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Samantha Urban's Daily Dental Newsletter


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Samantha Urban's Daily Dental Newsletter

  1. 1. 4/10/12 Volume 1, Issue 1 Daily Dental By: Samantha Urban Electric Vs. Manual Toothbrushes Inside this issue: Some people prefer because kids say that it is for three replacements. an electric toothbrush rather more fun to use than a manu- Sammi’s Corner: My 2 According to the than the older style manual al toothbrush and it tickles. Personal Experiences ADA, back in the early centu- toothbrush. There are so The ADA, American ries, toothbrushes were con- Foods and Drinks That 3 many positive enhancements dental Association, says sidered a luxury item. Stain Your Teeth that both kinds of toothbrush- “manual toothbrushes can be Wealthy Europeans during es offer. An electric tooth- just as effective as powered the Middle Ages would use Effects Smoking and 4 brush is designed to work ones. The key to preventing twigs from trees to clean Chewing Tobacco Have more efficiently, remove tooth decay, says experts, their teeth. It wasn’t until plaque better, and stimulate lies in the way a toothbrush- 1498 that the first bristled What Kind of Tooth- 5 gums. On the other hand a electric or otherwise- is toothbrush was invented by paste do you Use? manual toothbrush is much an emperor of China. It was easier to reach around the made from hog bristles that Fun Facts! 6 back of the mouth, they’re were placed into a bone han- cheaper, easier to travel dle. This was a very expen- with, and some have tongue sive luxury items so a whole scrapers. family would share a tooth- Many orthodontists brush. These days it is con- strongly encourage their sidered unsanitary and un- patients to invest in a me- heard of to use the same chanical toothbrush. It has toothbrush as someone else. Brushing Twice A been proven that the me- Personally, I use an Day Keeps the chanical toothbrush is more electric toothbrush because I Dentist Away effective and can get in- feel like it does a better job between wires and brackets at cleaning my teeth. It does Cosmetic procedures in the better to get into those all the work for me and I just dental field: teeth whiten- sneaky crevices that plaque have to move it around my ing/enhancing smile. likes to build up in. Mechani- used.” This is very true. Any mouth. With a manual tooth- cal toothbrushes are also toothbrush isn’t going to do How to brush your teeth, brush I have to do twice the recommended by dentists to you any good unless you use and what to use to brush work to get the same result. older patients because they it regularly and responsibly. them. There isn’t really any good found that it is easier for them There is also a very big dif- solid answer to weather the Fun Facts! to hold onto the brush and ference in prices between electric toothbrush or the brush their teeth better. Dr. the two; the electric tooth- manual toothbrush is better. Tammy Russell, a pediatric brush can be more than triple So, chose the one that best dentist, said that she thinks the price of a manual. Not fits your personal needs and mechanical toothbrushes are only is it expensive to buy likings and stick to brushing good tools to get kids inter- the body part of the tooth- your teeth at least twice a ested in brushing their teeth brush, but it costs around $20 day.
  2. 2. Page 2 Daily DentalSammi’s Corner: My Personal Experiences With Teeth Whitening Enhancements One of the biggest cosmetic by scraping off the yellow and brow thing is to have strong healthy teeth.procedures in the dental industry is stains by lightening them and giving off I was born with a genetic con-teeth whitening; you go into the dentist a much brighter, whiter appearance. dition that causes a discoloration inoffice and use a machine called the Baking soda, though, is quite harsh on certain spots of my teeth. I felt so inse-Zoom, a lamp that is shone onto your teeth and cause damage by weakening cure about them, and I hated to smile.teeth, and you pick what shade of white the enamel if used too often. Another Not only where my teeth extremelyyou want it to be. There are also at inexpensive agent costs about $3, and it yellow, but the two front teeth had largehome methods you can use such as is liquid ear wax remover! Dr. Carl Rus- white spots in the middle of them. Bywhitening strips, whitening gel, and sell, an orthodontist off Hickory Flat using the whitening strips it gave meeven household items! Highway, said that the chemical car- more confidence and the ability to bide peroxide is the same chemical Personally, I have used both smile without worrying. People noticed used in whitening treatments thatwhitening strips and whitening gels. right away the difference, and it was the brighten smiles.They work amazingly well; with the best feeling I had ever had. My insecu-whitening strips I used one pack every Some helpful tips on teeth rities were gone, although its not just asix months and it cost around $40/pack. whitening are three things: toothpaste, one and done deal. Whitening needsThrough the six months, my smiled how much whitening is too much, and constant up keep, and it is somethingstayed just how it was the first week negative effects of whitening agents. you have to do continuously.after using them until it was time to do Whitening toothpaste is a whiteninganother treatment. The whitening gel, supplement to whitening treatments.on the other hand, I found not to last as Many times, whitening toothpastes arelong, and my teeth started to stain and designed to help lift stains off teeth indarken