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ABCs of Social Media by Marketing Maven


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Do you know your way around social media platforms? Does the time you post matter? Which social media is most useful and why?

The ABCs of Social Media presented by Marketing Maven helps you navigate your way around social media platforms and understand what tools are available to you to help build your product, brand, and brand following.

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ABCs of Social Media by Marketing Maven

  1. 1. Mingling with Social MediaSocial media applications, platforms and sites are continuing to grow.As more and more websites and mobile phone apps enter their way intopeople‟s daily lives, it‟s up to your company to understand them and findthe best way to use them!The ABCs of Social Media will:Introduce you to popular social media platformsHelp you understand how you can make the most of what they haveto offer to build:A positive ROIGrowing group of loyal consumers and brand ambassadors
  2. 2. Alltop is the “online magazine rack” of the web that aggregatesonline reading sources such as blogs, webpages, and other newspages that you are already used to visiting. It also helps youdiscover sources that you didn‟t know existed.How can you use Alltop?• Stay on top of industry news• Seek out competition‟s moves• See what top bloggers are interested in• Submit your blog to alltop to get extra traffic• Get up to speed on new product areas—research through
  3. 3. Blogger is a blog publishing tool that allows private or multi-userblogs with time-stamped entries to blog about any topic they want!How can you use Blogger?• Blogs can be an effective way to bridge the space betweenproduct and consumer with educational content.• Blogs can help reach your target audience• Your content can be distributed to a variety of platforms• Influencers create content—start a blog and become aninfluencer
  4. 4. Crowdstorm is a shopping recommendation website whereconsumers help each other find the best online prices on a varietyof consumer goods. This social shopping experience allowsconsumers to ask experts questions about their future purchases.How can you use Crowdstorm?• Blogs can be an effective way to bridge the space betweenproduct and consumer with educational content.• Blogs can help reach your target audience• Your content can be distributed to a variety of platforms• Influencers create content—start a blog and become aninfluencer
  5. 5. Digg is a social bookmarking service delivers the most interestingand talked about stories on the Internet right now. You wouldsubmit a link, which Digg members vote to decide whether they“digg” it or not. The more popular, the greater the visibility.How can you use Digg?• Digg can serve as a viral platform for content—links can spreadacross the web generating numerous inbound links.• Research what topics or trends consumers are attracted
  6. 6. eHow is a online resource where professionals from every fieldcome together to offer expert advice, backed by the additionalsupport of a can-do eHow community.How can you use eHow?• eHow is the go to resource, and if you choose to write for eHowyou can set yourself apart as an expert in specific or multiplefields• eHow is also a great research tool—based on the articles read,you can determine what consumers are really concerned aboutor intrigued by?
  7. 7. Facebook is a social utility that connects people with friends andothers who work, study and live around them.How can you use Facebook?• Facebook offers a variety of advertising campaigns from sponsorships tomore integrated campaigns• Build a Facebook page to further brand your product and company• Utilize Facebook as a real-time focus group, use custom audiences to runads on Facebook that complement your emails• Increase ROI from events—run an ad campaign encouraging customers tovisit your booth• Drive in-store purchases with mobile ads—use a Facebook Loyalty
  8. 8. The brainchild of a powerful search engine, Google Plus+ aims to make sharing quick and easy in areal-time fashion. You can build communities, connect with them personally through hangouts thatcan help brand your company, and even segment your audience to better reach your followers.How can you use Google+?• Content and Google+ impact follows you across all of Google‟sproducts: Reviews, Maps, Chrome, Ads, Handouts, YouTube,Drive, Calendar, Wallet.• A Google+ post can be found during a search in your networkregardless of how old it is.• Adds a personable touch to your brand/company.• Connect with your consumers with videos, photos and
  9. 9. Enhance your social media management with HootSuite, theleading social media dashboard.How can you use HootSuite?• Serves as a functional tool to manage all social media platforms• Track your campaigns and engage with your audience on a dailybasis• Measure success and track your analytics with their new featureto create custom
  10. 10. A fun way to share photos with friends, and transforming thosephotos with integrated filters and more. Over 100 million users.How can you use Instagram?• Reach a new audience with engaging content: visuals and shortmessages• Introduce mobile marketing into your campaign• Add contests through instagram to engage consumers by askingthem to use a particular hashtag in their pictures• Have some descriptions of photos include CTA to promo codesand moreInstagram
  11. 11. Joomla! is the mobile-ready and user-friendly way to build yourwebsite. This site is an award-winning content management system(CMS), which enables you to build Web sites and powerful onlineapplications.How can you use Joomla?• Share informative and interesting content with users on aplatform more personable platform• Share content relevant to your customers• Include capture forms and CTA to get more information aboutyour
  12. 12. Short quick videos allow you to share news quicktime! With Keek,you can record and upload instant videos to show off newproducts, the building of company culture and more!How can you use Keek?• Use hashtag campaigns where users can use a # to personalisea theme• You can share „keeks‟ via other social media platforms tomultiply results• Engage with potential customers by researching what kind ofcontent they engage with• Use Keek to add a personal touch to your
