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Using CRM for Great Customer Service


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How using CRM (Customer relationship management) software can help your business achieve one of the important goal i.e Customer Service.

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Using CRM for Great Customer Service

  1. 1. Topic: Using CRM for Great Customer Service So what is the key to retain customers? You may say the product or quality but the one thing that your customer will remember is how you made them feel. The one thing that will stand out is great customer service which is the key to retaining customers and building new customers. But it’s not always easy in providing a great service due to reasons like; shortage of manpower during busy hours and also due to ever increasing demands, expectations of the customer and also due to market competition. In order to provide great customer service is making sure your employees use your CRM system effectively to help meet customer demands and expectations. Here are some tips for your CRM users. Training the CRM users To able to serve your customers better, your employees should know how to use the CRM system. Proper training should be given so that your customer and prospect customer’s queries are handled effectively. Training can be provided in different ways like online training, e-learning, classroom training, by expert internal or external trainers. The trainee should know why, what and how they are doing, so that the customers benefits from it. Adaptable procedures Staff should be able to make huge executive decisions. This is not easy but if your staff knows the nitty gritty of the corporate strategy and the road map you need to take to achieve those high level goals, often they take right decisions. This includes steps taken towards giving excellent customer service. Therefore, your steps taken should be flexible enough for any improvement suggestions provided by your employees and it should be implemented easily and quickly. Makes work easier If your customer or prospect customer has asked your employee something, they need to respond them promptly by owing the task. They customer can make a request or a complaint through various channels like email, phone, live chat etc. So, irrespective of which method of inbound request/complaint, your staff needs to keep the customers updated with status of the complaint/request quickly. Even if there is no progress of the request you need to update the status. Things to-do list
  2. 2. It is necessary to note down instead on relying on your memory for things to do because It is too easy to forget things in our day-to-day lives. It is important to have a to-do list in CRM, you can see the upcoming tasks and reminders in a task. The CRM user will come to know the work that needs to be done in a task. One can also help other staff in resolving a complaint with the help of multi assignment of a task. By doing this every complaint/request will be handled efficiently and the customer will feel valued. Retained Customers If you serve well and keep your customers happy they will keep coming back to you and be your customers forever. But the bottom line is never let your customer down, this can be achieved by all the things mentioned in the above points. FAQs If customer or prospect customer is interested in your product he may have many queries which needs to be answered. Most likely questions should be answered in FAQs section. It should be documented and published in your website or any other medium where they can view it. This will lessen the burden on your staff and you can concentrate on other important things in your business. These FAQs can also act as a guide for your staff in helping and understanding the CRM system. Final words The bottom line is to never to let a customer down, and you can do this by providing great customer service - and your CRM system should facilitate this for you. Great service is what customers expect, and it will help you build long-lasting relationships that will help your business grow. About us: We are SalesFundaa CRM software service provider in India. We have developed and designed a user friendly software which can boost your sales & marketing activities. Contact us for a free demo. Call: +91-9235353535. To know more visit: