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DAve & Ian ramos


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DAve & Ian ramos

  1. 1. Follow up Date: 8/24/15___ Client’s name: David Ramos & Ian Ramos Analyst name: Tina Parent: Elizabeth Relationship: Mother 1. Is the analyst showing up for appointments on time? Yes 2. What do you like about therapy? She is helping mom with everyday life for her and the children. 3. How is your child responding to analyst? Yes 4. How is the analyst communicating with you? No problems 5. Are you getting trained on programs; do you know what’s going on? Yes, she have acopy of plan of care, I collect data, and she explains to me what’s going on. 6. Are you finding treatment effective and appropriate? Yes, very much 7. What if any changes would you like to see happen? More hours Applied Behavioral Learning Experiences, Inc. PO Box 2112 Lakeland, FL 33806 Office: 863. 619.2809 Fax: 863.644.9590 A B L E