after about 2 months of an over- between whitening treatments to help night use keep that first treatment look. Another of the helpful tip is commonly concerned with whitening in office treatment Zoom, on how to gel. I pur- create the best and most natural look chased for your teeth. Dr. Stuart Loos, an ortho- the gel dontist located off Riverstone Parkway, from my said that no one should get their teeth orthodon- whiter than the white part of your eye. tist. Un- So to get the best and most natural look Beforelike the whitening strips where you had is to match the whiteness of your teethto place around your teeth and throw it to how white the outside of your eyesaway the next morning for 30 days, the are.gel I did once every 2-3 months. The Along with whitening treat-gel came in little syringe, and I put the ments come some negative effects. Forgel inside my retainers and wore them many people whitening causes teethover night. sensitivity, enamel erosion, and some- Whitening strips and gels can times splotchy white specks. Manyget very expensive, but there are some times this is caused by excessive use ofinexpensive household items that can whitening agents, but precautionsbe used to enhance the brightness of should be taken to protect the health ofyour smile. Baking soda whitens teeth your teeth because the most important After
  3. 3. Page 3Foods and Drinks That Stain Your Teeth Acids, dark drinks and foods, drinks, stick to water as a better tion are less likely to stain teeth. The-pigmented molecules (stout colors), choice to exercise and play sports se fruits include light colored foodsdeep colored sauces, and carbonated with. such as white grapes and oranges.drinks contribute to the stains that There is a Crest White Tooth- Dark sauces such as soyappear on your teeth. Why does this paste commercial about a lady’s boss sauce, tomato sauce, and jellies andhappen? This is because the foods and telling her to stay away from red jams have the potential to cause stain-drinks we consume bind to our teeth wines because they will stain her ing. Just like red wines and the ber-and give off the yellowish appear- teeth. This is very true; if it stains a ries, these sauces bind to the enamelance. white t-shirt, why wouldn’t it stain your and weaken it and eventually staining teeth? Red wine is also an acidic drink the teeth. with powerful pigmented molecules called tannins and chromogens. White wine is also acidic and even though it does not have the staining pigmented molecules in it, it is acidic and can lead to stains as well. The acidity in carbonated drinks is found to be as intense as bat- tery acid! Sodas have acid and chro- mogens that lead to serious stains, and A lot of times you see little even the lighter colored sodas, such kids with bright colored red, blue, or as Sprite, are acidic enough to stain green suckers with temporarily teeth. To make it even worse, sodas stained tongue, lips and teeth. They Drinks such as tea can stain are very addictive, because of the do contain teeth staining proxies, butteeth just as much as coffee does. caffeine, making it difficult for some unless you eat them all the time theyStudies have found that even herbal people to steer away from drinking won’t stain your teeth much. Otherand white them. things such as popsicles and chewingteas could gum are similar.wear downenamel and The acidity in carbonated drinks is There are some ways to pre-cause tooth vent the drinks you love from stainingstaining just found to be as intense as battery your teeth, such as using a straw which should help keep these stainingas much asthe dark color drinks away from the front of yourof the basic acid! teeth and reduce the risk of stains.black tea. Also, swishing water after eating a Blueberries, blackberries, stain-causing food or drink will help Drinks with acid in them lead cherries, pomegranates, and other prevent foods and drink from stainingto tooth discoloration. Sport and ener- vividly colored fruits can stain teeth your teeth. As always, brushing is thegy drinks are highly acidic ultimately because of the pigmented molecules best answer. Brushing your teeth aftercontributing to erosion of enamel in them that stick to the enamel in your every meal is the best thing you canleading the way to staining your teeth. teeth. So fruit pies and fruit juices can do to prevent staining.So to prevent staining caused by these cause stains; fruits with less pigmenta-
  4. 4. Page 4 Daily DentalEffects Smoking and Chewing Tobacco Have On Your Teeth There is a warning label on patient. Furthermore, it delays healing ple of seconds isn’t going to do anythe side of every cigarette box that after a cleaning of the injured tissues good.says, “Warning. Cigarette smoking in the mouth can cause ulcers or per-may be hazardous to your health.” manently damaged tissues. SmokingWhen really dentists wish they would as well was chewing tobacco, accord-also put, “Warning. Smoking may ing to dentalgentlecare.com, causescause yellowing of the teeth, gum dis- 75% of all oral cancers in the mouth,ease, and mouth cancer.” pharynx, larynx, and esophagus. And, people who smoke one pack a day are Tobacco use is the number 16 times more likely than non-one cause of premature death in the smokers to develop cancer.United States. Yet, about 45 millionAmericans are addicted to this dan- The first and best step togerous drug. Not only is it addictive keeping your mouth and teeth in bestand causes severe health problems, it condition is to stop smoking. Then,also causes problems with the mouth. most dentists recommendMany times one can tell if a person According to