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/Users/samantha/documents/uph/semester 3/cyber/we tell it like it is


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/Users/samantha/documents/uph/semester 3/cyber/we tell it like it is

  1. 1. WE TELL IT LIKE IT IS<br />Samantha Juwitha Born 04120090045<br />Gregory Tandiono 04120080090<br />
  2. 2. OUR BLOG<br />Description: What you see on top of our blog is our logo. As the name of our blog literally expresses, we do tell it like it is. It is all about reporting whatever seems randomly important to us according to our genre: directly, bluntly and objectively. Our last post was about Trauma healing; which concerned the victims of the merapi incident. <br />Our Theme: <br />We’re basically reporting news, that are important and relevant, yet quite in the random matter. As we are called “We Tell It Like It is”, we literally tell our stories they way they are. We are direct, objective and blunt in the way we deliver our news. <br />Our Genre:<br />Our news are usually social and political, yet we also have a few entertaining posts as well. But on the whole, we report about social behavior, social conditions, traffic and also political situations. <br />Our Purpose:<br />The reason why we created our blog in the first place was because we were assigned by our lecturer in our cyber journalism class. Basically our intention is to inform our readers about things that they don’t really realize, but can totally relate with when they read our posts. Our purpose is to open our readers eyes about the things that are not always obvious to them. <br />
  3. 3. This is us<br />We (Samantha and Greg) are two students who are partners for the blog assignment in the cyber journalism class. This is the reason that got us started. <br />We both have agreed on randomly reporting whatever seems unusual to us. However this unusuality appears to be something that is relevant and useful to our lives. <br />We decided to do this, because we found that we both have an eye for the things that are not always commonly realized or taken into account by certain people. <br />We want people to see these things and go “Hey, that’s so true”, or “wow, I never thought of it that way.”<br />How we work:<br />We both contact each other as soon as we see something or notice something that is useful for our blog. Unfortunately this does not happen every day. However we do update our posts frequently as soon as we can. (We tell it like it is)<br />Other than that we also have our “Thursday: Blog Day Routine”. We meet every Thursday to discuss our latest posts. We work quite casually and try to have as much fun as possible. Since we like to talk about unusual or undiscovered things, it brings up a lot of humor that is sometimes evident in our writings. <br />
  4. 4. How we promote<br />We have created a twitter account @wtlii, that we found very helpful to increase the number of our viewers. We retweet the tweets from @wtlii ourselves to get our followers to notice it.<br />We also put the url of our blog as our facebook status and our BlackBerry Messenger Status.Through this, we bring traffic from an indirect source. <br />We also use Broadcast messages through BlackBerry Messenger to reach our targets. We would use phrases such as “Check this out” and continue with our url. Many of our friends would ask us what it is, and the more people were curious the more viewers we had. <br />
  5. 5. Google analytics Report<br />
  6. 6. Analyzing the Analytic Report<br />Based on the screen capture in the previous slide, it shows that we have 173 regular visitors, and a load of page view in total of a whopping 789 since the beginning of the blog.<br />Solely on the numbers of pageviews vs. visitors, it indicates that our content functions like the coffee-phenomenon of viewing regularities, in which entails that the content shows more of a general interest rather than specific interest, as it is shown in the previous slides that the news gathering is random at best.<br />
  7. 7. Then again, although we acquire the general interest reader, it would seem that the more pageviews are acquired, the more people would skim through the contents, yet the bounce rate value is low (0.58%), indicating that in those visits, people do read the content, not just bouncing through one page after the other.<br />The value of the average duration one would stay on the page also indicates how our content attracts the general public that they would invest roughly 4-6 minutes of their time to read and scan through the page<br />
  8. 8. Conclusive Report<br />Cons: <br />Lack of promotion<br />Lack of indirect traffic source to help generate more loyal visitors<br />Need to increase the width of scope coverage to really hit the general interest readers, not just locally<br />Pros:<br />Content; we thrive for amusing, entertaining, philosophical general knowledge for the public<br />Color psyche of the layout of the blog and design<br />News Gathering strategy: every man for himself, encouraging a quasi-competing staff<br />Comical outlook of news and unique view<br />