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Analysis of the pharmaceutical industry in ethiopia, adapted sales brochure


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Analysis of the pharmaceutical industry in ethiopia, adapted sales brochure

  1. 1. Market Engineering Research Analysis of The Pharmaceutical Industry in EthiopiaIdentifying and Evaluating Market Trends for Specific Therapeutic Agents Healthcare (HC) Research Service Code: M863-52 Completion date: August 2012
  2. 2. ContentsSection Slide Numbers  Summary of Study 3  Research Aims and Objectives 4  Scope of Research 5  Research and Respondent Scope 6  Methodology Followed 7  Research Deliverables 8  Benefits of Research 10  Frost and Sullivan Company Information and Contacts 11 M863-52 Contents 2
  3. 3. Summary of StudyThis research service provides a strategic analysis of theEthiopian Pharmaceutical Industry over the period 2009 to2017. The market size and growth of the total pharmaceuticalindustry, including six main therapeutic segments thatcharacterize the prescription drug market are presented. Abrief competitive overview is provided for the total market. EthiopiaInsight into the market dynamics, particularly the drivers and Market Value (2011)restraints as well as the opportunities of the pharmaceutical ` $422.2 Mmarket, is provided. • A key finding of this research identifies the Pharmaceutical industry in Ethiopia to be worth $945.8 million in 2017. • In addition to the large pharmaceutical market opportunity, the industry is expected to witness a CAGR of 14.8 per cent over the forecast period (2012-2017). Ethiopian • The Anti-infectives, Cardiovascular and Diabetes Therapeutic segments Pharmaceutical present the largest opportunity for growth. • Generic pharmaceutical products dominate the market as they favour Industry highly price sensitive consumers. M863-52 3
  4. 4. Research Aims and Objectives—Key QuestionsThis Study Will Answer The aim of this research service is to characterise the opportunities that exists for specific therapeutic classes within the Ethiopian Pharmaceutical Industry How is the health care in Ethiopia structured? What regulations govern the pharmaceutical industry 1 and how will these regulations impact the market in the future? What is the size and growth potential of the pharmaceutical industry in Ethiopia? What are the drivers, 2 restraints, and challenges within the industry? What is the size and growth potential of various therapeutic segments in the pharmaceutical industry? 3 What opportunities exists for each of these segments? Who are the existing competitors in the Ethiopian pharmaceutical industry and how is their marketing 4 strategy structured to meet basic customer needs? Who are the various competitors of the various therapeutic segments in the industry? How is the 5 market divided amongst these competitors? What factors contribute to the key growth opportunities in each therapeutic segment and what 6 strategic recommendations can assist participants to capitalize on those opportunities? M863-52 4
  5. 5. Scope of ResearchGeographic ScopeThis research service focuses on the Ethiopian Pharmaceutical market.Product ScopeThe research service will focus on specific pharmaceutical therapeutic Ethiopiasegments namely; Anti-infectives, Cardiovascular, Diabetes, Centralnervous System, Respiratory and Oncology ` Total Pharmaceutical Industry Generic Branded products products Anti-Infectives Cardiovascular Diabetes Respiratory Central Nervous Oncology Segment Segment Segment Segment System Segment SegmentM863-52 5
  6. 6. Methodology & Respondent ScopeFor Market Engineering research, Frost & Sullivan utilises tried and testedmarketing techniques to provide structure to the research and an easy formatto compare results across different countries, markets and over time.This project was carried out using primary research (telephone or face-to-faceinterviews) and secondary (published and online material) as the principlemethods of data gathering. The focus of the interviews for this project wereprimarily the respondent types outlined in the figure below. Organisation Type Target Designations Type of InformationPublic and Private Hospitals and Expenditure, Key Products in Demand, Procurement Officers, Directors of Clinics Key Products in Use, Challenges, Pharmacy Procurement Process, Key Suppliers Regulatory Process, Industry Overview, Regulatory bodies, Associations Administration Officers, Directors Industry Structure, Key Participants, and Societies Expenditure, Government Projects Industry Trends, Technology Trends, Pharmaceutical Manufacturers, CEOs, MDs, Marketing Managers, Challenges, Drivers, Restraints, Revenues, Suppliers & Distributors General Managers, Sales Managers Growth Opportunities, Competitive Dynamics M863-52 6
  7. 7. Methodology FollowedThis Research Service provides a strategic overviewof the Ethiopian Pharmaceutical Industry and followsthe principle of Frost & Sullivans Market Engineeringresearch methodology. This measurement-basedmethodology focuses on market measurement,analysis, forecasting, strategy development andmonitoring.Data retrieved from the secondary and primaryresearch regarding the Ethiopian PharmaceuticalIndustry was compiled, tested and engineered toprovide a market structure and market forecasts Frost & Sullivan’s Market Engineering Research MethodologyThis study is based on thorough secondary and primary research principles. Extensiveinterviews were conducted with key stakeholders. Market participants in the supply side ofpharmaceutical products also provided key market information allowing for a top-downanalysis of this market in Ethiopia.M863-52 7
  8. 8. Research Deliverables 1/2 Market Market Engineering Overview Measurements Market Drivers Competitive and Restraints AssessmentM863-52 8
  9. 9. Research Deliverables 2/2 Forecast and Pharmaceutical Trends Procurement Regulatory Healthcare Overview OverviewM863-52 9
  10. 10. Benefits of Research Provides insights into industry dynamics Analysis of the key Analysis of the Pharmaceutical market players within 1 Industry in each country Ethiopia 8 2Comprehensive revenue 7 Research 3 Identifies growth opportunities forecasts by totalMarket and Therapeutic Benefits within the Market and Segments Therapeutic Segments 6 4 5 Key market drivers and Provides a competitive analysis restraints for the and recommendations Pharmaceutical Industry Overview of regulatory systems and supply of pharmaceutical product in the country M863-52 10
  11. 11. Frost & Sullivan Contacts Phil Howarth Danielle Kruger Operations Director Account Manager Frost & Sullivan Africa Frost & Sullivan +27 21 680 3269 +27 21 680 3262 +27 72 878 0698 Kate Howarth Mani James Sales Manager Programme Manager Frost & Sullivan Africa Chemicals, Materials and Food +27 21 680 3261 +27 21 680 3208 mani.james@frost.comM863-52 11