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Pervasive Load-Balancing

Published in: Technology
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  1. 1. Samar Sharma PLB: Pervasive Load-Balancing
  2. 2. Agenda • Problem statement • PLB Concept • Benefits • Deployment scenarios • Packet flows • Management
  3. 3. Problem statement • There is no load-balancer today that scales for the East-West traffic • There is no telemetry/analytics solution which is integrated within the Fabric. • There is no load-balancer integrated within the Fabric. Customers have to buy an external load-balancer. • There is no solution to provide recommendations, when to expand/shrink the data center resources
  4. 4. PLB • Entire fabric acts as a massive load-balancer • Entire fabric acts as a massive telemetry/analytics engine • Clients, servers, L4-L7 appliances can be connected anywhere in the fabric • Fabric could be VXLAN/EVPN/BGP, FabricPath, DFA. • PLB availability – Nexus 7k: Already shipping in NX-OS 8.01 (Atherton) – Nexus 9k: Available for EFT
  5. 5. Load-balancing Everywhere Clients Servers L4-L7 Appliances Switching Fabric Each entry point acts as load-balancer and telemetry engine
  6. 6. Elastic Data Center Clients Servers L4-L7 Appliances Switching Fabric PLB Analytics allow to expand/shrink the services and VMs based on need
  7. 7. PLB Deployment MAN/WAN FW1 FW2 FW3 Loadbalance the traffic to devices, such as Firewalls
  8. 8. Benefits : Slide 1 • Very low CAPEX and OPEX • Analytics & Telemetry: Massive data from all switches across the fabric • Build an Elastic Data Center • Wire-speed performance • Health monitoring and automatic failure handling • Bidirectional coherency – Irrespective of different hardware – Even in failure scenarios • Apply PLB on VXLAN interfaces
  9. 9. Benefits : Slide 2 • Platform agnostic, eg, Nexus 9k/7k • Works in VXLAN/EVPN/BGP, FabricPath, DFA fabrics • Synchronization of LB across multiple switches in fabric • Auto-synchronization of failure information • Recommendation system • Seemless addition/removal of servers, appliances. • Works with Virtual and physical devices: VMs, Containers, etc.
  10. 10. Analytics and Telemetry • PLB sits on the path between clients, servers, L4-L7 services. This is very valuable. – There are a number of clients (local and across border leaf), DB servers, app servers, web servers, firewalls, WAAS, IPS, IDS, video caches, etc. • How much traffic is going to each FW, WAAS, IPS, IDS, server, etc from each device in the fabric. • When does each traffic go high and low.
  11. 11. Elastic Data Center • Build a truly Elastic Data Center • Based on the Analytics and telemetry, provide details about when/how to grow/shrink the capacity of servers, Firewalls, IPS, WAF, WAAS etc.
  12. 12. Recommendation System • Based on the Analytics and telemetry, provide recommendations • Provide information about the bottlenecks. • Provide information about when is good time to do system maintenance, eg, upgrade software. • When to charge more money to the tenants.
  13. 13. Deployment scenarios • Non-DSR SLB • WAAS/WCCP Insertion • Firewall Cluster LB • DSR SLB – Client and server/FW on different subnet – Client and server/FW on same subnet • Firewall Non-Cluster LB
  14. 14. PLB Configuration CLI Command Description plb Creates a PLB service instance and parameters for it. plb l3-device-group Creates a PLB device group for balancing server or appliance loads. plb statistics Enables PLB statistics function.
  15. 15. Show commands • show running-config plb-services – Displays the running configuration of all PLB services on a VDC or ToR/leaf switch. • show tech-support plb [detail] – Displays technical support information for PLB. • show plb service – Displays current state of the specified PLB service. • show plb plb-service-name analytics [brief] – Displays detailed analytics of the specified service.
  16. 16. Management • Puppet/Chef • REST APIs • NX-API • CLI on each switch • DCNM • Others..
  17. 17. References and more info Config guide n/guide/b-pf-configuration/Forwarding-Configurations.html Command reference guide ference/pf-cr-book/Programmable-Fabric-Commands-N-to- Z.html#wp2066246057 Mailer