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NACE: Career Readiness Defined


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Employers are looking for graduates who are ready for the work force. They want new hires who have experience in eight professional competencies that will help graduates succeed in the workplace. Can you articulate your skills, talents, interests and strengths in these areas? Visit your Career Services Center to learn more.

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NACE: Career Readiness Defined

  1. 1.>CareerReadiness>Overview&Resources. CourtesyoftheNationalAssociationofCollegesandEmployers. Employersarelookingfor graduateswhoarereadyfor theworkforce.Theywant newhireswhohave experienceineight professionalcompetencies ththatwillhelpgraduates succeedintheworkplace. Canyouarticulateyour skills,talents,interests,and strengthsintheseareas? VisityourCareerServicesCenter tolearnmore. AREYOU CAREERREADY?
  2. 2.>CareerReadiness>Overview&Resources. CourtesyoftheNationalAssociationofCollegesandEmployers. Formore informationand careerreadiness resourcesvisit yourCareer ServicesCenter. AREYOU CAREERREADY?