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Earth day april 22nd


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Earth day april 22nd

  1. 1. Introduction Every Year Earth Day is on April 22 nd. Lets keep our EARTH clean! Please take care of our Earth everyday! Agree to limit our supplies ALWAYS.
  3. 3. Resources Respect – value and appreciate. Reuse/Recycle – Use again, save, make something new from something old. Reduce - Do not waste it.
  4. 4. Procedure Respect – Value and Appreciate. Water Paper Oil Gasoline Reuse/Recycle – Use again, Save, and Make something new from something old. Paper Plastic Glass Aluminum Reduce - Do not waste it. Limit Time in the shower. Don’t let the water run while brushing your teeth or doing the dishes. Walk or cycle to school instead of driving.
  5. 5. Evaluation <ul><li>On a daily basis: </li></ul><ul><li>Write down at least two ways you saved the earth that day. </li></ul><ul><li>Inform at least one person per day how to save the earth. </li></ul>