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Sam Tabar on the New Generation


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Millennials are taking over the world, and it's time for them to truly step up and make a difference.

Published in: Economy & Finance
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Sam Tabar on the New Generation

  1. 1. Sam Tabar: Leader of a New Generation Whenever a new generation begins to assert itself, it must have leaders capable of ascending to new heights. And without finance innovators, there would be no tech innovators, so I think it is important to highlight what other industry leaders are up to, especially game changers like this one New York based Capital Strategist. According to a recent article posted on, Sam Tabar is one of these up and coming leaders of the new generation. As Oxford-educated man who went on to earn his law degree from Columbia Law School, Sam has used the education gained from two of the world’s top universities to establish himself as a person to watch in the years ahead. Whether employed as legal counsel for a prestigious law firm or as a capital strategist for an investment firm, Sam has used his skills and knowledge to produce results everywhere he’s been. Having a lifelong interest in financial markets and investments, Sam began his ascent to the top by working as an Associate for Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher and Flom LLP after graduating from Columbia Law School. While there, he provided counsel to clients on how to form and structure hedge funds, the basics of regulatory and compliance issues related to hedge funds and various employment matters of each client. Despite being very successful in his Associate position, Sam realized there were bigger challenges awaiting him in the business world. In 2004, financial investing and strategy became Sam Tabar’s main focus. After leaving Skadden, Sam began a new career as a financial strategist for PMA Investment Advisers. In this role, Sam was given complete responsibility for managing all aspects of a $2 billion hedge fund. Tabar worked on developing his key strategic marketing plan that would put this particular hedge fund up there with the best. By using his talents to target a number of individual and institutional investors, Sam was able to produce a personal rolodex of more than 2,000 potential investors. Along with these investors, Sam went the extra mile and set up yet another rolodex of over 400 individuals that he deemed worthy of having in-depth discussions about possibly investing in the fund. After putting this number of investors together, he was given the additional responsibility of working with the firm’s founding partners and the CEO on various matters related to business development. Due to his hard work, he was able to help the firm increase its assets by more than $1.2 billion. Along with his experience in hedge funds, Sam also has extensive experience with investments in properties and start-up businesses. With this background, it’s no wonder Sam has been in high demand by investment companies and law firms around the world. An extensive world traveler, Sam has visited many different nations and gained insight into the cultures of various people. Showing a particular fondness for Asia, Tabar has specialized in developing capital strategies for the Asian South Pacific, and has produced wonderful results with his decision-making. As his resume proves, whatever challenge Sam chooses to accept next will no doubt be one in which he will find success.