Dr. Russellsmokes just by the looking at their teeth. “You inhale more than flossing is one of the most important aspects of cleaning your teeth. He is Tobacco can 4,000 chemicals each an orthodontist and he sees the effects of the lack of flossing, such as gum cause irritation between teeth, and ultimate- discolor- time you smoke a ly gingivitis. On average only 33% of ations of people floss at least once a day. the teeth such as cigarette. Mouthwash is also a great tool to use to help fight and clean out the bacteria turning missed while brushing, furthering the yellow, recovery of damages causes by smok- black, or ing and chewing tobacco. Do self-oralbrown, and bad breath. Dr. Bayne, my a regular checkup every 3 months for cancer examinations by checking fordentist, explained how “smoking turns oral cancer examinations and profes- sores on the face, neck or mouth. Lookyour teeth yellow by leaving sticky tar sional cleanings. Keep up with brush- for white, red or dark patches in yourdeposits which can also cause brown ing teeth twice a day, and in cases mouth, and look for discoloration orstains.” Smoking and chewing tobac- such as chewing tobacco brush espe- lumps on the roof of your mouth. Alsoco causes the gum line to recede, and cially good in areas where you watch for swellings, lumps or bumpsgums appear to look a little thin and chewed. on your lips and around the mouth.red which can results in gum disease Interesting fact, you swallow Numbness, pain or loss of feeling inleading to tooth and bone loss. Smok- 3,000 times a day while awake, but any area of the mouth can be a sign ofing also causes a buildup of tartar on while you are sleeping you only swal- cancer or permanent nerve damage. Ifthe teeth making it difficult for the low 30 times a night creating the per- anything unusual is found immediatelydental hygienist to clean the teeth; fect environment for dental decay. It is call your dentist and get it checkedwhich, often causes a very uncomfort- important to brush for about 2-5 out.able and painful experience for the minutes because brushing for a cou-
  5. 5. Page 5What Kind of Toothpaste do you Use? There are so many different kinds of toothpaste out there to use. Sohow do you know which one is the best one for you? When I surveyed 135people on what kind of toothpaste they use I also asked why they used it. Themost common answer I got was they liked the taste of it. The mostly widelyused toothpaste is the generic kind such as the SparkleFresh toothpasteshown on the picture to the right. Participants said they used it because theythought that the brand of toothpaste didn’t really matter, they all do the samething and they’re not really that different. Is this true? When looking for the type of toothpaste is best for you to use, most ofthe time it doesn’t really matter the brand. Most of the toothpaste on the mar-ket contain the required ingredients recommended by the American DentalAssociation. So don’t worry about finding the best brand of toothpaste, be-cause for the most part, it doesn’t matter which brand you use. Crest Colgate Total Whitening Toothpaste Generic Brand Aquafresh
  6. 6. Samantha Leann Urban Thank you to my project facilitator Mr. Bradford, you have helped me by editing my articles, and tremen- The newsletter reflects the dously improved my writing skills. knowledge I have obtained from research and interviewing Thank you to Dr. Carl Russell, Dr. Tammy Russell, Dr. dentists and orthodontists. I will Bayne, and Dr. Loos. Thank you for taking time for me be going to Gainesville State to interview you and give me better insight into the College in the fall of 2012 to dental industry and giving me reliable facts. obtain my dental hygienist degree. Brushing Twice a Day Keeps the Dentist Away!Fun Facts! *During the roaring 20s, mouth- brush was made in 1938. * An average American spends 38.5 wash products were also used as total days in their lifetime brushing treatment for dry scalp, after- * You are supposed to replace their teeth. shave lotion and even as a form of your toothbrush after you have beauty cleanser. had an episode of the flu, cold, or * Like fingerprints, everyone’s other viral infections. Microbes tongue print is different. *An elephant’s tooth can weigh can implant themselves on the more than 6 pounds! toothbrush bristles leading to re- * Tooth decay remains the most infection. common chronic disease among * You are not supposed to keep children ages 5-17– 59%. your toothbrush within 6 feet of a * 50% consider the smile the first toilet. The airborne particles from facial feature they notice. * About 98% of the nation’s dental the flush can travel up to a dis- hygienists are female. tance of 6 feet. * The average amount of floss * The commonly used practice of bought per person is about 18 yards putting a cap on a toothbrush is per year. The amount that should be actually more detrimental. The bought per person is 122 yards; moisture building up in the cap about one foot per day. favors bacterial growth. * Before the invention of modern * People who tend to drink 3 or day toothpaste people used to use more glasses of soda daily have ground-up chalk or charcoal, lemon 62% more tooth decay, fillings, juice, the ashes from a leftover fire, and tooth loss than others. and tobacco and honey mixed to- gether to brush their teeth. * The first toothbrush with bristles was manufactured in China in * Your mouth produces an average 1498. The hair from hogs, horses, of 1 to 2 quarts of saliva each day, and badgers were used. The first over 25,000 quarts in a lifetime– commercial, modern day tooth- enough to fill two swimming pools.