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LIVE Landing Page Clinic


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Regardless of how much traffic your site is generating landing pages are the key to converting and driving success for your advisor business. Are you capitalizing on your site traffic? Learn how to optimize your landing pages for maximum conversions as we build landing pages in real-time and give an overview of the chemistry of landing pages.

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LIVE Landing Page Clinic

  1. 1. Landing Page Clinic
  2. 2. Housekeeping ● This webinar is being recorded. You will get a link to the recording and a copy of all slides tomorrow. ● Throughout the presentation feel free to use the chat box for public messages and Q&A panel for private messages with any questions. ● We’ll be launching polls throughout. Responses are anonymous and can be answered by clicking the buttons.
  3. 3. AGENDA What You’ll Learn Today: ● What is a landing page and how to use them ● Use cases - when and how to use landing pages ● Designing pages to convert ● Elements that drive visitors to opt-in ● Top landing page do’s & don’ts ● How to create landing pages (for free!) using Twenty Over Ten
  4. 4. YOUR GUIDES Samantha Russell Chief Marketing & Business Development Officer Ryan Russell Co-Founder & Managing Partner
  5. 5. ANATOMY OF A LANDING PAGE A landing page is a website page specifically designed to convert visitors into leads.
  6. 6. 1 Landing Page Use Cases
  7. 7. USE CASES 1. Traffic from Social Media Campaigns - collect emails: Example: From Facebook Ad to a Landing Page promoting Riskalyze’s “Does Your Investment Portfolio Match your Risk”. Goal: Drive interested leads to complete assessment, provide contact info (email) as well as wealth data
  8. 8. USE CASES 2. Traffic from Email Campaigns - book meetings Example: From an Email sent to your list to a landing page promoting a service you offer. Goal: Get prospects to book a meeting on your calendar.
  9. 9. USE CASES 3. Promote an Event Example: Promote Event/Webinar Goal: Get Sign-Ups
  10. 10. USE CASES 4. To Follow Up After an Event
  11. 11. USE CASES 5. Target a Niche Example: You mostly serve small business owners, but now you are starting to work with many C-suite executives from XYZ corp. Goal: Build a landing page to show your expertise with this group and their benefit options. CTA: Download case study
  12. 12. USE CASES 5. Qualify Leads
  13. 13. 2 How to Create a High-Converting Landing Page: The Anatomy
  14. 14. ANATOMY OF A LANDING PAGE 1. Headline - Quickly sum up your offer as clearly as possible
  15. 15. ANATOMY OF A LANDING PAGE 2. Hidden Navigation - Reduce Bounce Rate/Increase Conversions
  16. 16. ANATOMY OF A LANDING PAGE 3. Context - Provide a bit more info (one line or so) on what they’ll get
  17. 17. ANATOMY OF A LANDING PAGE 4. Value - Explain the value of your offer clearly. What will people learn?
  18. 18. ANATOMY OF A LANDING PAGE 5. Image - Give visitors a tangible idea of what they’ll receive
  19. 19. ANATOMY OF A LANDING PAGE 6. Call To Action/Lead Capture - The less fields, the higher % of captured visitors
  20. 20. 3 Do’s & Don’ts
  21. 21. Do’s & Don’ts Do Don’t ● Match the design of each landing page to your overall brand/other marketing - keep it cohesive ● Have just ONE CTA per landing page ● Ensure every page is mobile friendly & search engine friendly ● Track performance and optimize ● Be afraid to build out robust landing pages that have a bit of scroll ● Forgot that images drive conversions ● Ask for too many pieces of information ● Forget to “turn off” the main site navigation Off-Pae
  22. 22. 4 How to Build Landing Pages via Twenty Over Ten
  23. 23. Easily Create UNLIMITED landing pages through your website account BUILDING LANDING PAGES IN TWENTY OVER TEN
  24. 24. Times Have Changed, and So Has Lead Generation MARKET ASSIST
  25. 25. Questions? (855) 360-1732
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