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How to Host Effective Webinars to Generate Leads for Your Advisory Business


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Webinars can be one of the most powerful and high-value tactics to directly connect with your audience. Not only are webinars an effective marketing tool but they're also an effective sales tool.

According to, 73% of marketing and sales leaders say webinars are one of the best ways to generate quality leads.

After 3 years and over 75 webinars given, our marketing team has learned what to do (and what NOT to do) to prepare, promote and run effective webinars.

This presentation covers:
- The Logistics - tools for hosting and recording
- Choosing your webinar topics/content
- Proper promotion for high registration rates
- Helpful webinar tools
- Preparing an engaging presentation
- How to keep attendees involved and engaged during your webinars

Published in: Marketing
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How to Host Effective Webinars to Generate Leads for Your Advisory Business

  1. 1. How To Host Effective, Engaging Webinars To Generate Leads for Your Advisory Business
  2. 2. Housekeeping ● This webinar is being recorded. ● Throughout the presentation feel free to use the chat box for public messages and Q&A panel for private messages with any questions. ● We’ll be launching polls throughout. Responses are anonymous and can be answered by clicking the buttons.
  3. 3. YOUR GUIDE Samantha Russell Chief Marketing & Business Development Officer Twenty Over Ten Hello! @SamanthaTwenty samanthacrussell 🙋 Join Me for a Demo? Raise Your Hand and Stay on at the End!
  4. 4. AGENDA What We’ll Discuss ● Webinar logistics - tools for hosting and recording ● Choosing your webinar topics and content ● Promotional ideas for high registration rates ● Preparing Engaging Presentations ● Tips for keeping attendees involved and engaged ● How to follow up with Registrants to Convert them to Leads
  5. 5. WHY? Why Webinars? Up to 40% of webinar attendees become qualified leads 4 P’s to a Successful Webinar
  6. 6. Twenty Over Ten Webinar Story 6 Screenshot Here Started webinars 3 years ago • 2017 Avg registrants: 50 • Today: 400- 600 • 1100% Growth in 3 years! How? • Monthly - Consistent • Educational • Provide value
  7. 7. 1 Prep
  8. 8. WEBINAR PREP Before Your Webinar: ⏰ Choose a time 💡 Choose a title/topic 💻 Identify your technology (and test it) 👨‍🏫 Appoint a moderator 📝 Start mapping out your presentation & agenda 📣 Plan out your promotional schedule
  9. 9. WEBINAR PREP What Days & Times Work Best? Source: Brafton
  10. 10. WEBINAR PREP Choose a Webinar Topic & Title It Well 1. Should answer the question “What will I get by giving you an hour of my time?” 2. Choose a topic that you are the expert in or find someone else/partner 3. How to’s & Learn to perform best
  11. 11. WEBINAR PREP What Tech To Use? Consider: ● Registration landing page, embed on website ● Capacity/ Price ● Email Sequences ● In-App Engagment Features ● Integrations with CRM/ Marketing platform you use ☝ Pro Tip: Learn the Technology BEFORE Hosting!
  12. 12. Pricing Notes ● Free for 100 participants at 40 minutes ● $14.99/month for 100 participants ● $19.99/month for 300 participants Our Top Choice! -Soup to nuts, full-spectrum platform. -Integrates with EVERYTHING ● $15/month for 25 participants ● $31/month for 100 participants Part of Suite of Tools to Run and Market Your Business ● $109/month for 100 participants and 1 organizer ● $249/month for 500 participants and 3 organizers ● $499/month 1,000 participants We used to use this at Twenty Over Ten, but switched to Zoom. Offers MANY of the same features that Zoom does Starts at $99/month for 100 attendees and up to $319/month for 1,000 attendees Beautiful Interface/UI Great for Evergreen webinars you want to look LIVE User-Friendly WEBINAR PREP Comparing Providers
  13. 13. WEBINAR PREP Other Tech Tools: 👨‍🏫 Google Slides (or other slide tool) 🎙 Microphone 💻 Computer 🎧 Headphones 📶 Hardwire Internet Connection (most ideal, but strong wifi connection will suffice)
  14. 14. 2 Promotion
  15. 15. PROMOTION USP CTA Speaker photo/bio Benefits Proof
  16. 16. POST-CONVERSION Create Landing Pages in Twenty Over Ten 1. Go to “Other Pages” 2. Click “Add New” 3. Add in Information! Tip: These pages can be made accessible from other parts of your website, or completely hidden!
  17. 17. PROMOTION Email Promotion
