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Product placement and the Tivo dilemma


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A powerpoint presentation with information on product placement.

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Product placement and the Tivo dilemma

  1. 1. Product Placement and the SPACDilemma By: Samantha Triplett
  2. 2. What is Product Placement? • Product placement is the subtle placing of products that exposes them to the view without the view seeing it as an ad • It can be found in movies, television, and even real life
  3. 3. Origins • Product Placement was originally intended to make scenes more realistic – The first modern form of Product Placement is said to have been Reese’s Pieces in E.T. • It’s estimated that 90% of movie and almost all television product placements are free • Studios profit from free props • Companies receive free or cheaper advertising
  4. 4. Successful, Recognizable Placements
  5. 5. Subliminal Exposure • Obvious commercials are no longer as effective • Companies becoming creative in how they reach the public • Some product placements get as much air time as a minor character – Like Vitamin Water in an episode of Gossip Girl
  6. 6. Studies of Product Placement • Product Placement improves the profits of the product – After the 1997 release of Men In Black, Ray-Ban Predator 2 Sunglasses tripled their profits – After placing Gatorade into EA sports video games showed an increase of 24% of household money being spent on Gatorade – After Reese’s Pieces appeared on E.T. its sales increased by 65%
  7. 7. How to Spot Product Placement • Is it obvious? • Do you recognize it? • Is it visible? Percy Jackson: IPhone When in Rome: IPod Jesse Stone: Rolex
  8. 8. Product Placement in Movie Trailers • This Youtube video for Transformers shows (and points out) several instances of product placement that appear in the movies.
  9. 9. The Future of Commercials
  10. 10. Additional Sites for More Information • http://images.busi 09/04/0423_tv_pr oduct_placements /index.htm • http://www.produ • http://www.comm • http://www.brand
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