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5 New Tactics to Virtually Engage Your Clients and Prospects


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New social distancing rules have heightened the need for advisory businesses to adjust their marketing strategies and implement engaging virtual experiences in place of traditional marketing methods.

Twenty Over Ten CMO, Samantha Russell, and special guest Sean Brown, CEO of YCharts share 5 creative new ways advisory businesses can engage with clients and prospects virtually.

- Why investing in visual marketing is an invaluable piece to your overall inbound marketing strategy.
- How to tastefully implement visuals into your email marketing initiatives for higher open and click-through-rates.
- The keys to leveraging Zoom and video.
- How to use visual marketing on social media to ensure your content stands out amongst the crowd.
- Best practices for using visual elements to enhance your blog post engagement and shareability.

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5 New Tactics to Virtually Engage Your Clients and Prospects

  1. 1. To Virtually Engage Your Clients & Prospects 5 New Tactics Presented by +
  2. 2. Samantha Russell Chief Marketing & Business Development Officer @SamanthaTwenty SamanthaCRussell
  3. 3. Sean Brown President & CEO @Sean_YCharts SeanBrownYCharts
  4. 4. Agenda How to Tastefully Implement Visuals Into Your Email Marketing Initiatives for Higher Open and Click-Through-Rates. The Keys to Leveraging Zoom and Video. How To Use Visual Marketing on Social Media To Ensure Your Content Stands Out. Best Practices for Using Visual Elements To Enhance Your Blog Post Engagement and Shareability. Q & A
  5. 5. What Did We Learn? • Email Is King • Pick Up the Phone • Don’t Give Up on Social Media or Your Website
  6. 6. The Advisor-Client Communications Framework
  7. 7. A Little Bit Of History A Company Is an Association or Collection of Individuals, Whether Natural Persons, Legal Persons, or a Mixture of Both. Company Members Share a Common Purpose and Unite in Order To Focus Their Various Talents and Organize Their Collectively Available Skills or Resources To Achieve Specific, Declared Goals. Learn More
  8. 8. Send Weekly Emails Tactic #1 Format Idea That Works : 1. Start by Sharing Curated News/Articles 2. Own Blog Post 3. Personal Story - Usually Gets the MOST Engagement Tools: Lead Pilot, Mailchimp, Constant Contact How- To: Https://Leadpilot.Io/Blog/Creating-A-Successful- Email-Newsletter-A-Financial-Advisors-Checklist/ Https://Leadpilot.Io/Blog/3-of-the-Best-Financial- Advisor-Email-Marketing-Campaigns/
  9. 9. Host a Webinar Tactic #2 • Timing Is Everything - 11 AM PST and Wednesdays and Thursdays Are the Best for Highest Attended Webinars • Create a Landing/Registration Page • Have the Right Tech in Place AND Test Your Tech Beforehand • Have Pre-Webinar and Post-Webinar Promotions in Place (Sharing via Website Homepage Banner, Email/Newsletter, Social Media, Etc.) • Identify Most Engaged Leads Post-Event Tools: Zoom, GoToWebinar, WebEx How-To: Https://Blog.Twentyoverten.Com/How-To-Use- Webinars-To-Generate-Leads-for-Your-Advisory-Business/
  10. 10. Record a Video Tactic #3 Tips To Record a "Talking Head" Video Right on Your Phone • Find Good Lighting (Light Source Behind Camera) • Position Talking Points Behind Camera • Camera Positioned at Eye Line or Higher • Speak Extemporaneously • Start With a Story or Stat To Hook Viewers Secret on Getting People To Watch • Have a Great Thumbnail (Canva) • Hook People in First 15 Seconds • Use PPP Formula • Preview • Proof • Preview Tools: Headliner (Captions) YouTube (Hosting), (Thumbnails), RingLight/Tripod (Filming) How-To: Https://Blog.Twentyoverten.Com/Webinar-Replay- Video-Marketing-From-Start-To-Finish/
  11. 11. Boost Your Social Media Presence Tactic #4 • Start Posting Daily • Images/Infographics Are Shared, Liked & Commented on 3x More Than Other Posts Know the 4 Social Media Post Commandments 1. Don't Start Posts With "I", "my", or "We" 2. Don't Use Passive Voice ("Check Out", "Take a Look", Etc) 3. Write for a Specific Audience - Don't Be Too Broad 4. NEVER Share an Article/Image With no Context as to Why Tools: Lead Pilot (Social Scheduler, Analytics, Content) How-To: Https://Leadpilot.Io/Blog/Social-Media-for-Financial- Advisors-Social-Selling-Guidebook/ Https://Leadpilot.Io/Blog/Increase-Your-Social-Media-Engagement-4- Things-Not-To-Do-in-Your-Social-Posts/
  12. 12. Share Your Expertise Via Weekly Blogs Tactic #5 Articles With an Image Once Every 75-100 Words Receive 2x the Shares on Social Media as Articles With Fewer Images. • Make Your Own (Try Canva)
 • Source From Web 
 • Infographics/Videos in Lead Pilot 
 • YCharts Tools: Twenty Over Ten (Website/Blog CMS & Hosting), YCharts (Charts, Model Portfolios, Custom Reports), Lead Pilot (Content, Landing Pages) How-To: Https://Blog.Twentyoverten.Com/Qa-Your-Blogging- Questions-Answered/ 

  13. 13. Smarter Investments + Better Communications = Stronger Client Relationships Visualize your investment strategies & share them with clients & prospects Build, Visualize & Compare Investment Strategies Let your analysis tell a story with visually-appealing charts that make the complex easy Create Visuals To Share Your Insights Analyze & compare portfolios, funds & securities using clean and client-friendly visuals Engage Clients & Prospects With a Personalized Experience ***Start a Free Trial at & Mention the "Twenty Over Ten Webinar" To Unlock an Extended 2 Week Trial***
  14. 14. Manage all of Your Marketing in One Place Do More in Less Time With the Only Software Built Specifically for Advisors That Brings all of Your Marketing Together in One Place. Customizable Content Marketing Automation Landing Pages Social Media Scheduling Email Marketing Automated Drip Campaigns Lead Scoring & Profiles Get One Month Free! YCHARTSMONTHLY (for Monthly Plan) YCHARTSANNUAL (for Annual Plan)