  18. 18. PROMOTION Email Promotion - Send a series of emails to your current contacts midweek (Tuesday-Thursday) - Send emails between 8 am - 10 am (gets 36% of registrants) -Use a different subject line, content and imagery for each email -Incorporate into your other communications like newsletters ☝ Pro Tip: Add “can’t attend in person? sign up anyway and we’ll send you the recording” to all your emails for higher registration rates
  19. 19. PROMOTION Email Promotion Source: Wild Apricot ( ☝ Pro Tip: An initial invitation, plus 2-3 reminders, is typically Optimal for highest registration
  20. 20. PROMOTION Social Media Promotion ● Include imagery & registration link ● Consider boosting/sponsoring posts. $50 goes a long way ● Record a short video ● Ask partners/staff to promote
  21. 21. PROMOTION How Many Registrants Will Actually Attend?
  22. 22. REGISTRATION ● Ask them to complete pre-event survey ● Encourage them to subscribe to your newsletter or blog ● Share Social Media Profiles - encourage them to follow ^^ Choose ONE of these - NOT ALL! Post-Registration Communication
  23. 23. 3 Presentation
  24. 24. PRESENTATION Educational vs. Promotional Content ● Invite Current Clients & Potential Clients ● Agenda - tell attendees WHEN you’ll talk about your services ● ALWAYS start with the most compelling info ● Include Logo on Slides
  25. 25. PROMOTION What to Present? ● Tax Strategies ● Social Security ● College Planning ● Money Conversations with Kids/Elder Parents/Spouses ● Behavioral Finance
  26. 26. PRESENTATION Keep it Visual! 1. Don’t just type out your points 2. Images reinforce message 3. Graphs & Charts 4. Icons and Images
  27. 27. PRESENTATION Keep Your Slides Visual! Use pictures, images on EVERY SLIDE YOU CAN
  28. 28. PRESENTATION Tips That Make A Difference ● Speak clearly but Extemporaneously. Practice! ● Keep your slide deck concise - 📊 use pictures and facts over text ● Share stories or personal anecdotes ● Remove any distractions & turn off your phone ● Appoint a “moderator” ● 😀 Share your Camera. Smile! ☝ Pro Tip: Appoint a moderator to help with chat, etc. Running a successful webinar is NOT a one-man or woman show
  29. 29. PRESENTATION Keep it Engaging ● Use polls ● Ask for attendee input in chat- ● Mute Attendees ● Print out worksheet in advance and have people “fill in the blank” ☝ Pro Tip: Ask registrants to submit questions in advance
  30. 30. 4 Post - Webinar
  31. 31. POST-WEBINAR Content Distribution Channels
  32. 32. POST-WEBINAR 2 ✌ Choices: 1. Make Webinar Accessible to All anyone can find and watch the webinar replay on Youtube or at your Website 2. Gate the Content user has to put in email to “unlock” and watch
  33. 33. POST-WEBINAR 1. Make Webinar Accessible to All: Upload Recording 1. Record “To the Cloud” 2. Edit: After Effects, Headliner, iMovie, Youtube) 3. Upload to YouTube or Vimeo 4. Optimize for SEO: Title & #hashtags 5. Customize Thumbnail w/Canva image ☝ Pro Tip: Get more clicks by creating a visually-appealing thumbnail
  34. 34. POST-WEBINAR 2. Gate the Content 1. Use the built-in “Gating” tools from your webinar provider 2. You can still list out replays on your blog/website - but users will be taken to a page where they have to enter info in to watch 3. Example:
  35. 35. POST-WEBINAR Create Blog Post with Replay ● Embed your recording from YouTube or Vimeo ● Include Call-To-Action ● Upload slide deck to SlideShare and include link in blog post
  36. 36. POST-WEBINAR How to upload to Twenty Over Ten 1. Choose location to embed 2. Click “insert video” icon 3. Add URL 4. Publish DONE!
  37. 37. POST-WEBINAR Share Replay on Social Media Share Canva Image you used to promote the webinar with link to blog post replay Share a few slides with info presented, ask people to “comment below” if they want the link to the recording
  38. 38. POST-WEBINAR Email Follow-Up ● Email ALL who registered the replay and slides ● Segment your list: ○ Registered & Attended ○ Registered & Did NOT attend ● Include CTA
  39. 39. POST-WEBINAR Identify Hot Leads Find Leads By Reviewing: ● Attendees’ time in the webinar ● Engagement levels ● Responses to survey questions ● Previously attended webinars ● Past marketing touches You can also try sending a survey AFTER the event ☝ Pro Tip: Ask Attendees if they are interested in your services DURING the webinar (by Poll or in Chat)
  40. 40. POST-WEBINAR Follow Up With Leads Typically We: ● Send replay next day ● Sales reaches out to leads within 5-7 days, offering time on calendar ● 2 more emails sent out within the next 30 days, reiterating value shared during webinar
  41. 41. POST-WEBINAR 1st Week - Encourage leads to book on Calendar
  42. 42. POST-WEBINAR 2-4 Weeks: Follow Up with Relevant Content
  43. 43. 5 Questions?
  44. 44. Get In Touch