Our Herolds Bay Home


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RiverTree Lodge
on the Gwaing River Gorge
next to Milkwood Forest
Herolds Bay

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Our Herolds Bay Home

  1. 1. Warren and Samantha Burns Our Herolds Bay home 044 851 0227 082 606 7227 [email_address]
  2. 2. Intimate African lounge area nestled in amongst the trees
  3. 3. Coming down the stairs, arriving into the main living area
  4. 4. View through the living room onto the pool deck, against the backdrop of the forest on the opposite side of the gorge .
  5. 5. Open plan living room, dining room. Sliding folding doors create a lovely open air feeling
  6. 6. Relaxing environment on the pool deck, scarcely able to see any other houses around
  7. 7. View of the forest and exposed rock of the gorge from the pool deck
  8. 8. Another view of the forest and more exposed rock of the gorge
  9. 9. One of the views from the pool deck – the sea and the Gwaing River that runs through the gorge
  10. 10. Dining room with recesses displaying artifacts collected on bush-lodge excursions over the years
  11. 11. Dining room lit up at night
  12. 12. Letting nature grow into the dining room, as the indigenous bush has been retained
  13. 13. Open plan solid Blackwood kitchen, with clean lines and integrated fridges. Window looks out onto water feature in the main atrium
  14. 14. View from kitchen through the living room, out towards the gorge.
  15. 15. Night-time view from the outside in
  16. 16. Semi open-plan bathroom, with floating solid wood vanity, custom-made dragonfly handles, cork flooring and pebble beds that are lit up at night
  17. 17. Handmade, brass Moroccan light overhanging the freestanding bath. Exposed beams throughout main bedroom and bathroom
  18. 18. Extra large king-size bed with custom-made kist. Mosquito net provided if desired
  19. 19. Bedroom flows into bathroom, separated by stone wall. Shower on the right opens to the outdoors, for alfresco shower overlooking the gorge.
  20. 20. Balcony overlooking gorge from the main bedroom. Leadwood sculpture on left, pajama lounge in front of fireplace on right.
  21. 21. One last view of the main bedroom
  22. 22. View from guest bedroom
  23. 23. Guest bedroom in textures of blue and brown
  24. 24. Zarabar’s signature feature – using natural art from the bush such as this magnificent leadwood tree trunk
  25. 25. Night-time view from Zebra lounge, through towards the my office and tree
  26. 26. The opposite view of the same tree trunk as it takes centre stage in this double volume area
  27. 27. Looking past the Zarabar signature feature into the indigenous bush main atrium – another favourite Zarabar feature
  28. 28. Zarabar’s office. Cork flooring. Views of the river and the sea .
  29. 29. Double volume office.
  30. 30. Another view of the office – views of nature on three out of four sides
  31. 31. Another massive tree trunk (weighing 2 tonnes) in the entrance hall. Note thatch ceilings, hand-made Mexican lights, floating cabinet and use of bold red suede paint
  32. 32. Close up view to appreciate the texture of the tree trunk
  33. 33. Attention to detail in the selection of light fittings
  34. 34. Guest toilet.
  35. 35. Artifacts from all over South Africa
  36. 36. Earthy tones and textures
  37. 37. African fabrics
  38. 38. Magnificent double rainbow as seen from the main bedroom
  39. 39. Spectacular sunrise as seen from the main bedroom
  40. 40. One of the many sunsets we have enjoyed down at the rocks on the Estate
  41. 41. A small attempt to reflect the beauty of nature