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Lecture 3


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Lecture 3

  1. 1. Lecture 3CANON 450D – How to use and features30th – LS (low shutter speed) ½ press button.ISO – Light sensitivity – speed100 – Spanish (Daytime, greater pixel saturation)400 – UK (Cloudy)1600 – Dawn to Dusk (Night, tends to pixelate)TTL – Through the lens light meter – Gives colour contrastShoot on RAW + Large JPEG for best results and a back-up image of the camera’s auto features.White balanceKelvins + lightPortrative mode – balances the light between subjects.TV means shutter priority jobCaptures movement of subject – LSS = blurred.1/30th second + lower = camera shake – tripod needed.Aperture numbers – control depth of field (line of focus)Large = larger fieldM mode = manual control, BULB = manual control of shutter speed.AF point – changes where the TTL is reading – further away from = more out of focus.Using built in flashFlash creates balanced photographs.Continuous shootingForeground vs. backgroundAbove + belowminimalism vs. clutter
  2. 2. Things to do:Add some practice photographs to Yola website – exploring the camera features learned today.Create a photo essay (12+ photographs. 1 story. RAW)Look at OFCOM rules and regulations on photography and print / create some release forms.From this essay I have learnt how to effectively use the Canon 450D cameras to take photographsthat take advantage of the features of the camera to emphasise, improve and manipulate subjectmatter in images. I have become more aware of what it takes to be a photographer and to takepowerful images.I have also learnt about the effectiveness of fields of focus and about light sensitivity and thefunctions of camera lenses and ISO settings which I did not know before this lecture.