding with a focus on Mittelstand / SMEs
  12. 12. © TechFluence Consult UG (haftungsbeschränkt) 12 5. Startups in Data Analytics/Others Company Name Short Description Website ConWeaver Offers automatic integration of business data as an alternative to master data management, as well as intelligent semantic and multilingual searches. Quasol Risk Management, Asset Allocation and Portfolio Optimization. Infodyn Enables enterprises gain a 360-degree view of their information assets and data flows across all applications and databases, helping them ensure compliance and good governance. InstantOLAP Lightweight BI & OLAP RiskTrak Risk Management software Rapidminer Predictive analytics (formerly Rapid-I) around customer segmentation, loyalty and retention analysis, credit ratings etc. Blue Yonder Predictive analytics to improve underwriting and pricing, improve customer understanding and predict customer claims KNIME Modular data exploration platform enables the user to visually create data flows, execute selected analysis steps, and later investigate the results through interactive views – e.g. for churn analysis and credit scoring. Crossing Tech Front- to back-office integration via Connectivity Factory™, the first mediation, convergence, and information brokerage platform. Skyvva Salesforce cloud-based integration Exasol High-performance database with in-memory computing for heavy-duty data-warehousing and BI. Packetwerk Cloud-based network security and big data analytics Reboard BI reports for mobiles: Reboard combines in a unique way both function and design into a management instrument of the next generation.
  13. 13. © TechFluence Consult UG (haftungsbeschränkt) 13 6. Startups in Payments Company Name Short Description Website BarZahlen Allows consumers to purchase goods and services online and pay cash at these retail partners, thus offering each customer an easy and safe online payment method without disclosing financial information on the Internet. Maviance Smobilpay™ Smobilpay™ is a unique turnkey solution designed for third party electronic bill payment that supports multiple payment and notification options. Paymill Enables online businesses and services to accept card payments on their websites. Developer-friendly API as well as fast account activation process within a couple of days. Traxpay A faster, safer, smarter way to do B2B financial transactions. Secure electronic payment method for B2B commerce, Traxpay breaks the barriers to real-time, 24/7 transactions and trusted trade. Payleven Mobile card payments for merchants. Based on a “plug & pay” principle, using Chip & PIN debit and credit card payments via their smartphone or tablet devices. Yapital Otto Group subsidiary, Yapital is Europe's first cashless cross-channel payment solution, offering in-store, mobile, online and invoice payment. BillPay Securing and processing of online, high-risk payment options (invoice and direct debit as well as payment by instalments). Acquired by Wonga in Oct. 2013. Pactas SaaS platform for recurring billing and subscription management for SaaS and subscription companies, whether startups or established businesses. Pay.on White-label payment infrastructure platform-as-a-service that enables providers to outsource their entire payment processes or to integrate defined processes to their existing system. Payango Offers open-and closed-loop, cards and online-based payments from co- branded prepaid cards for consumers to online payment solutions for businesses of all sizes. paymorrow Payments solutions for online retailers that allows them to offer payments options to customers, and takes care of the risk of payment default.
  14. 14. © TechFluence Consult UG (haftungsbeschränkt) 14 Company Name Short Description Website Payone SaaS modular payments platform for fully automated and comprehensive settlement of all payment processes in E-Commerce. Barpay / EZV GmbH User-friendly payments solutions, in payment processing, eCommerce and retail stores and develop from these components tailored solutions for customers of both commercial worlds. PayLoop B2B universal provider of in-store, online and mobile-based loyalty solutions. Tools and technologies for customer loyalty across every marketing channel (in-store, online, mobile) Sofort AG White-labeled secure payment (B2B) for e-commerce companies. Acquired by Klarna in Dec. 2013. PayCash A payment system for the mobile generation. Pay, cash in and withdraw money can be simply made by using ones smartphone. Payworks Mobile payment platform enabling you to launch mobile point of sale solutions to your customers – quickly and cost-efficiently cogon Helps corporates organize and optimize their payment and cash management processes. Finalogic Cloud-based white label mobile payments provider working with large banks and retailers. Pay using QR codes and NFC. Payever All businesses can accept all payments in online shops, on eBay or even by mail - using a simple link or html-button. Paymey Mobile payment for smartphones (app-based).
  15. 15. © TechFluence Consult UG (haftungsbeschränkt) 15 7. Startups in Personal Financial Management Company Name FinTech Sub-Type Website Avuba “Reinventing the Bank account” by simplifying banking - with the Avuba app and bank account, sending money on the go is as easy and secure as checking balances or analysing and budgeting your expenses. bfox Insurance product comparison: helps you to decide which insurance is best for you and who is the best provider. Moneyland Swiss comparison service - independent comparison tools for credit cards, bank accounts, consumer credits, interest rates, online trading etc. Vaamo With an intuitive app, savings and investment concept, Vaamo helps customers reach their personal financial goals easier, faster – and more fun to achieve. BankingCheck Provides financial products comparisons - including fixed deposit, bank account, credit card, deposit, and loans - so that users can compare, rate and comment. FinanzABC Helps young customers understand and compare finance products. FinanzBlick Account aggregation: access all accounts on mobile devices Kontoblick Summary of financial situation and tools for financial management. Mydepotcheck Financial product comparison / advisor comparison Whofinance Financial advisor comparison Figo Helps users keep track of finances, alerts when targets are reached. numbrs Mobile banking application that allows users to conduct transactions, track spending, pay bills, and predict future income and expenses. Sharewise Stock market-centric community offering users stock recommendations (with the quality of recommendations based on past predictions) and interact with like-minded investors,
  16. 16. © TechFluence Consult UG (haftungsbeschränkt) 16 Company Name FinTech Sub-Type Website Investory A marketing and information platform for professional asset managers. Private and institutional investors can compare the simulated portfolios of asset managers, and execute investment projects with selected partners. Trendlink Find the right stocks fast- financial information portal with analysis, trends and newsletters etc.