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Easy Ways to Add Video To Your Marketing Mix: Rock Video to Connect and Grow

  1. Easy Ways to Add Video To Your Marketing Mix Rock Video to Connect and Grow ×
  2. × DIY Video Workshop Welcome to Today's FiComm x FMG Webinar on the Power of Video
  3. × DIY Video Workshop Today: 1. Why video can make a big difference 2. How to get started 3. Types of videos you can easily record & topics to cover 4. Do's and Don’ts 5. Examples we love
  4. × DIY Video Workshop Why Video Can Make a Big Difference 01
  5. 5 Who Do you Know? ×
  6. 6 On Video ● Steve Jobs, Apple ● Cathy Wood, ARK Investments ● Sara Blakely, Spanx ● Sallie Krawcheck, ElleVest Not on Video ● Jon R. Moeller, Procter & Gamble ● John Donahoe, Nike ×
  7. 7 × Consumers ❤️ Video
  8. 8 × Marketers ❤️ Video Too
  9. 9 × Google asked 12,000+ People why they watched what they watched in the last 24 hours
  10. 10 ×
  11. 11 ×
  12. 12 ×
  13. × DIY Video Workshop How to Get Started 02
  14. × DIY Video Workshop Old School New Skool ● create credibility ● over-professional language ● top-down expert ● drive connection ● human to human language ● authenticity
  15. × DIY Video Workshop Old School New Skool ● high production + expensive ● create credibility ● jargon ● charts + elevator music ● 1x website video ● DIY ● drive connection ● human to human language ● authenticity ● prospect + client experience
  16. × DIY Video Workshop The Advisors of Today
  17. × DIY Video Workshop Skip the Fancy Gear Shooting with your Phone Ideal if you’re shooting on the go, travelling or want to shoot video away from your computer. Shooting with your Webcam Paired with video hosting software, this is the perfect set up for advisors shooting videos from their desk or laptop.
  18. × DIY Video Workshop Soapbox by Wistia Leverage Tech to Simplify Loom
  19. × DIY Video Workshop Sam’s Handy Tips for Shooting Videos Right on Your Phone 03
  20. × DIY Video Workshop Use The Built-in Grid to Frame Shot (Settings> Camera> Toggle “Grid” to ON) Your eyes should align with the top line!
  21. × DIY Video Workshop Use the REAR camera, NOT the selfie camera. Oh, and buy a tripod!
  22. × DIY Video Workshop Forget fancy equipment. Use NATURAL light. Sit in front of a window, so that you are looking into it, with the light streaming onto your face
  23. × DIY Video Workshop Do NOT text or email the video from phone to computer. Airdrop it ! OR, upload to dropbox, wistia, Google Drive, then transfer
  24. × DIY Video Workshop Once on your Desktop, Edit using - Add subtitles - Put Text over video - Cut sections - Splice together - Bring in images - and more!
  25. × DIY Video Workshop Other Camera Settings to Adjust: Found under Settings> Camera > “Record Video” tab 1. Choose 4k at 24 fps (best resolution/frames per second for capturing detail and helping footage look cinematic) 1. Toggle “HDR Video” to off (this makes it easier to edit later) 1. Turn “View Outside the Frame” off (easier to setup your shot) When “outside the frame” is ON
  26. × DIY Video Workshop Candice’s video pro tips to shooting from your webcam 04
  27. × DIY Video Workshop Set up a shot you love Starting out… ROCKING video!
  28. × DIY Video Workshop Camera Angle • most flattering = at eye level or slightly above • use a stand, stack books, puzzle boxes, printer paper etc.
  29. × DIY Video Workshop Lighting • Lighting is an art • Natural light is best: • Window in front of you • No windows on the side • Note the time of day • Buy gear if needed
  30. × DIY Video Workshop Be Yourself • What is authentic to YOU? • Make it professional, but not old school • Consider: What does your ideal client expect?
  31. × DIY Video Workshop Types of Videos Advisors Can Easily Record 05
  33. × DIY Video Workshop Use Video as an Introduction to Your Firm Whereto Use this? → On the homepage Source:
  34. × DIY Video Workshop The Video Bio Whereto Use this? → “About Us” or “Our Story” page Source:
  35. × DIY Video Workshop Video Blogs “Vlogs” Whereto Use this? → “Insights” or “Blog” page Source:
  36. × DIY Video Workshop Advisor YouTubers Rocking it. 06
  37. × DIY Video Workshop
  38. × DIY Video Workshop Thumbnail Show Notes Hashtags
  39. × DIY Video Workshop
  40. × DIY Video Workshop Start Small Be Consistent Get Better
  41. × DIY Video Workshop 1-Day DIY Video Workshop: January 12th 2023 Starting out 3 lessons in!
  42. × DIY Video Workshop 1-Day DIY Video Workshop: January 12th 2023 Transform your business through the power of video. Included in the 1-day workshop: ★ DIY Gear & Setup Recommendations ★ Expert On-Camera Tips Advisors Need ★ Live Feedback on Your Videos ★ FMG “How To” Support, and more!
  43. × DIY Video Workshop Questions
  44. × DIY Video Workshop Thank You
  45. FMG Suite Can Help ● New social posts added weekly ● Automated marketing + Lead gen tools ● FINRA - reviewed content ● 200+ BD integrations Meet With Us: Questions? Overwhelmed? Need Help? We Get it! 45
  46. × DIY Video Workshop 1-Day DIY Video Workshop: January 12th 2023* *Exclusive to FMG customers Use code FMGINSIDER for 10% off
  47. × DIY Video Workshop The Numbers That Matter 80% of customers say watching a video helps them make a purchasing decision 90% conversion rate on landing pages 80% online traffic is video
  48. × DIY Video Workshop David Little Keel Point Advisors “A small client added $200K to their account after I sent a video blast. One video, and already making money.” Georgia Lee Hussey Modernist Financial “80% client meetings successfully scheduled by implementing video in account servicing” What Graduates of Advisor Marketing Bootcamp Say