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Nov 12


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Nov 12

  1. 1. STEP 1: Sit in your assigned seat. STEP 2: Write down “no hw” in your agenda and take out the map hw due today STEP 3: Write “Boston Massacre” on the line #5 of your Table of Contents STEP 4: Work on your warm-up Welcome! No questions at this time. Talking = a mark
  2. 2. Guiding Question Is violence between police and citizens usually the fault of soldiers, citizens, or both?
  3. 3. Setting the scene - KEY POINT #1 What do you think is happening in the document? How do you think this made the colonists feel?
  4. 4. Key Point #1 In 1768, King George III sent British soldiers to the colonies to enforce tax laws. This angered many colonists, especially in Boston, Massachusetts.
  5. 5. boston-massacre What events does this remind you of in the world today? (think about CNN or Channel One News)
  6. 6. Key Point #2 Define: Name what you are defining, and share the meaning of the word. Include details to make your answer clear.
  7. 7. Instructions 1: Answer ALL the questions 2: Do not use the banned words (they, people, it) 3: Finished early? Under your notes, write about how the Boston Massacre relates to the United States today. Identify: Name or list in a complete sentence Explain: Name what you’re explaining, use the word “because,” and write 3 details/reasons.
  8. 8. Key Point #3
  9. 9. Guiding Question Was the Boston Massacre the fault of the British soldiers, the colonists, or both?
  10. 10. Exit Ticket Explain who you think was responsible for the Boston Massacre. Explain: Name what you’re explaining, use the word “because,” and write 3 supporting reasons.
  11. 11. In order to be dismissed, silently... 1: Put your notes in your current notes section 2: Stack your binders 3: Exit Tickets in a pile 4: Binders on the shelf 5: Pack yourself up and be SEATED