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Teaser trailer analysis


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Teaser trailer analysis

  1. 1. Teaser Trailer Analysis Objectives:• I can explain what a teaser trailer is• I am able to carry out sophisticated textualanalysis of teaser trailers and present myfindings on my blog
  2. 2. What do you know? You have 1 minute to write down everything you can about teaser trailers
  3. 3. Teaser Trailer – Key Facts• The purpose of a teaser trailer is to entice the audience for an upcoming film and to begin the hype around its release.• Teaser trailers are often made and released before production of the film is complete• Sometimes a series of short teasers will be released in the build up the release of a film
  4. 4. TaskUsing the internet to research access a coupleof online definitions of ‘Teaser Trailer’Based on this & our discussions post a newblog entry explaining what a teaser trailer is inyour own wordsInclude references the sources of informationused 5 minutes
  5. 5. Teaser Trailer Timeline Analysis Breaking Dawn part 2SoundTitlesCamera workEditing Duration of Trailer 49s
  6. 6. Questions for analysis1) What techniques are used to communicate the film’s genre to the audience?2) What techniques does the trailer use to attract their audience?