  13. 13. Like a professional Facebook, LinkedIn is the social network thatallows you to connect with other professionals in your area andconnect to build a professional network.How can you use LinkedIn?• Join groups to learn more about the experts in your respectiveindustries.• Add value to your profile and company by establishing yourselfas an expert.• LinkedIn Ads allow you to target individuals based on job titles,responsibilities and other
  14. 14. At one point, MySpace took a break, but came back as the socialentertainment network powered by fans. Geared more for music,movies, celebrities and TV, this is a great platform if you or yourcompany has a strong music or entertainment emphasis.How can you use MySpace?• Make the power of visual search work for you through MySpace‟snavigation• Take advantage of the expression-centric interface to add apersonal touch to your brand or company• For the entertainment industry, interactive brand promotionallows you to stand out in a sea of
  15. 15. Ning empowers you to take control of your social strategy. WithNing you can build upon your successful Facebook and other socialchannels presence to gather your most loyal and strong advocatesand enthusiasts into a community of your own. (Source: can you use Ning?• Ning allows organizations to share text, website content andmultimedia with followers and receive feedback.• Use Ning‟s built-in social integration with other social websites• Promote user-generated content and engage in conversationwith their organization‟s
  16. 16. Orkut is an online community designed to make your social life moreactive and stimulating. orkuts social network can help you maintainexisting relationships with pictures and messages, and establish newones by reaching out to people youve never met before.How can you use Orkut?• Orkut allows you to reach out and interact with countless peopleall around the world and to do so in an easy and quick fashion.• Orkut gives you the opportunity to reach an
  17. 17. The bulletin board has taken a virtual spin. Pinterest gives your company the ability topost photos on boards that you‟ve organized. For example, you can create a “Kid-FriendlyRecipes” board if you are a kitchen gadget company or “Hair Styles” if you are a fashioncompany.How can you use Pinterest?• Convert more browsers into buyers by presenting them with yourdiverse array of products or showing how your product can be used• Pinterest drives ten million unique views, attract them with engagingcontent• Use pins to get inbound links• Pinterest integrates with your website, Twitter, and Facebook• Research and learn what your audience
  18. 18. Quora is a question-and-answer website created, edited andorganized by its community of users.How can you use Quora?• Brainstorm ways to engage with consumers—learn whatprospective customer want• Network with potential customers• Gain SEO traction• Learn more about your industry through expert-paneldiscussions• Learn about new
  19. 19. reddit is a social news website where users can post links tocontent on the web. Other users may then vote the posted links upor down, causing them to appear more or less prominently on thereddit home pageHow can you use reddit?• Use reddit for market research through subreddits—user-created subsection or subforum of the main Reddit site.• Reddit is a great model for giving bloggers freebie to build
  20. 20. StumbleUpon is channel surfing for the web. You simply choosespecific categories of interest and press “Stumble!” to load a newpage or website for you to view. You can submit your own pages,like other pages, and growing a following.How can you use StumbleUpon?• Post quality content to help consumers vote for you• Tapping into the viral power of StumbleUpon may help build
  21. 21. Twitter is an online social networking service and microbloggingservice that enables its users to send and read text-basedmessages of up to 140 characters,How can you use Twitter?• Twitter helps you monitor and keep track of keywords that arecrucial to your brand• Tweet with these right keywords to be found by others muchfaster• Engage where the conversation is happening; get attention andattraction with quality
  22. 22. uberVU automates the tedious parts of an enterprise social mediamarketers daily activity: finding insights, influencer mentions,trends and optimizing posting.How can you use uberVU?• uberVU provides immediate insights with real time data delivery.• Use Smart Publishing to publish your content at the optimumtime and date for maximum engagement.• Analyze your results in real
  23. 23. Vimeo is a friendly place where people who take and love videoscan share, watch, discover, and be inspired. The best way to getstarted is to upload something youve created. Vimeo Members willsee youre an interesting and creative individual just like them. Youshould also watch videos and give feedback.How can you use Vimeo?• Content is easily found on Vimeo.• Community is a more professional crow so use Viemo focusingon B2B
  24. 24. A semantic personal publishing platform with a focus onaesthetics, web standards, and usability.How can you use Wordpress?• Post regular content relevant to your customers.• Capture information about your customers.• Learn what your customers are engaging with most to buildbrand
  25. 25. Xanga is a community where you can start your own free weblog,share photos and videos, and meet new friends, too.How can you use Xanga?• Set your brand or company apart as industry experts withrelevant content.• Create a conversation by tying blog posts with your social mediaplatforms.• Use Xanga to share news and keep consumers up to date oncompany
  26. 26. YouTube is a video-sharing website, created by three former PayPalemployees in February 2005, on which users can upload, view and sharevideos.How can you use YouTube?• Making videos allows you to engage your audience better thanother media.• Video is an effective way to explain product functions,processes, and other concepts that are hard to describe in copy.• Video is easy to mobile-optimize through YouTube.• Create conversations with your brand‟s audience throughbranded video
  27. 27. Zoho offers a suite of online web applications geared towardsincreasing your productivity and offering easy collaboration.How can you use ZoHo?• Identify Market Opportunities by analyzing data about existingcompany/product share, marketing growth and competitorgrowth• Analyze campaign cost and effectiveness.• Analyze sales patterns to identify cross-sell and