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Summary of teaser trailer analysis


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Summary of teaser trailer analysis

  1. 1. Summary of Teaser Trailer Analysis Completed by Sam Daniels
  2. 2. SimilaritiesBoth tell you when the film shall be releasedBoth are less than 1 minute longBoth build tension to grab their target audience
  3. 3. DifferencesTwilight was much more slow paced than ShutterIsland, perhaps because it is not as tense and grippingas the latter
  4. 4. Personal Reflection TimeI have taken a lot from the Shutter island trailer. Thisis because it will be the same genre as my trailer,therefore the codes and conventions used in it will bevery helpful in not only helping me identify my targetaudiences wants & needs, it tells me whatconventions I should use to make a realistic grippingmystery thriller.