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Extreme Excel: How a 35-Year-Old Desktop App Smashed Through the Big Data Barrier

People have been using Excel for 35 years. There are over 750 million Excel users. People are making magic with Excel every day. With the surging interest in big data, advanced analytics, and the cloud, how does Excel stay relevant and how extreme can Excel get? In this presentation, we will examine:

o Traditional limits of Excel performance, scale, dataset sizes
o Cloud technologies that make Excel better
o Defining the new extremes for Excel power users

Speaker Bio:
Rachel Beddor is a Solutions Engineer for Kyligence where she creates technical content to enhance the learning experience for new Apache Kylin and Kyligence users. She has dedicated her career to making technology more accessible, fun, and inviting to people of all backgrounds.

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Extreme Excel: How a 35-Year-Old Desktop App Smashed Through the Big Data Barrier

  1. 1. Extreme Excel How a 35-Year-Old Desktop App Smashed Through the Big Data Barrier Rachel Beddor Solution Architect
  2. 2. © Kyligence Inc. 2021  The Great Unifier!  Easy-to-Use  Widely Available Why Microsoft Excel? Fun Fact
  3. 3. © Kyligence Inc. 2021 Excel Superhero Keeping everyone happy and moving business forward VS. Slowing down and crashing Excel Big Data Villain
  4. 4. © Kyligence Inc. 2021 Challenges with Excel and Big Data Limited Number of Dimensions Limited Scalability Slow Response Time Difficult to Access Data
  5. 5. © Kyligence Inc. 2021 Modern Data Systems Data Lake
  6. 6. Re-Think Big Data Analytics
  7. 7. © Kyligence Inc. 2021, Confidential. OLAP Approach – Precomputation Data Volume Response Time Precomputation Run-Time Computation What was the average rating of horror films in April 1998?
  8. 8. © Kyligence Inc. 2021 Precomputed Cube to Excel
  9. 9. © Kyligence Inc. 2021 Good at:  Designed for analysis – BI reporting, data discovery etc.  Quickly answering questions like:  What are our top 5 best-selling products in each state/city?  Which products should be put together?  What is our profit for beer in the US this year? OLAP (Online Analytical Processing) Not good at: • Update/delete frequently • Transactional data
  10. 10. © Kyligence Inc. 2021, Confidential. Timeout – The Cloud is • More than just for storage! • The cloud also enables you to “rent” computers to do processing with • Major players (USA): Amazon (AWS), Microsoft (Azure), Google (Google Cloud Platform) Did you know? Amazon’s Cloud business, AWS, made up 52% of Amazon’s Operating Income last quarter (Q4 2020) - CNBC
  11. 11. © Kyligence Inc. 2021, Confidential. Kyligence Approach – Cluster Computing • Reduce load by distributing over several computers • Improves performance and data management An army of computers at your disposal!
  12. 12. Extreme Excel Demo
  13. 13. © Kyligence Inc. 2021 Kyligence = Kylin + Intelligence  Mission: Develop an AI-Assisted SQL/OLAP Platform for Interactive Analytics at Unprecedented Scale • Founded in 2016 by the creators of Apache Kylin • CRN Top-10 big data startups in 2018 • Global Presence: San Jose, Shanghai, Beijing, Seattle, New York • VCs: Fidelity International, Shunwei Capital, Broadband Capital, Coatue, Redpoint, Cisco
  14. 14. © Kyligence Inc. 2021 Kyligence Extreme Analytics Support All Data Platforms • Data Warehouse • Data Lake • Streaming Data • Cloud Storage Intelligent Precomputation • Multi-dimensional cubes and table Indexes • AI-assisted query optimization Support All BI Tools • Excel • Power BI • Tableau • MicroStrategy Massive Concurrency • 1,000s+ concurrent queries • 10s-100s analysts running multi-threaded programs
  15. 15. © Kyligence Inc. 2021 Cloud Native Analytics Unified Semantic Layer Low Latency Queries Any BI Tool Any Cloud Any Data Platform Data Warehouse Streaming Data Data Lake AI Augmented Engine Precomputation Layer Distributed Cubes & Table Indexes Multi-dimensional Modeling Security & Governance Finance Marketing Sales
  16. 16. © Kyligence Inc. 2021 Solution: Kyligence Pivot to Snowflake
  17. 17. © Kyligence Inc. 2021 Kyligence Pivot to Snowflake Architecture • Leverage MDX for semantic consistency • Seamless user experience • Zero client configuration • Calculate once, consume many • Supports AWS and Azure Database Events Files IoT Unified Semantic Layer MDX Engine Access Control Enterprise Security Query Pushdown
  18. 18. © Kyligence Inc. 2021, Confidential. Summary – Cloud Makes Excel Extreme is • Cloud: more than just for storage! • OLAP for Cloud for Extreme Scale and Concurrency • Kyligence Support for Distributed OLAP • Kyligence Pivot to Snowflake
  19. 19. © Kyligence Inc. 2021